Punisher War Machine Helmet Prepares You for War [Review]

Punisher War Machine Helmet Prepares You for War [Review]

Punisher War Machine first appeared out of the phone game Marvel Future Fight. In 2017 he got his official transition over to Marvel Comics in the Punisher #1 Marvel Legacy comic. Hasbro's Marvel Legends Series has come out with some amazing replica weapons and helmets. We have already got some heavy hitters like Iron Man, […]

The Man Who Haggled the Price of The Punisher's First Appearance at Half Price Books

The Man Who Haggled the Punisher's First Appearance at Half Price Books

Amazing Spider-Man #129 featured the first appearance of the rather popular character, The Punisher. As a result, it can be quite pricey. One Jessup Rupp bought his copy from an outlet of Half Price Books for, inappropriately, a quarter off their advertised price. Rupp posted to Facebook (and allowed Bleeding Cool permission to reproduce) his story. […]

Punisher Kill Krew #2 [Preview]

Frank Castle's Recruitment Skills on Display in Punisher Kill Krew #2 [Preview]

The Punisher's post-War-of-the-Realms adventures continue at Marvel Comics this week in Punisher Kill Krew #2, from the Gerry Duggan of comics, Gerry Duggan, and Juan Ferreyra. We've got a preview below. The recap page tells us that Frank needs to enlist some help for his mission of vengeance. Which means that we're about to see […]

Punisher #15

Frank Castle's Sense of Humor in Punisher #15 [Preview]

The Punisher #15 is in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics, by Matthew Rosenberg and Szymon Kudranski, and we've got a preview below. In which we find the Punisher eschewing his solitary nature to join another superteam, all with the goal of taking down Baron Zemo. And as Frank and his old friend Rachel get […]

Garth Ennis to Write More Punisher Comics at Marvel Starting in November

Garth Ennis to Write More Punisher Comics at Marvel, Starting in November

Garth Ennis is returning to Marvel for more Punisher starting this November, with a six-issue miniseries with art by Jacen Burrows. Ennis wrote the character at Marvel starting at the turn of the century in one of the longest and most acclaimed Punisher runs that included work by legendary artists including Steve Dillon, Darick Robertson, […]

Punisher Kill Krew #1

Miss War of the Realms Already? Punisher Kill Krew #1 Has You Covered [Preview]

These days, it seems like at Marvel, when a super-mega-crossover event ends, the publisher moves right on to the next super-mega-crossover event, barely even leaving time to savor the universe-rocking changes that will leave the universe never the same again before upsetting them with brand new universe-rocking changes. But if you feel that Marvel moved […]

Does Auto Insurance Cover The Punisher? Punisher #14 [Preview]

Does Auto Insurance Cover The Punisher? Punisher #14 [Preview]

A lot of companies compete for your auto insurance business, and they're constantly trying to come up with new perks for why you should switch to them in their various commercials. From saving money to accident forgiveness to bonuses for safe driving, there are any number of perks to compare when choosing an insurance company. […]

Punisher Annual #1: Acts of Evil... IN SPAAAAACE! [Preview]

Punisher Annual #1: Acts of Evil… IN SPAAAAACE! [Preview]

It's time for The Punisher, the hero of law enforcement officers everywhere, to join the Acts of Evil in this week's Punisher Annual #1. And in a preview of that annual, we find J. Jonah Jameson visiting the launch site of a corporate-sponsored space program, where he walks around like he owns the place. And […]

The Punisher Has Words For The Police Who Use His Skull Logo

The Punisher Has Words For Police Who Use His Skull Logo (#13 Spoilers)

It has been noted that the US police and members of the US armed forces often seem to have an affinity for Marvel Comics' The Punisher character. A psychologically traumatised veteran going around the streets blowing away criminals. You can see how it might make for an emotional release, escapist fantasy, but when they start […]

Wasteful Punishment in Punisher #13 (Preview)

Wasteful Punishment in Punisher #13 (Preview)

Frank Castle has been called many things. Even a hippie, most recently. But would you call him wasteful? Normally, the Punisher is pretty damn efficient with his killing of criminals, but in this preview of Punisher #13, Frank's actions simply don't make sense. The preview begins with a woman walking to her apartment, followed by […]

A Marvel Knights Team-Up for Savage Avengers #3 (Preview)

A Marvel Knights Team-Up for Savage Avengers #3 (Preview)

This week's Savage Avengers #3 sees the titular Savage Avengers one step closer to coming together in typical Marvel decompressed fashion, as we join the preview with a fight in progress between The Punisher and The Hand, who have teamed up with the wizard Kulan Gath in a story that will be an absolute licensing […]

Marvel Legends Punisher/War Machine Helmet Revealed by Hasbro

Marvel Legends Punisher/War Machine Helmet Revealed by Hasbro

Marvel Legends 1:1 role play items have been one of my favorite items to collect these past few years. They are comfortable to wear, features excellent craftsmanship, and display incredibly well. All we have really gotten so far however is MCU pieces. That all changes now, as a new Punisher helmet is up for preorder. […]

jessica jones

"Marvel's Jessica Jones": Never Mind – Krysten Ritter WOULD Return to Role

The third and final season of Netflix's Marvel's Jessica Jones – debuting earier this month –  marks the end of the streaming service's live-action relationship with Marvel Studios. In February 2019, Netflix officially cancelled Marvel's The Punisher after two seasons and Marvel's Jessica Jones after three – the last of the streaming service's series that also included […]

Marvel September 2019 Solicitations

Punishment Like Lightning? Thunderbolts Return to Marvel in September

Baron Zemo is getting the band back together! That's right, the Thunderbolts are back at Marvel in September, though not in their own series. Zemo's new Thunderbolts will appear in September's issue of Punisher, from Matthew Rosenberg and Szymon Kudranski. Of course, the cover shows that Zemo's Thunderbolts won't have an easy time facing down […]