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Geoff Johns Launches Justice Society Of America and Stargirl Comics
Bleeding Cool has been talking about the planned return of the JSA – the Justice Society Of America – at the hands of Geoff Johns at DC Comics, for quite some time Ever since it was teased in DC Rebirth #1 in 2016 by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank And to be fair, at the time, that's[...]
DC Comics
One, the Justice Society Of America. Which shouldn't really be much of a spoiler, considering it is one of the actual covers to this comic. But the other potential group replacements – well maybe you read some previous Bleeding Cool gossip from three weeks ago? Even today's Flashpoint Beyond knows that Deathstroke, powered by the Great Darkness[...]
When Bryan Hitch Was Going To Do JSA With Geoff Johns
Bryan Hitch just tweeted out a few memories, saying; Although we weren't able to do the book in the end, here's a look at the costumes for the modern era Alan Scott and Jay Garrick from the JSA as Geoff and I would have done it. Well, that's a bit of a revelation. When Geoff Johns and[...]
DC Comics Teases A New JSA Comic By Geoff Johns and Bryan Hitch
It's Justice Society Of America time! We mentioned that the Stargirl Spring Break Special out today from DC Comics was promising a new Stargirl comic book series with a new Stargirl #1 The creative team was indeterminate Not so much for the other book being promised, and that has been a very long time coming[...]
Chris Daimantopouluos Interview Justice Society World War II
The Flash (Matt Bomer) is promptly launched into the midst of a raging battle – primarily between Nazis and a team of Golden Age DC Super Heroes known as The Justice Society of America Led by Wonder Woman (Stana Katic), the group includes Hourman (Matthew Mercer), Black Canary (Elysia Rotaru), Hawkman (Omid Abtahi), Steve Trevor[...]
Green Lantern Alan Scott, Gay With Two Kids, In DC Infinite Frontier
This would remain the status of Alan Scott when he was returned to 1940s continuity in Green Lantern 80th Anniversary Special by James Tynion IV and Gary Frank, as a closeted gay man at a far more oppressive time. Green Lantern Alan Scott from Doomsday Clock With the news that Alan Scott was returning to the main DC[...]
The Justice Society Of America In DC's Infinite Frontier (Spoilers)
When DC Comics rebooted as the New 52, the Justice Society Of America was wiped from continuity When Geoff Johns introduced a partial reboot with DC Rebirth, he brought them back. Doomsday Clock showed that Dr Manhattan had wiped out that history but that was now being brought back. Geoff Johns was meant to write a[...]
Warner Bros. Animation Releases First Look at Justice Society: WWII
The Flash is promptly launched into the midst of a raging battle – primarily between Nazis and a team of Golden Age DC Super Heroes known as The Justice Society of America Led by Wonder Woman, the group includes Hourman, Black Canary, Hawkman, Steve Trevor, and the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick The Flash quickly[...]
What's left of the JSA on Stargirl (Image: The CW)
With only hours to go before DC Universe and The CW's Stargirl, Courtney's (Brec Bassinger) seeing her "Justice Society of America v2.0" starting to take shape: Cameron Gellman's Hourman, Anjelika Washington's Dr Mid-Nite, and Yvette Monreal's Wildcat But as you're about to see in the following preview, her crew might fall apart before the first punch is[...]
Stargirl -- "Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite" -- Image Number: STG105a_0022b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Brec Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore and Luke Wilson as Pat -- Photo: Jace Downs/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Mid-Nite": HALLOWEEN IN BLUE VALLEY — As Courtney (Brec Bassinger) sets her sights on recruiting more members to the Justice Society of America, Pat (Luke Wilson) finds himself one step closer to learning which ISA members may be in Blue Valley Meanwhile, a search for Rick (Cameron Gellman) leads Courtney, Yolanda (Yvette Monreal) and Beth[...]
DC's Stargirl | Joel McHale And Geoff Johns Chat | The CW
Will Stargirl have the first seat at the JSA meeting table filled, or will the team fall apart before its even started? While Courtney's busy on that end of things, Pat's senses are tingling as he follows on some starting-to-look-legit suspicions (as you're about to see in our first set of preview images and promo[...]
Brec Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl on Stargirl, courtesy of The CW.
Considering they took down the previous version of the Justice Society of America, having a crew as back-up is definitely not a bad idea. Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E will need their own JSA for what's ahead, and that's going to include Anjelika Washington's Beth Chapel aka Doctor Mid-Nite, Yvette Monreal's Yolanda Montez aka Wildcat, and Cameron Gellman's[...]