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Digital Terror! 2 Classic Stories from Marvel Comics Presents Added to Marvel Unlimited This Week

Digital Terror! How Charlie Adlard Saw Cyberspace in 1993, Via Marvel Unlimited

We like to keep tabs on Marvel's weekly updates to Marvel Unlimited because, even with their monthly announcements of which comics are hitting the service, they tend to drop surprise releases of newly digitized classic comics on the digital subscription service each week as well Yesterday, we highlighted some issues of Marvel Team-Up that unexpectedly[...]

Surprise: Classic Marvel Team-Up Issues Come to Marvel Unlimited

Serpent Crown Surprise: Classic Marvel Team-Up Comes to Marvel Unlimited

Because we love classic comics and we love when publishers make them available on digital subscription services, Bleeding Cool is always sure to let you know at the beginning of each month which comics Marvel has announced as coming to Marvel Unlimited But in addition to those announced in press releases each month, Marvel often[...]

Marvel Drops "Stan Lee's" Venus, More on Marvel Unlimited for Valentines Day

Marvel has added some new classic comics to Marvel Unlimited this week, ones which weren't advertised in their February press release Included are issues #2-9 of Venus, the 1948 Timely series which ran for 19 issues.Marvel was apparently spotty with their credits at that time None of the issues have the creators credited on the[...]

Finally, Angel Punisher Comes to Marvel Unlimited

But now, we can remember it once more as The Punisher (1998) #1-4 are making their way to Marvel Unlimited this month!Other classic comics hitting the binge-reading service in February include Daredevil #133-#143, Moon Knight (1980) #24-#38, and Black Panther (1988) #1-#4 Of course, the usual time-delayed current comics will also hit the service this month,[...]

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3 Last Minute Gifts for Superhero Fans You Can't Get on Christmas Eve

if only Marvel offered one!But the absence of a Chris Claremont ongoing series is nothing compared to the missed opportunity of the next gift on our list...A Gift Subscription to Marvel Unlimited Marvel Unlimited is an all-you-can-read comics binge service that offers access to over 20,000 comics in Marvel's backlog, including new comics six months after[...]

Mutant X Comes to Marvel Unlimited

Well, at least one Summers brother isn't getting the shaft this week...*stares hard at Ed Brisson*Marvel has announced that Mutant X will hit Marvel Unlimited this month, following the release of the first half of a "Complete Collection" in September Since we summarized the series back then, we'll just copy and paste that same description[...]

Marvel Unlimited Stealth-Adds Classic Claremont New Mutants, Amazing Adventures, More

In addition to their previously advertised classic comic additions to Marvel Unlimited, Marvel slipped a few more classic books into the digital subscription service this week First and foremost, four issues of New Mutants, #51-54, including a story that sees Magneto bring the New Mutants to an event at the Hellfire Club, resulting in a[...]

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Marvel's Website Breaks Up with Facebook, Plans to Dump Google Soon

If you've read any of our various treatises on the X-Men, you know that we're big supporters of Marvel Unlimited here at Bleeding Cool The digital comics subscription service allows access to a very large chunk of the backlog of Marvel Comics, with a window before new comics are released As far as we can[...]

Archie Goodwin's Nightmask Joins Marvel Unlimited

Now, read the original Nightmask as the 1986 New Universe series by Archie Goodwin and a number of other writers and artists is available for the first time on Marvel Unlimited A press release details the other classic comics that hit the service in July: With July’s update, Marvel Unlimited will also be expanding its back[...]

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Police Have No Suspects in Theft of Iron Man Armor, But We Have Some Ideas

Osborn took over Stark's armor after the ending of the Secret Invasion super-mega-crossover event, using it to usher in a new status quo called Dark Reign and form his own team of Avengers, painting the armor in the American Flag and calling himself the Iron Patriot.It would be nice to believe that the country has[...]

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Marvel Unlimited is the Perfect Gift for New and Lapsed Readers, But…

Marvel Unlimited is probably the best deal in comics today, offering unlimited access to a huge portion of Marvel's back catalog, including recent issues on a delay, for $9.99 a month or less If you're interested in, for instance, reading the entire history of the X-Men, you can do most of that with Marvel Unlimited[...]

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DC Teases DC Universe, the Ultimate DC Membership… Might it Help Your Love Life?

But DC's wording implies it will be something more than just a streaming service, as does a tweet from DC writer Dan Jurgens:, so what is it, if not just Netflix for DC shows? What makes it "the ultimate DC membershop?" Our first thoughts go to a long-awaited answer to Marvel's Marvel Unlimited service, offering[...]

Is Marvel Unlimited Good for Reading Old X-Men Comics on an iPad?

In conjunction with our X-Men: Bland Design column, we've been re-reading X-Men comics, starting with Giant Sized X-Men #1, on Marvel Unlimited We've used Marvel Unlimited before, but this is by far our most extensive use of the app We've read through X-Men #215, including any spinoff series, annuals, and adjacent series we're aware of[...]