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Red Bull Announces First Major Street Fighter 6 Tournament
Red Bull revealed their next event will be one of the first major tournaments for Street Fighter 6 after the game launches in June The event will be headed to South Africa where they will be holding a two-day tournament from July 1st-2nd, taking place at the University of Pretoria for a small audience of[...]
Capcom Reveals More Street Fighter 6 Info During Special Showcase
Capcom held a special Street Fighter 6 Showcase last night, highlighting more of the game and revealing what's to come ahead of its release The 45-minute video, which we have for you below, went over a lot of the lesser talked-about aspects of the game, as they did a cool job of filling in the[...]
Capcom Spotlight Reveals Multiple Title Updates For 2023
Among the announcements were an official launch date for Exoprimal, a new announcer for Street Fighter 6, a launch date for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the release of an official demo for the remake of Resident Evil 4, and more info on Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection We have the developer notes below for[...]
Street Fighter 6 Reveals The Final Three Launch Characters
During Sony's State Of Play livestream today, Capcom revealed the final three characters that will be in Street Fighter 6 at launch Two familiar faces make their return as Cammy jumps back into the fray, apparently removing her combat gear from the army but still working as an agent At the same time, Zangief is[...]
Capcom Pro Tour Announces $2M Prize Pool For Street Fighter 6
Last night was a newsworthy event for the tournament as it came down to an epic finals match in Los Angeles with MenaRD of the Dominican Republic defeating Zhen of China to become the greatest Street Fighter V: Champion Edition player in the world, as you can see from the image of him hoisting the cup above! But the event[...]
Cover image for STREET FIGHTER 6 #1 (OF 4) CVR A CRUZ
May will see Udon Entertainment publish a new comic book series based on the new video game from Capcom, Street Fighter 6, a different artist for each issue, Bengus, Panzer, Hanzo Steinbach and Chisato Mita Here are the full Udon Entertainment solicitations for May 2023,  and the reminder they will also have a Street Fighter[...]
Arcade Kings & Street Fighter 6 On Next Week's Diamond Previews Covers
And on the front cover is Image Comics/Skybound's Arcade Kings #1 in which the top arcade player in Infinity City is going to move beyond fighting with a joystick to fighting with his fists in Dylan Burnett's new series from Image Comics' Skybound imprint, Arcade Kings. Arcade Kings & Street Fighter 6 on Next Week's Diamond[...]
WWE's Zelina Vega Joins Street Fighter 6 As In-Game Commentator
Capcom has announced that Thea Trinidad, better known as WWE superstar Zelina Vega, has joined Street Fighter 6 in a special role As you may have seen last night (and can see in the images below), Vega came out to the ring dressed as Juri from the next entry in the franchise As she came[...]
Capcom Shows Off More From Street Fighter 6 During Spotlight Event
Last week, Capcom showed off a ton of content in a special spotlight presentation, including new info on Street Fighter 6 The big reveal for this was that we got a look at four returning characters to the franchise as we get a look at older versions of Ken Masters, E Honda, Blanka, and Dhalsim[...]
Capcom Drops More Info For Street Fighter 6 At Evo 2022
Capcom brought along some new information about Street Fighter 6 to Evo 2022, as we got a better look at two new characters Technically, one is new and one is returning as Juri makes her way into the sequel, joined by a fresh character in Kimberly The two made their debut this weekend in a[...]
Street Fighter 6 Will Be Present At Evo 2022
Capcom has made it known that they will be bringing Street Fighter 6 to Evo 2022 this year for people to try out for themselves Those who would like to try the game out for themselves will get a chance with the same demo we played during Summer Game Fest Play Days However, it's unclear[...]
We Tried Out Street Fighter 6 During Summer Game Fest Play Days
Hands down, the game with the longest line during Summer Game Fest Play Days was Street Fighter 6, as people couldn't wait to try it out The one game Capcom brought to the dance, but it was the one everyone wanted to dance with as they set up six stations with both controller and fight[...]
Capcom Shows Off Guile Returning To Street Fighter 6
Capcom dropped a new trailer this week for Street Fighter 6 during Summer Game Fest as we got a good look at the return of Guile The game is really pushing the familiar faces into the future, and as we can see here, Guile has become a little more grizzled and is dressed a little[...]
Capcom Officially Announces Street Fighter 6 With New Trailer
We kinda knew it was coming for roughly a year, but Capcom has made it official, as Street Fighter 6 is on the way For a while now there have been unconfirmed leaks and rumors that they were officially pushing forward with the next game, all while still producing content for Street Fighter V The[...]