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Jonathan Hickman's Legion Of Super Heroes Would Have Had A House Of X
He was also set to revamp the Legion Of Super Heroes for DC Comics And I understand that a number of planned ideas of the Legion found their way into House Of X. Which one? I don't know, but I could speculate The idea of "circuits", with mutants using their powers together to achieve extraordinary results,[...]
Brian Bendis Teases More Legion Of Superheroes With Alex Garner
Brian Bendis wrote the DC Rebirth reboot of the Legion Of Super Heroes with Ryan Sook, a twelve-issue run that kicked off before the shutdown, was delayed even more than other titles, and saw its final twelfth issue out at the beginning of last year While other books went on a two-month Future State hiatus,[...]
How Jack Kirby's
A deliberate reference that shows the influence of Jack Kirby a thousand years on… LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #10 DC COMICS AUG202643 (W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Ryan Sook A grudge that has endured 1,000 years! The unstoppable behemoth Rogol Zaar has survived the millennium to haunt Jonathan Kent where he least expected it! It's a menace so terrible the[...]
legion of super-heroes 4 (1)
But will it go any further now? LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #5 (W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Ryan Sook, Travis Moore DC's far-flung future is happening right now! With the secret of Jon Kent revealed, the Legion of Super-Heroes is united to save New Earth from those who would destroy it Will Aquaman's lost trident be the key[...]
But has the pandemic reached all the way to the 32nd century? That seems to be the case in this preview of Legion of Super-Heroes #5. As the President has put the Legion's headquarters under quarantine! So if you were thinking this whole thing would blow over in a couple of months, it looks like you're out of[...]
Legion of Super-Heroes #4 [Preview]
Why two artists, you ask?   Because this issue will tell us the origin of Bendis's reboot of the Legion. An origin that will be experienced through the eyes… or mind… of Superboy. As Superboy is introduced to Computo. And gets to experience the history of the Legion from the Legion themselves. Legion of Super-Heroes #4 hits stores on Wednesday. LEGION OF[...]