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Emmo Rios "Selfishly" Working On Own Image Comic Before Pretty Deadly
Thought Bubble has just run an online panel over the Pretty Deadly comic book from Image Comics with creators Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios, talking about their work, their Eisner-winning working relationship and their plans going forward You can watch the whole panel below with omics journalist and podcaster august (in the wake of)[...]
After Hallowe'en…  A Pretty Deadly Christmas
As mailed out in the Milkfed newsletter, here's a look at some pages from the psychedelic, mystical western Pretty Deadly #7 by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios, Jordie Bellaire and Clayton Cowles. And out just in time for Christmas. Kelly and her husband Matt Fraction are headed to Paris Comic Con and LUCCA…   [...]
A Sneak Peek At Emma Rios' Pencils From Pretty Deadly Vol 2…
From the Milkfed newsletter that Kelly Sue DeConnick shares with her husband Matt Fraction, she talks about her books Bitch Planet and Pretty Deadly… I guess I should talk about some books, huh? BITCH PLANET 5 is at the printer!! FINALLY! Barring some unforeseen disaster, it'll be on shelves 9/9 And we've all saged our houses[...]
Prettier Deadlier For 2015…
We have also mentioned that new-to-Image writer Marjorie Liu will be bringing a Marvel artist with her…. Well, yesterday Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction sent out their upcoming schedule on their rather wonderful newsletter (sign up here). December 20 – KS & MF Signing at Cosmic Monkey, Portand, OR January 7 – ODY-C #2 in stores January 8 –[...]
Breaking Our Hearts One Leaf At A Time With Emma Rios
You really should sign up. You'd have also seen this page from an upcoming issue of Pretty Deadly by DeConnick and Emma Rios. As Kelly says "In the script it says something like, "I dunno… maybe it's in a tree?"  This is Emma Ríos's version of "maybe a tree"? That woman[...]
Image Watch – Talking Umbral And 'Playing With Magic Words' With Antony Johnston
Lazarus, Sheltered, Seconds, Pretty Deadly, Rocket Girl, Sex Criminals, Letter 44, Fatale, Trees, Six-Gun Gorilla, Breaks, The Wicked + The Divine, Princess Ugg, The Auteur… This is an absolute golden age of diversity in comics, and it's being driven by creators making original books they love It's what many of us have been striving towards for[...]
37 Thoughts About 37 Comics – The Movement, Detective Comics, Stormwatch, Crossed, Inhuman, Green Lantern, Caliban, Starlight, Action Comics, Field, She-Hulk, Dead Letters, Beautiful Scars, God Is Dead, Loki, New Warriors, Captain America, Revelations, Green Arrow, Garfield, Suicide Risk, Pretty Deadly, Secret, Revival, Adventure Time, Quantum And Woody, GI Joe, Artifacts, Sinister Dexter,  Gate Way, Rogue Trooper, Monster & Madman, Judge Dredd, Green Hornet, Shotgun Wedding, Turok Dinosaur Hunter and Archer And Armstrong
Whether they exist or not, or whether they will have an effect or not, well that's all up to Pretty Deadly. There's so much to love about Secret but I want to highlight the intentionally restricted palette, curling like smoke around the pencils, both merging and separating elements within, guiding and surprising the eye… Revival finds[...]
Thirty-Nine Thoughts About Thirty-Nine Comics – All New Invaders, Batman, Mighty Avengers, Batman And Robin, Hawkeye, Transformers, Animal Man, Origin II, X-Factor, Wonder Woman, Sex, Harley Quinn, Batwoman, X-Men, Midas Flesh, Jinnrise, Star Wars, Pretty Deadly, Deadly Class, Dead Body Road, Chew, Umbral, Krampus, Zero, Bad Ass, Peanuts, TMNT, Elfquest, Mind MGMT, Dark Horse Presents, Captain Midnight, X-Files, Massive, Judge Dredd, Mega City Two, The Mocking Dead, Samurai Jack and Aphrodite XI Hidden Files
They're glorified shepherds. Okay, I probably wouldn't say that a lot in Pretty Deadly, but there are a distinct lack of cows,m just horses and.,. foxes. Deadly Class asks an interesting question, to which I would answer "A crap boy band from the noughties I think, who will all end up in end-of-the-pier reality TV shows before[...]
Fifty-Five Thoughts About Fifty-Five Comics – Locke & Key Alpha, Daredevil, New Guardians, Harley Quinn, Adventure Time, Young Avengers, Hit, X-Men, Sex, Saga, Pretty Deadly, Revival, Mind The Gap, Midas Flesh, Cobra Files, East Of West, Black Science, Batman & Two-Face, Extinction Parade, Vibe, Rogues Rebellion, Wonder Woman, Samurai Jack, Itty Bitty Hellboy, Star Trek, BRPD, Bloodhound, My Little Pony, Conan, Supergirl, Pandora, Ultimate X-Men, Avengers Assemble, Indestructible Hulk, Secret Avengers, Captain America, Superior Spider-Man, Kiss Kids, Ghostbusters, Ben 10, Robotech/Voltron, Kiss Me Satan, A Voice In The Dark, Witchblade, Peanuts, Red Sonja, Bravest Warriors, Imagine Agents, Hawken Melee, Bounce, Transformers, TMNT, Popeye And Illegitimates
There's even more sex in the new Saga, and one of the climactic scenes may well be one of those comics that causes Apple to go all funny. Pretty Deadly gives us a Wild West equivalent of the toddler holding their breath until you do what they want. I'm sure once upon a time, I had a[...]
How Long Will Pretty Deadly #2 Stay On Apple's ComiXology App?
Tonight, Orbital Comics had a signing with Emma Rios and, as a result, were given special dispensation to sell Pretty Deadly #2 early So I picked up a copy on my way to the Alan Moore shindig Video of that in the morning. Of late Apple has been rather prudish over certain comic books, for showing[...]