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Funko NYCC Reveals Wave 2: Marvel, Music, Gaming, and Star Wars!

That Ironheart Dorbz is going to be a hot seller, get to your local FYE early for that one One thing that worries me is that there are a lot of Toy Tokyo exclusives at this show Getting your hands on those can be quite a chore, so the fact the Notorious BIG is one[...]

Kevin Libranda's Designs for Riri Williams: Ironheart

Ewing to write the new Riri Williams: Ironheart series But she has high praise for her artist on the series too Here's Kevin Libranda's designs for the character.As well as covers from Amy Reeder...Humberto Ramos...Stephanie Hans...Luciano Vecchio......and Jen Bartel.A lot has been said about Marvel's decision to hire Eve L[...]

Champions #23 Review: Burning at the Touch of the Man-Thing

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Viv Vision has been taken out by the Man-Thing. Snowguard fights to protect Viv, and the rest of the Champions follow soon behind. They manage to pacify the beast, but Viv is still comatose. Wasp can't wake her up without risking damage. The Man-Thing is kept in containment as he feeds off the […]

Riri Williams: Ironheart Movie in the Works from Marvel Studios, to Replace Iron Man?

Riri Williams is the teenage genius secret identity of Ironheart, a superhero inspired by Iron Man, and reverse engineered In the comic books, she recently led the Invincible Iron Man series in Tony Stark's absence and is currently a member of the Champions superhero team.Created by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato, it appears there[...]

Champions #22 cover by R.B. Silva and Nolan Woodard

Champions #22 Review: New Heroes and Identities, Same Lovable Team

Ironheart has a new costume based upon Chitauri technology Nova Sam Alexander has lost his Nova gear and, as a result, his powers New Champion Snowguard is living with Viv Vision while she operates on the team The crew is called to deal with a water contamination problem in the Tanzania village of Mbali However,[...]

Infinity Countdown: Champions #2 cover by Clayton Crain

Infinity Countdown: Champions #2 Review – Young Heroes in a Deadly Universe

Ironheart must face how big, scary, and deadly the universe is Ms Marvel, Wasp, Viv, and Snowguard are shaken by this life-and-death struggle to prevent genocide.If you’re noticing that Thanos has little discussion in this description, fret not The Mad Titan gets a moment to be — well, himself, in this comic.[caption id="attachment_879050" align="aligncenter" width="600"][...]

Champions #21 cover by Stefano Caselli and Marcio Menyz

Champions #21 Review: Take Off to the Great White North, It's a Beauty Way to Go

Marvel, Ironheart, and the Champions believe that, so long as he is helping now, he should be allowed to continue Plus, Kamala still bears a grudge against Carol for the latter’s actions during Civil War II Elsewhere, Spider-Man (Miles Morales) is about to make a discovery that will completely change the conflict.[caption id="attachment_872102" align="aligncenter" width="600"][...]

Infinity Countdown: Champions #1 cover by Clayton Crain

Infinity Countdown: Champions #1 Review – Earnest and Dedicated Heroes

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Nova Sam Alexander receives a distress signal from a Nova Corps outpost in the far reaches of space. Warbringer, a Chitauri with immense strength and rage, has laid waste to the outpost. Sam is ready to face the monster alone, but he contacts the Champions just in case. They insist on helping Sam […]

The Invincible Iron Man #599 cover by Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, and Marte Gracia

The Invincible Iron Man #599 Review: Dramatic Reveals are for Everyone!

Elsewhere, Ironheart finally meets the person who is behind the new clandestine organization of which she has become a part.[caption id="attachment_835726" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The Invincible Iron Man #599 cover by Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, and Marte Gracia[/caption]The “Tony Stark is back” angle of this issue is a bit superfluous considering that he’s been in recent[...]

The Invincible Iron Man #598 cover by Alex Maleev

The Invincible Iron Man #598 Review: The Sweet Peanut-Buttery Taste of Bendis

This story has had its slow points without a doubt, but this installment manages to stay consistently engaging throughout the reading.Riri’s part of the story takes the most unexpected turns, with Ironheart finding some allies of Tony Stark with shared goals Blade’s role in this drama remains to be seen, but I would genuinely be[...]

Invincible Iron Man #596 cover by Mike Deodato Jr. and Dean White

Invincible Iron Man #596 Review: A Solid Story With an (Iron)Heart

[rwp-review-recap id="0"]Ironheart is having all of her Stark Tech seized by people claiming to represent Stark Industries’ interests To everyone’s surprise, she gives it up willingly Elsewhere, the Infamous Iron Man, aka Victor von Doom, continues to fight off the attacks from the Hood Tony Stark has an awkward conversation with a hallucination of his[...]

Invincible Iron Man #594 Review: Does Little For The Arc, But A Fun Read

[rwp-review-recap id="0"]Tony Stark’s body has disappeared, and Ironheart, Mary Jane, and Tony’s mother, Amanda, are desperate to find him They are so desperate, in fact, that they have resorted to calling upon Victor von Doom, currently going by Iron Man as well, to help find Tony Stark Unfortunately, the Stark Industries board are taking this[...]

Marvel Legacy

Marvel Legacy #1 Review: A Lackluster Tease For Upcoming Titles

They are met by Sam Wilson (Captain America), Jane Foster (Thor), and Riri Williams (Ironheart).Beyond these three plot threads, there is a random smattering of smaller vignettes mixed in Steve Rogers, AKA also Captain America, is brooding in a diner while a news network talks about the events of Secret Empire Norman Osborn attempts a[...]

Avengers Academy

Avengers Academy Brings Armor Wars To iOS And Android

So we will see Yellowjacket, Crimson Dynamo and Whiplash take on the young inventor and the rest of the Avengers Academy.To help our heroes, there will be a few new heroes additions too, including Ironheart (who is a Premium character, naturally) and Iron Lad We’ll also see a number of the villains change sides during[...]

Secret Empire #5 Review – Just Not Good Super Hero Fiction

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Now, even though I am Bleeding Cool's "Secret Empire is actually pretty good" guy, doesn't mean I think the series is perfect. It has its flaws, and one of my first two articles for BC was my review of #2, which was a comic that could basically be summed up with "Hey, don't […]

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1 Review: Back To Basics

He sets up a date with the aforementioned girl and goes to Chicago, where he enters a battle with Ironheart Meanwhile, Johnny Storm meets a surprising person in New York.There’s also a follow-up story where Spider-Man runs into the Black Widow, and the two fight for unknown reasons After Widow escapes, we see that she[...]

Diamond Select Brings MARVELOUS Ironheart And Phoenix Statues To SDCC

While i prefer the green costume, as an exclusive this look really works.The main event though is the Ironheart statue Riri Williams is getting her own statue, and I will go ahead and say it: this should not be an exclusive I have no doubt that there will probably be a regular release as well,[...]