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Batman Fear State
As Bleeing Cool widely gossiped before, in Batman: Fear State Alpha #1, the Anti-Oracle (soon to be known as The Seer) declares that Batman is dead While semi-lines up with what Gotham believes in the Future State comic books Of course, he is not in either timeline, but it doesn't half put the willies up[...]
Nightwing #83 Review: Hits Every Mark
The events of one of the latest crossovers have left an absence in the Bat "family," as Alfred Pennyworth perished at the hands of one of the costumed
Nightwing #80 Review: A Winner
Within the first 24 hours of that (all shown in the last issue), he's bought food for a homeless encampment, rented a hotel room for a homeless man and his son, had his wallet stolen, and fallen back into bed with his on-again-off-again ex Barbara Gordon, herself an extrajudicial vigilante on the keyboards called Oracle[...]
Batman Urban Legends #2 Review: A Strong Effort
Batman: Urban Legends #2 is a thick anthology that has points to recommend but only actually shines without flaw in one space, with an outstanding Oracle story There's emotional depth in the Red Hood story, good-looking action with the Outsiders, and Ryan Reynolds-worthy banter with Grifter, but all of those are merely pieces of actual[...]
Wonder Woman 1984 Credit Scene Revealed (Spoilers)
It's a brand new day for Barbara Gordon, formerly Batgirl, now Oracle again, in today's DC Comics titles Featuring prominently in both The Joker #2 and Batman: Urban Legends #2 even if she doesn't have her own solo title any more More on that to come as well. Spoiler logo As we had previously stated The Joker[...]
Curran Walters' Jason Todd is done being Robin and all about being the Red Hood, while Savannah Welch's Gotham City Police Commissioner Barbara Gordon (aka Oracle?) is back in his life- but we're still not quite clear what her position is on masked vigilantes Let's not forget that Dr Jonathan Crane is also waiting in[...]
Titans Season 3 has something coming out this Monday. (Image: WarnerMedia)
After a build-up to yet another amazing costume-reveal (this time, for Damaris Lewis's Blackfire) as well as a look at Savannah Welch (Six) going through training for her role as Gotham City Police Commissioner Barbara Gordon (aka Oracle?), we're back to checking in with HBO Max's Titans director of photography Boris Mojsovski via Instagram to[...]
Spoiler Spoilers - Stephanie Brown, the Traitor in Next Batman #2?
But it seems that also in the Next Batman, Jace Fox has got himself a new Oracle – a Russian using burner phones called Vol Maybe all will be revealed when we discover what Vol actually stands for? Next Batman #2 artwork FUTURE STATE THE NEXT BATMAN #2 (OF 4) CVR A LADRONN (W) John Ridley – Vita[...]
Batman #103 Review: Somewhat Entertaining
Credit: DC Comics The two caped combatants start fighting as the very confused teenaged vigilante Clownhunter watches, and Oracle (the sometimes Batgirl, Barbara Gordon) is unable to get a bead on him "I can't see whoever you're fighting, from any angle," she says over comms, "and his voice is distorted!" "You won't get him on record," Batman[...]
Batman #102 Review: It Doesn’t Make Sense
At least Oracle is back on the line. RATING: NO JUST … NO. Batman #102 By James Tynion the 4th, Carlo Pagulayan, Danny Miki, Jorge Jimenez Bruce Wayne and the city he loves have changed dramatically following the events of "The Joker War," but Batman and his mission are eternal But not everyone thinks that should be the case … The mysterious vigilante[...]
Batgirl #50 Review: The People vs. Barbara Gordon
Using her old Oracle styles, she guides them all through using different tactics than they usually do to be effective. What does all this say? This all comes to the same verdict that it seems like Barbara Gordon (and editorial, based on this being the last issue) have found Batgirl doesn't matter She doesn't matter to[...]