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Who Has A Place At The New DC Table? New Rumblings Emerge
WW3 isn't happening, but there is no denying the impact of the first film.] So where does that leave the people who just had things come out, like Peacemaker or one of the four DC movies that are scheduled to come out next year? According to the report by Variety, it sounds like those heroes could have a[...]
And while HBO Max's Peacemaker and Netflix's The Sandman may have taken respective top honors, you might be pleasantly surprised to see your show represented From Amazon's The Boys and Channel 4's Derry Girls to HBO's The White Lotus and AMC's Interview with the Vampire, we have an impressively diverse countdown for you to enjoy[...]
John Cena Is Said To Be Returning To The Ring At WrestleMania
 But now today, we're learning that the Peacemaker star will be heading home and appearing live on the final episode of WWE SmackDown of 2022 on December 30 on FOX. EXCLUSIVE: John Cena is returning to WWE to close out the year. — Variety (@Variety) December 9, 2022 Variety broke the news today that Cena will be making his WWE[...]
The Flash, The Walking Dead, Peacemaker & More: BCTV Daily Dispatch
Our line-up for this morning includes AMC's The Walking Dead revealing the alternate-ending future of the TWD universe, the Mark Hamill/The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special rumor getting debunked (we think?), Twisted Sister frontman & heavy metal legend Dee Snider throwing the horns at James Gunn & John Cena for HBO Max's Peacemaker, Stephen[...]
The last time we checked in on how things were looking regarding the upcoming second season of James Gunn's John Cena-starring Peacemaker, Cena took to social media to share a poster of Peacemaker's hand making a peace sign/signaling a number two (along with Eagly), leaving us with the strong impression that someone's getting an "itchy trigger[...]
Doctor Who, Peacemaker, Studio Ghibli & More: BCTV Daily Dispatch
Our line-up for this morning includes John Cena getting into a Peacemaker Season 2 state of mind, Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies explaining why David Tennant's clothes regenerated, Studio Ghibli teasing a collaboration with Disney's Lucasfilm, Netflix dropping a new The Witcher: Blood Origin teaser & key art, and we look at what clues[...]
Peacemaker: S01 Ep06 Review: Team Braces for All Out Pande-Mum-ium
Well, we're guessing all of this DCU talk has gotten Cena itching to deliver peace at any cost because he took to social media to share a poster of Peacemaker's hand making a peace sign/signaling a number two (along with Eagly) Now, we don't read minds or anything, but we don't think it's a huge[...]
Green Lantern, Penguin, "Harry Potter" Series & More HBO Max Updates
Abrams, the importance of Green Lantern, where Penguin fits on The Batman timeline, Gunn possibly having more Peacemaker universe plans in play, the upcoming It film franchise prequel series Welcome to Derry; and the possibility of a "Harry Potter" streaming series. Image: DC Comics, Warner Bros Discovery, WBD Screencaps J.J Abrams Still Has an HBO Max Series[...]
We focus much more inside the company on existing IP and work closely with the big filmmakers inside our company," said Aubrey. "Peacemaker," "Dune" & "It" Prequels Represent What Aubrey's Looking For: "Those are all very much homegrown initiatives and require a lot of coordination across the company," Aubrey explained On that front, Aubrey teased some[...]
John Cena Is Said To Be Returning To The Ring At WrestleMania
 While The Rock has proven himself to be one of the biggest movie stars in the world over the past decade-plus, Cena has now made quite a splash himself by headlining big projects such as this past year's HBO Max hit Peacemaker  Now we're getting word that Cena may be following The Rock's lead again, but[...]
Peacemaker, Dune, The Penguin & Green Lantern are HBO Max IP Tentpoles
While describing HBO/Max scripted executive team member Sarah Aubrey, Bloys says they will be working with Joey Chavez, EVP Programming, to build up "tentpole IP series such as 'Peacemaker,' 'Dune,' 'The Penguin,' and 'Green Lantern.'" While it means absolutely nothing in terms of those IPs that weren't named, the four that were should take that[...]
Peacemaker Might Be Safe But Are HBO Max's Other DCU Shows? BCTVDD
So while it seems like Peacemaker is safe (for now?), what about your other favorites? Image: HBO Max (including PEACEMAKER) & Screencap IMPORTANT: Just to give you a sense of how up-in-the-air things are, our rundown of DCU shows that are in play, and our thoughts on their chances are based on the assumption that WBD will[...]
