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"Sea Of Thieves" Free Crews of Rage Update
Rare has released the next free monthly update for Sea Of Thieves, as February brings about the Crews Of Rage to the high seas Like many updates, this one comes with new quests, treasures, tasks, missions, and cosmetics This time around you'll encounter Ashen Skeletons who are guarding highly volatile but rewarding treasure You can[...]
"Sea Of Thieves" Just Got A Free Update For January
The devs at rare just put a new free update into Sea Of Thieves for January 2020, with a couple of interesting additions to explore The big addition is to seek out the Legends of the Sea, in which you'll work with Umbra the scribe who got away from Captain Bronzebeard She's now on the[...]
"Sea Of Thieves" Cracks 10 Million Players This Week
Rare and Microsoft are celebrating a new milestone in Sea Of Thieves this week as the game has reached over 10 million players The company celebrated with a quick thank you note from Executive Producer Joe Neate, with some news of a new emote being added to the game A little bit of a present[...]
"Sea Of Thieves" Launches "Year In Review" Feature
Today, Rare launched a brand new feature into Sea Of Thieves, which will allow players to reflect back on the past year with Year In Review All you have to do is log into the feature, which will allow you to see your seafaring stats with a personal pirate performance review Yes, you got reviewed[...]
"Sea Of Thieves" Sets Sail For "The Festival Of Giving"
Pretty much every video game you currently know is doing a holiday event, and that includes Sea Of Thieves, with The Festival Of Giving From now until December 24th, you'll be able to set sail into special Gift-Seeker Voyages that offer plenty of rewards You can speak to Stitcher Jim in any tavern to get[...]
"Sea Of Thieves" Receives It's Latest Adventure In "The Seabound Soul"
Sea Of Thieves just got a new content update from Rare today, giving players the next grand adventure with The Seabound Soul This one features a brand-new Tall Tale for players to experience They'll set sail on a quest to uncover the mystery of the legendary Captain Pendragon and his ship, the Blackwyche One of[...]
"Sea Of Thieves" Gets A Free October Update With "Fort Of The Damned"
Microsoft and rare released a new content update to Sea Of Thieves this week, adding their own Halloween content with Fort Of The Damned The update is totally free, all you have to do is go into the game and let the program do its thing The crux of the update is for you to[...]
"Sea Of Thieves" Announces The New "Smuggler's Fortune" Update
The next update is coming to Sea of Thieves as Rare and Microsoft have shown off the Smuggler's Fortune update and The Pirate Emporium You can read more details here and below along with the trailer, but the shorthand is you're getting a new adventure and things to find They have added a bunch of[...]
Auto Draft
Rare announced this week some brand new updates coming to Sea Of Thieves, including a free content schedule and the introduction of Dark Relics The company released a ton of information about their latest update here, which you can read some of it below and check out the latest trailer But the also announced the[...]
Sea Of Thieves Is Getting a Tabletop Version
Mongoose Publishing has announced today that they will soon be publishing a tabletop board game version of the 2018 video game Sea Of Thieves The game aims to bring all the excitement, adventure, and challenges of the game to your table and tries to leave out all the pesky trolls who are just shooting down[...]
Rare Releases Details On Sea Of Thieves
Rare just released new details about all of the upcoming content they'll be adding to the Sea Of Thieves anniversary update coming later tonight The company posted a new video as well as gave details on Xbox Wire about what's being added, starting with The Arena, which we have details for you below, as you'll[...]
Mixer is Getting an AI-Powered Feature Later This Month
Not all channels will be supporting the feature, but you'll be able to tell by looking for the Mixer Loot icon next to the title of the stream. Mixer Loot will be running a special event to coincide with the anniversary of Sea of Thieves next week, starting on April 30th at 8AM PT and ending[...]
Sea of Thieves Unveils a New Cinematic Trailer for Shores of Gold
  Rare is celebrating the third anniversary their pirate rpg of Sea of Thieves with a massive new update next week Coming April 30th, 2019, the Shores of Gold will add a ton of new content, as it is the first set of narrative-driven Tall Tales patches coming to Sea of Thieves The focus of this particular[...]
Official Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update Announce Trailer
This morning, Rare announced on Xbox Wire that they would be implementing an anniversary update for Sea of Thieves Changes will be coming in many ways as it appears you'll be able to fish soon (possibly for food), destroy the mast of a ship to stop it or slow it down, and finally compete in[...]
Fortnite's Biggest Streamer Ninja Comments on Copying Other Games
The clip below has been going around all day as Ninja jokes about the fact that Epic Games basically just copied new additions to Apex Legends and themes from Sea of Thieves as the main selling points to Season 8. "What do you do when Sea of Thieves and Apex become super popular but also, Fortnite is still popular, what do you do?[...]