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Everspace 2 Releases Drake: Gang Wars Update In Early Access
Rockfish Games has dropped a new update into Everspace 2 as it sits in Early Access as players will experience Drake: Gang Wars The update adds an entirely new star system to the game simply called "Drake", as you're getting lava and ice environments, underwater exploration, several new enemy types, new status effects, brand new[...]
Everspace 2 Has Released A New Content Roadmap
Rockfish Games has released a brand new roadmap detailing the content they have on the way for Everspace 2 in Early Access Back in October, the developers revealed that they had to push the game back to 2023, which disappointed a number of people who were hopeful they'd get their hands on it a lot[...]
We Gave "Everspace 2" A Spin At PAX West 2019
Rockfish Games announced today that they are officially pushing the full release of Everspace 2 back to the year 2023 The news came down today as the company announced they've partnered with Microsoft for an Early Access launch through Game Preview on the Windows 10/11 Store and through Xbox Game Pass for PC, as you[...]
Everspace 2 Drops A Free Demo & Khaït Nebula Preview
Rockfish Games has released a new free Everspace 2 demo over Gamescom 2021 week for people to try and provided a preview to a new expanse First off, the new demo can be played over on the game's Steam page, which will give you access to a good chunk of the game but not every[...]
Everspace 2 Releases New Update With Zharkov: The Vortex
Rockfish Games have packed quite a bit of content into this one, as the team has added an all-new star system, a new spaceship class, a new companion, several main and side missions, a number of new activities, new challenges, and more than 120 improvements and fixes We have a rundown of what the update[...]
Everspace 2 Receives It's First Major Update Today
Rockfish Games have released a brand new update into Everspace 2 today, which is also the biggest one the game has seen so far The short version to the update is that players will now have access to a new companion, additional main and side story missions to explore, an all-new smuggling gameplay they can[...]
Everspace 2 Is Getting An Early Access Update On April 28th
Rockfish Games revealed today that Everspace 2 will be getting a massive update in Early Access on April 28th, 2021 We have a rundown from the dev team for you to check out below, but the shorthand to this is that the game will be getting brings new mission types, ship classes, activities, challenges, and[...]
We Gave "Everspace 2" A Spin At PAX West 2019
Rockfish Games has decided to lay out their plans for the content coming to Everspace 2 with a look at the roadmap for 2021 The plans so far are not highly detailed, as we're sure they're keeping some of it a secret for people to check out on their own But right now we know[...]
We Gave "Everspace 2" A Spin At PAX West 2019
Rockfish Games revealed today that they will be bringing Everspace 2 to Steam's Early Access and GOG's Games In Development system The company revealed the game will drop into both on January 18th, 2021, and will launch in English with professional voice acting for the first 12+ hours of the story campaign Along with several[...]
We Gave "Everspace 2" A Spin At PAX West 2019
Rockfish Games revealed this morning that they are pushing the release of Everspace 2 in Early Access back to 2021 Back in September, the company announced they would be dropping the game in December, but it appears plans have changed Thankfully, it hasn't been pushed back that far as the new launch month is January[...]
We Gave "Everspace 2" A Spin At PAX West 2019
After months of waiting to know when it would come out, Rockfish Games has finally given Everspace 2 a release window Well, sort of The game will be entering Early Access on Steam in December 2020 The game has gone through a number of changes and even got delayed a bit due to the COVID-19[...]
We Gave "Everspace 2" A Spin At PAX West 2019
Would you like to try out a prototype of Everspace 2 from Rockfish Games on Steam? We have 50 codes to give away This prototype is basically the playable build they had available to PAX East 2020 for people to try out at their booth You can do a lot of things in the game,[...]
Everspace Casino Concept Art
ROCKFISH Games revealed they had added some new changes to Everspace 2 with a fresh update The first major impact will be the addition of drones TWo specific drones have been thrown into the mix in the form of the Advanced Outlaw Sniper Drone and the Outlaw Detonator Drone Both of which offer their own[...]
We Gave "Everspace 2" A Spin At PAX West 2019
Rockfish Games is proud to reveal that they have officially received the funding needed for Everspace 2 on Kickstarter The campaign officially reached over $560k, completing the main funding for the title and then achieving the first stretch goal "The Ancients' Rift" just minutes before the campaign ended The devs sent out a thank you[...]
We Gave "Everspace 2" A Spin At PAX West 2019
Primarily, we were stuck in an area filled with debris and a bunch of pirate ships trying to shoot us down. Credit: Rockfish Games While I enjoyed the aspect of being able to go do whatever I wanted, it seemed controlled and hampered with the idea that every direction had some sort of enemy making my life[...]