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Super7 Exclusive Godzilla, Evil Dead ReAction Figures Are Such A Joy
Super7, as I have said for years now, is my favorite toy company From Ultimates to ReAction and everything in between, they do a phenomenal job on their figures It has been so cool to see them grow so much over the years, gaining some dream licenses and making toys we could have only dreamed[...]
Marvel Legends Fan First Friday: Galactus HasLab Revealed, Plus More
GI Joe Ultimates were announced from Super7 yesterday, and they look glorious Just like every other Ultimates line from them, the first wave, consisting of Cobra Commander, Duke, Snake Eyes with Timber, and the B.A.T., all come loaded to the gills with accessories, and for this line, they will be cartoon accurate There are, of[...]
Silverhawks Revival In The Works With The Nacelle Company
They are teaming with Super7, who now owns the SilverHawks IP, to bring us a new version of the metal-clad heroes sometime soon The deal was reported on by Deadline. Silverhawks Credit Silverhawks LLC Great, SilverHawks Now Add Thundercats & Tigersharks "SilverHawks is a beloved franchise that has been overlooked for far too long," said Brian Flynn, Founder[...]
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ultimates Wave 1 Unveiled By Super7
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers collectors finally have a full look at the new Super7 line of Ultimates figures These will be a different scale than the Lightning Collection from Hasbro, and in trademark Super7 fashion, will come loaded to the gills with cool and unexpected accessories The first wave will consist of Goldar, the Green[...]
Silverhawks Ultimates Wave One Now Up For Preorder At Super7
Wave one Ultimates figures are now up for preorder from Super7 Long, long, long-rumored, and requested by collectors and fans, the Hawks with wings of silver, nerves of steel will come in the standard premium packaging for Ultimates Wave one will consist of Quicksilver, Steelheart, Buzzsaw, and a mammoth 11-inch version of villain Mon'Star All[...]
We Get Spooky With Super7 & Saucony's New Universal Monsters Shoes
We say it all the time around these parts; Super7 is our favorite toy company, hands down Not only do they make fantastic figures and toys, but they are also a full-on geek company, making items and products that we fellow geeks have been dreaming of for years Horror-teamed trick or treat buckets? Check Pint[...]
Universal Monsters Super7 X Saucony Shoes Up Revealed
Universal Monsters shoes are coming this afternoon from Super7 and Saucony This is the second collaboration these two have done for the Monsters, as they previously did an exclusive line for their Boodega pop-up at SDCC a couple of years ago I was in line for those and missed them sadly, but these hopefully will[...]
TMNT Mirage ReAction Figure Set Coming From Super7, Previews Exclusive
A surprise TMNT Mirage Studios ReAction figure box set went up for order today from Super7 as a Previews Exclusive The set includes all four Turtles in their Mirage days get-ups, meaning all red bands Each comes with their respective weapons and, of course, a slice of pizza These are also color variants of the[...]
New Munsters ReAction Figures Available Now From Super7
Super7 today announced and started taking orders for their first wave of ReAction figures from the timeless TV show Herman, Lily, and Grandpa make up this first of what will hopefully be many waves of figures Herman comes with his satchel, Lily comes with a candle, and Grandpa comes with some chemistry stuff Each figure[...]
Happy Alien Day! Super7 Reveals New Xenomorphs, Hudson ReAction
A horror holiday that everyone can appreciate, Super7 is celebrating by revealing a new wave of Xenomorphs and a special variant of their Hudson figure The latter will feature a cardback baring his iconic line "Game Over Man, Game Over!" The figure features a new screaming head as well, and it is a perfect homage[...]
Where Is Our Thundercats Live Action Film?
Awareness is higher for the brand than it has been in years, with a hugely successful designer toy line running from Super7, and there is always room for a new animated series The time is now, everyone If this actually gets made, I won't shut up about it Sword of Omens, give Mr Wingard Sight[...]
Thundercats ThunderTank Now Up For Order, Fully Revealed
If Super7 does not get enough orders by April 2nd, the tank will not go into production Check out photos and the box art down below. ThunderTank Box Art Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Thundercats Fans "Panthro was in need of a little extra work, so we had him come over to Super7 and help us[...]
Transformers Ultimates Wave 1 Revealed By Super7
You can check all four out below, and you can preorder the Ultimates Transformers by clicking here. Super7 Transformers Ultimates Super7 Transformers Ultimates Wave 1 "Straight out of Cybertron, the new Transformers ULTIMATES! collection is here! Based on the Transformers you grew up watching, ULTIMATES! are made-to-order, highly-articulated figures that stand 7" tall and include a variety of interchangeable[...]
Super7 Reveals Thundercats Thunder Tank: $450, Orders Start Feb. 2
Super7 has finally revealed their ThunderTank, and it is a doozy The full reveal will be Tuesday when the preorders go up, but here is the gist so far: the tank will be 27 inches long and 17 inches wide It is massive It can hold six Ultimates Thundercats figures, where the vintage one could[...]
Godzilla Is Coming To Super7 Starting This Summer
Announced today, part of their week of announcements, Super7 has now gained the license to create merch and figures of the King of All Monsters The first release will come this summer in the form of a ReAction figure, and in 2022 we will see Godzilla join their mega-popular Ultimates line They also will produce[...]