Super Nintendo World Set to Open This Summer in Universal Studios Japan

Super Nintendo World's Opening Has Been Delayed Indefinitely

In case you weren't already aware, this is going to be a Nintendo-themed park that will be part of Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Osaka that was going to be a part of the 2020 Olympic Games The Olympics were already put on hold due to COVID-19, but it looked like the park was going[...]

2020 - AX - Anime Expo Lite Graphic-Simple

Anime Expo Lite Details: Free 2-Day Livestream Event Set for July 3-4

Even in the current home lockdown/social isolating world, The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA) knows your "anime feels" need to be fed even when you can't leave your home So get ready to say hello to Anime Expo Lite, a two-day live stream event running from July 3 (proclaimed Anime Expo Day[...]

The Logo for New Japan Pro Wrestling or NJPW

Here's When Japan Will Open For Wrestling Shows

New Japan Pro Wrestling could be coming back soon, as Japan's prime minister, Shinzo Abe, has lifted the state of emergency in the country Abe says that Japan has effectively handled the crisis and that the country, including sporting events, can begin to reopen "We've set some of the most strict criteria in the world[...]

The Nintendo Switch Has Outsold The Wii In Japan

The Nintendo Switch as a console has passed a new milestone as the console has officially outsold the Nintendo Wii in Japan You can thank the coronavirus for the new numbers on the console as it has forced people indoors, and one of the ways people have dealt with it has been through playing video[...]

PlatinumGames Is Opening A New Studio In Tokyo This April

PlatinumGames Is Opening A New Studio In Tokyo This April

PlatinumGames announced this week that they are opening up a brand new game development studio in Tokyo, Japan with a very specific focus in games The studio will focus on "live ops development", which is basically their way of saying the studio will focus primarily on updating games after released with new content So DLC,[...]

Netflix Signs Deals With Six More Manga and Anime Creators to Gain Edge in The Streaming Wars

Netflix Secures Development Deals with 6 More Anime/Manga Creators: CLAMP, Shin Kibayashi, Yasuo Ohtagaki & More

From my homeground in Japanese manga into the global major leagues — it is a thrilling time for me to believe in my craft, and aim for new heights." - Yasao Ohtagaki[caption id="attachment_1169205" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Netflix[/caption]These creators are a mix of manga artists, novelists, screenwriters and filmmakers They will develop new projects exclusively for Netflix[...]

The Square Enix Cafe Is Making "Final Fantasy VII Remake" Dishes

The Square Enix Cafe Is Making "Final Fantasy VII Remake" Dishes

If you haven't had a chance to visit the Square Enix Cafe in Japan, you might want to take a visit and see the Final Fantasy VII Remake dishes they're making The cafe itself creates food based on all of their franchises, and while it's not as decorative as the Pokemon version where all your[...]

"Mario Kart Tour"

Nintendo Wins "Mario Kart" Infringement Suit, Mari Mobility Owes $450k

A Japanese court ordered go-kart company Mari Mobility to pay over $450,000 for infringing on the video game company’s intellectual property, according to a report in Inside via Kotaku The company offered Nintendo-themed costumes for drivers to wear.[caption id="attachment_1099548" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Nintendo[/caption] Nintendo vs Mari Mobility In an attempt to avoid confusion or conflict, Mari Mobility[...]

Ultraman Funko Pops Finally Come to America but at What Cost?

I’m glad that us collectors can finally get our hands on some of these more elusive Japanese exclusive Funko Pops but it’s almost unnecessary to get them as their value has plummeted I have known a lot of collectors who completely dropped their entire Ultraman collections because their exclusive nature is no more[...]

Auto Draft

Spider-Man's First Appearance in Japan Was Hidden in Their Version of Playboy

He made a discovery the other day, which he was gracious to allow Bleeding Cool to share, regarding the first appearance of Spider-Man in Japanese comic books He writes,What is this Japanese pornography cover doing in my feed you might ask? Well, let's start by saying what it is…. this is the Weekly プレイボーイ #39,[...]

THQ Nordic Announces A New Expansion In Japan

This morning, THQ Nordic announced they have officially expanded into Japan with their new location called THQ Nordic Japan KK The new office has officially been incorporated and will take over the tasks and responsibilities for the region That includes distribution, PR, and marketing of THQ Nordic’s and HandyGames’ slate of games This will be[...]

What's In The Box?!: Bokksu – Volume Five, September 2019

A short time ago, we received this wonderful subscription box in the mail called Bokksu, filled with some delicious treats from Japan Considering how much snack food we usually go through playing games, and how many of them are tied to Japanese developers and publishers, this kind of box would totally be up many a[...]

Nintendo Live 2019 Will Take Place In Kyoto In October

Nintendo Live 2019 Will Take Place In Kyoto In October

Nintendo is going to be throwing their own convention this year in Japan as Nintendo Live 2019 will be coming to Kyoto in October This isn't the first time Nintendo has held this event as they did so last year in November 2018, as well as previous conventions over the years held in their home[...]

Kyoto Animation Update: Studio President Makes Statement, Suspect Arrested

Kyoto Animation Update: Studio President Makes Statement, Suspect Arrested

Japan is still reeling from the arson attack on Kyoto Animation’s 1st Studio building that killed 34 people This was the biggest act of mass murder in the history of post-war Japan Kyoto Animation’s president Hideaki Hatta appeared before the press to make a statement.“Our company’s philosophy is to create wonderful works[...]

Cobra Kai is reportedly leaving for another streaming service, courtesy of YouTube.

"Cobra Kai" Season 3: Ralph Macchio Reveals Daniel's Journey to Japan [SDCC]

But even though the series won't be back until 2020, Macchio was kind enough to break a little news when speaking with Entertainment Weekly: Daniel's packing his bags and heading to Okinawa, Japan - and considering how things were left at the end of the second season, we can't blame him for trying to find[...]

“Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories”: Netflix Announces New Season of the Japanese Series

"Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories": Netflix Orders Japanese Anthology Series with Side of New Season

you name it, it's pretty much fair game.[caption id="attachment_1049981" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Netflix[/caption] Japanese Home Cooking and Good Company The series is a warm, slice-of-life drama that offers gentle, comedic life lessons It also teaches you the recipe for the dish highlighted in each episode The slightly mysterious owner of the diner often plays confessor, father figure, referee,[...]

"Tokyo Vice": WarnerMedia Streaming Orders Ansel Elgort Police Drama Series

Elgort’s Jake Adelstein is an American journalist who embeds himself into the Tokyo Vice police squad to reveal corruption.Originally published in 2009 by Pantheon, here's a look at Adelstein's memoir, Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan:[caption id="attachment_1043360" align="alignnone" width="1296"] Pantheon[/caption] From the only American journalist ever to have been admitted to[...]

Nintendo Switch Red Blue

The Nintendo Switch Has Surpassed The PS4 in Japanese Sales

Nintendo just got a new feather in their Minish Cap in Japan as the Nintendo Switch has officially surpassed the PS4 in sales in their home country Famitsu has published new sales reports for the top 10 current games in Japan as well as sales figures for consoles to-date As of this week, the Nintendo[...]