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5 Items from shopDisney to Show Your Pride, Mickey Style!

5 Items from shopDisney to Show Your Pride, Mickey Style!

Happy Pride Month! While celebrations across the world have been canceled due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, that doesn't mean you can't treat yourself or throw your own party for you at home These awesome items at shopDisney are fun, trendy, and the perfect accessory for any outfit!Disney Parks Rainbow Belt Bag  $24.99[caption id="attachment_1215000"[...]

Second Annual Summer Of Pride Officially Kicks Off

Second Annual Summer Of Pride Officially Kicks Off

Midboss announced this morning that they have officially kicked off their second annual Summer Of Pride for 2020 on Twitch. If you're not familiar with last year's event, this is a celebration of LGBTQ+ diversity in games. Starting at 9am PT and running all the way to June 30th, the event will feature diverse Twitch […]

Pride Shoes That WIll Serve Some Looks All Year Long

Pride Shoes That WIll Serve Some Looks All Year Long

In celebration of Pride Month, Teva and the It Gets Better Project have teamed up to bring us the Rainbow Pride Pack Teva will also be donating $20,000 to the It Gets Better Project, to help support their work with LBGTQ+ youth globally.[caption id="attachment_1213389" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Teva Rainbow Pride Pack[/caption]Teva's Rainbow Pride Pack collection offers[...]

7 Pride Items From Hot Topic That Are Loud and Proud

7 Pride Items From Hot Topic That Are Loud and Proud

With Pride Month coming in just mere days, it's time to treat yourself to some new Pride gear to celebrate Hot Topic has some of the cutest items to share your Pride all year long Hot Topic has been a massive supporter of the LBGTQ+ community, and they are a real safe space for everyone.[...]

Joe Glass Relaunches The Pride for ComiXology Originals, and Pride Month

This is clearly why he was so full of beans at MCM London Comic Con a weekend ago but couldn't say anything.And it's just in time for Pride month The Pride is a superhero comic full of as many divergent sexualities of character as you can fit Self-published by Welsh creator Joe Glass, with the[...]

LGBTQ+ Game Streaming Event Summer of Pride Begins Tomorrow

LGBTQIA+ Game Streaming Event Summer of Pride Begins Tomorrow

Summer of Pride, a season-long streaming celebration of LGBTQIA+ games, developers, and streamers, kicks off tomorrow on the MidBoss Twitch channel. MidBoss is the developer of 2064; Read Only Memories, an inclusive cyberpunk adventure game. Their month-long pride festival will focus on queer games and content creators as their partnered streamers will play games with LGBTQIA+ themes […]

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Happy Pride! Gear Up for Your Parades and Parties with Hot Topic

Happy Pride, dear readers! No matter where you fall on the rainbow, this month is for you. Even if you can't be openly out, this is still your month. You are all strong, beautiful people, and I sincerely love every one of you. I myself am happy to say I am bisexual, and I'm also […]

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Finn Balor Doesn't Care if Some Fans Don't Like His Pro-LGBTQ Stance

As we all know, Finn Balor debuted his Balor Club Pride shirt at WrestleMania earlier this year. It was a stunning, beautiful statement, and one that I'm sure wasn't easy to get approved. Before the show, I honestly thought we would see The Demon King, but I was pleasantly surprised at what he came out […]

ComiXology Pride Month

Celebrate Pride Month With ComiXology

Well, there's not much Pride Month left for 2017, but ComiXology have the perfect deal to help you celebrate the last few days of LGBTQ+ acceptance, remembrance and excellence with a special Pride sale on various indie LGBTQ books and titles.You have until the end of June to take advantage of this incredible sale, which[...]

Dream Daddy

Dream Daddy Lets You Get Your, Well, Dream Daddy

Yup...Happy Father's Day and Pride Month!Okay, so we're a little late on this one, but yesterday, on Father's Day, new dating sim Dream Daddy was announced The game will be coming to Steam on July 13 allowing players to make real all their father-loving fantasies.Dream Daddy sees players create their own daddy, or Dadsona (yes,[...]

Up-And-Coming LGBTQ Creators To Watch This Pride Month

It's Pride Month, and we here at Bleeding Cool have covered the discussions, conflicts, and LGBTQ creators and projects that we found inspiring to date But what of the new and rising LGBTQ voices in comics now? Which creators do we think are going to be making waves in the time to come?Well, here a[...]

Bleeding Cool Celebrates LGBTQ Creators For Pride Month

This Pride Month has seen a little bit of controversy in the world of comics, but it's not all doom and gloom Pride is a time for the LGBTQ community to stand for their rights, equality, and thoughtful representation, as well as a time to remember the struggles we've gone through to get here —[...]

Chinese Censors Have Removed Gay Kiss From Alien Covenant

Happy Pride Month everyone!Yup, Chinese censors have removed what was, admittedly, a rather odd part from the recent new addition to the Alien saga, Ridley Scott's Alien Covenant.Now, it doesn't seem that the franchises first gay couple were removed from the film, as they were barely in the film anyway after all But rather, the[...]

"Conversation" Sparked By Second Print Of 'Divided States Of Hysteria'

In a tweet and press release entitled "CHAYKIN’S THE DIVIDED STATES OF HYSTERIA SPARKS INDUSTRY CONVERSATION", Image Comics responded to the controversy raised last week surrounding Howard Chaykin's The Divided States of Hysteria.The use of "conversation" seems a little trite in this instance — while the comic certainly got people talking, it was pretty much all about the[...]

Howard Chaykin And The Trans Image: Obsession With A Theme

We've discussed, seemingly at length, about the controversy surrounding Howard Chaykin's latest work, the Image Comics release The Divided States of Hysteria; its inclusion of graphic trans panic violence, released on the first week of Pride Month and even with the option of a Pride Month variant cover, and Image Comics lack of response or[...]

The Babadook Leaves The World Babashook In First Pride Appearances

Stemming from a hilarious mistake on Netflix's part, when they wrongly categorised the film as LGBT interest in late 2016, Jennifer Kent's The Babadook slowly built as a meme on the likes of tumblr, twitter and Instagram to rise as an unlikely queer icon.This Pride Month, the first since the mistake and meme began, saw[...]

An Education In LGBTQ And Allies For Pride Month

Well, what an interesting start to Pride Month it's been so far in the world of comics From the controversies with artist Berliac to Howard Chaykin and Image Comics on The Divided States of Hysteria, what more could there be in the first week?Popping outside of comics for a moment, clothing store Abercrombie & Fitch came[...]

A Week In Transphobia In Comics

It's been an interesting first week of Pride Month for comics Early in the week, in fact pretty much kicking it off, came news that Drawn & Quarterly had cancelled a book, Sadbøi, by artist Berliac due to a historic transphobic essay and comments that were brought to light.Now, on new comic day of the[...]