Peacemaker Season 1 Finale Review: Frantic Finish, Questionable Cameos
Back in February of this year, fans of James Gunn's "The Suicide Squad" spinoff series Peacemaker received the good news that HBO Max's John Cena-starrer would be returning for a second season Well, let's just say that a lot's changed in the six months since that news first hit, and it has fans worried In[...]
The Suicide Squad: A New Poster, 2 Clips, and 4 HQ
So one of the last times we checked in to see how things were going with James Gunn, he was offering some clarity as well as a few more details regarding his future with WarnerMedia Discovery, HBO Max & the DC Universe beyond the second season of HBO Max's John Cena-starring Peacemaker It goes without[...]
Yesterday, we had a chance to check in with Peacemaker series creator James Gunn for an interview he did where he discussed what is (and isn't) going on with his immediate future when it comes to WarnerMedia Discovery, HBO Max, and the DCU But this time around, we get to take a break from the[...]
Peacemaker: S01 Ep06 Review: Team Braces for All Out Pande-Mum-ium
If there's one major takeaway we can claim from covering HBO Max's Peacemaker, it's that series creator & "geek extraordinaire" James Gunn is really enjoying his time working in television And based on the reaction he and the team behind "The Suicide Squad" spinoff series received from viewers and critics, there are a lot of[...]
Peacemaker On Killing Kids For Peace (Suicide Squaf: Get Joker Spoilers)
It was his big line in the Suicide Squad movie and the subsequent Peacemaker TV series, as uttered by John Cena "I cherish peace with all my heart I don't care how many men, women and children I need to kill to get it." But in the TV show, when it came to killing a[...]
ALF and James Gunn “Define” Their Friendship and “Love” of Cats
The case between beloved '80s icon ALF (Paul Fusco) and equally beloved director of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and Peacemaker creator James Gunn led to speculation that the alien might have a cameo in Gunn's upcoming third GotG film Twitter user Brian Moran wrote, "There's been a lot of banter between [ALF] and[...]
In fact, Portman's scene even caught the attention of John Cena aka Christopher Smith aka the DCU's Peacemaker, and if you've watched the James Gunn-created HBO Max series then you might have a clue on where this is going Taking to Twitter, Cena revealed that he knew what the secret was to those huge numbers[...]
Okay, if you're in the UK and other areas that just got access to HBO Max & James Gunn's John Cena-starring Peacemaker and haven't watched the show yet then we're throwing on the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign now and strongly advising you to stop reading and go read another one of the fine television/streaming articles[...]
Now, to us? That looks a little too familiar, almost like what we saw go down between HBO Max & James Gunn's Peacemaker and Disney+'s The Book of Boba Fett So with that in mind, we humbly offer the best advice we can give the upcoming "Star Wars" spinoff series so it doesn't lose the[...]
Peacemaker Brings Justice and Freedom to Funko with Pop Vinyls
From Titans, Young Justice, and now Peacemaker, DC Comics fans are still getting some great content While it is now MCU, it does give fans a more mature format, especially with Peacemaker, which just ended its Season Finale not long ago The story follows the events of James Gunn's incredible Suicide Squad film with the[...]
All of the Funko WonderCon 2022 Exclusives Revealed 
WonderCon is not a big convention, so it is surprising to see a nice set of reveals heading our way, which will consist of: Vinyl SODA: Hanna-Barbara – Banana Splits – Drooper – 5,000 Pieces – Pink BL Chase Hanna-Barbara – Banana Splits – Bingo – 5,000 Pieces – Yellow BL Chase Hanna-Barbara – Banana Splits – Fleegle –[...]
Comic Store In Your Future: 25 Hot Comics by Rodman Comics
Peacemaker's TV series was remarkably popular, even more than the Book of Boba Fett series Years ago, Peacemaker getting his own show I never would have thought possible, Peacemaker beating a Boba Fett show? Crazy talk Now it is not so crazy Comic characters appearing in other media outside of comics often boost values on[...]
rick and morty
Though we were forced to skip a day of coverage because of an obscenely busy Wednesday, the culprit or culprits working with Rick and Morty on their mission against Peacemaker series creator James Gunn continued their devilish work unabated Following up on hired killer Krombopulos Michael, we now have Prince Nebulon and Morty, Jr[...]
James Gunn Talks Top 3: Rick and Morty, Stephen King Books & More
Of the things we admire about Peacemaker series creator James Gunn, his ability to both embrace & control his social media presence definitely ranks high on that list As much as the series deserves for getting viewers to rethink hitting the "SKIP" button on the opening credits, "The Suicide Squad" spinoff also got viewers to[...]