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With only days to go until the return of Netflix's Henry Cavill (Geralt), Anya Chalotra (Yennefer), and Freya Allan (Ciri)-starring The Witcher for a second season, we have the results of today's second day of "Witchmas." And if you're a Roach fan, then today was a very good day Because not only did Geralt's horse get[...]
Oh, and one more thing before you get to the teaser? A brand new Season 2 image of Roach: Image: Netflix With the global phenomenon set to return to Netflix on December 17, here's a look at the official teaser for the second season of The Witcher: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Witcher: Season[...]
Now in honor of Valentine's Day, none other than Jaskier (Joey Batey) himself has returned to Twitter to offer fans a special valentine that also hints at the familial, caring bond that's growing between Geralt (Henry Cavill) and Ciri (Freya Allan)- and how there will always be a place in Geralt's heart for this special[...]
The Witcher proves Geralt's "Hmmm" is an international language. (Image: Netflix screencap)
(Image: Netflix screencap) So for a look at how Geralt sounds around the world, check out the video below- where things between our witcher and Roach sound a little too "wrong-ish" in other languages, Jaskier gets the point no matter what language is spoken, and more:  Based on the best-selling fantasy series of books, THE WITCHER is an[...]
The Witcher offers a few more last-minute gifts. (Image: Netflix screencap)
Did you really think that The Witcher and Netflix would leave fans without a little extra something or two even, after the "6 Days of Witchmas" wrapped? Oh, ye of little faith! Aside from a Jaskier photoshoot and an interview with Roach (the latter we're still big fans of), the show's done right by everyone[...]
The Witcher released the official logo for the 2021 anime film. (Image: Netflix screencap)
The second day, a Jaskier photoshoot "prize" while the third was another guide to the show's beasts and monsters, while the fourth offered blooper and the fifth gave Roach some interview time. The Witcher released the official logo for the 2021 anime film (Image: Netflix screencap) So what did we end up with for our final day?[...]
The Witcher "6 Days of Witchmas" Day #4 (Image: screencap)
The third day offered viewers a sequel guidebook to the things that go bump in the night (and in the daylight) for all the budding witchers out there. The Witcher "6 Days of Witchmas" Day #4 (Image: screencap) Here's a look at how the results panned out, along with today's prize: a sampling of bloopers from the[...]
The Witcher SEASON 1 (PHOTO CREDIT: Katalin Vermes)
One thing that's impressed us the most is how the social media community approach offers a look at not just the day-to-day machinations but also the little things that have profound creative impacts on how the production flows. The Witcher Season 1 (CREDIT: Katalin Vermes) Perfect example? A tweet posted on Hissrich that reminds us once again[...]
So with a little snip here and a small scene edited in there, the man who would've headlined Coachella had it existed back then proudly presents the trailer for… Making The Witcher's Favourite Bard. Jaskier's Unauthorized and Unofficial Trailer | Making The Witcher | Netflix can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Jaskier's Unauthorized and Unofficial[...]