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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Sam Wilson Lands at S.H. Figuarts
Tamashii Nations is ready for some more Marvel action as the company reveals their new The Falcon and the Winter Soldier figures We have already seen Sam Wilson fly on in, well, now it is still for the Winter Soldier to make his appearance Bucky Barnes is back and ready to help the legacy of[...]
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Sam Wilson Lands at S.H. Figuarts
Tamashii Nations is looking forward to the upcoming adventure, too, as they announce their new S.H Figuarts, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier figures Sam Wilson starts things off as he flies in to save the day one again The figure will feature full articulation, detail, and accrues to take this figure to new heights[...]
Monster Hunter Thunder Wolf Wyvern Zinogre Hunts at Tamashi Nations
Tamashii Nations S.H MonsterArts four Eline is something truly unique as it brings full articulation to some ferocious beasts from a variety of franchises This time we are getting a new deadly creature from one of the latest additions of the Monster Hunter franchise with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne We are on the hunt for[...]
Godzilla vs. Kong Prepare for War With New S.H. MonsterArts Figures
However, fans will be able to create their own Godzilla vs Kong adventures as Tamashii Nations announces their newest S.H MonsterArts figures Both monsters will be getting a solo release and are packed with high amounts of articulation and detail Godzilla will stand roughly 6.3" high and will feature a blue Atomic Breath metallic paint[...]
Bring Home Pac-Man With New Proplica Collective From Tamashii Nations
Tamashii Nations has been revealing a nice assortment of Pac-Man collectibles lately It looks like we are getting our final reveal as they announce their new Proplica Pac-Man figure This figure is set to be an exact replica of the digital hero as seen in the iconic NAMCO video game This electronic collectible has a[...]
Pac-Man Gets His Own Chogokin Mech with Tamashii Nations
Tamashii Nations has finally unveiled their new Pac-Man Chogokin figure that is packed with detail, features diecast parts, and a must-have for NAMCO fans The Chogokin Mazinger Z toy series originally started in 1974, and now Tamashii Nations is bringing it back once again with the beloved icon Pac-Man behind the wheel This Chogokin figure[...]
Pac-Man Goes for a High Score With S.H. Figurarts
Pac-Man is back and ready to make a new high score with his very own figure from Tamashii Nations Coming out of their S.H Figuarts line, Pac-Man is ready to explore the three-dimensional world with his own figure He will stand roughly 4 inches tall, and his design is based on the artwork for the[...]
Wonder Woman 1984 Stays Gold With New S.H. Figuarts Figure
Tamashii Nations is getting ready to celebrate as they announce their newest S.H Figuarts creation Princess Diana has arrived in her new golden eagle armor, as seen in many of the WW84 trailers This character design has been a highlighted promotional design to come out of the film, and S.H Figurarts is giving fans their[...]
Iron Man Returns With New Avengers Assemble Figure From S.H. Figuarts
Tamashii Nations has announced a new figure from The Avengers with their Battle Damaged Mark VI iron Man S.H Figuarts figure This Iron Man figure is set to coincide with their new Avengers Assemble figures that feature Captain America, Hulk, and Thor Tony Stark has survived the assault on the Helicarrier and is sporting damaged[...]
Thor Gets New Avengers Assemble Figure From S.H. Figurarts
Tamashii Nations has announced that they will be making new figures based on the 2012 film, The Avengers We have already seen the patriotic spirit of Captain America and the devastating power of the Hulk Both figures will come with a variety of interchangeable pieces with interchangeable heads, hands accessories This time things get a[...]
Hulk Smashes His Way In With New Avengers Figure from S.H. Figures
Hulk is ready to smash as Tamashii Nations unveils their next Avengers Assemble Edition figure Coming out of their S.H Figuarts line, the company is releasing new figures for the 2012 film The Avengers In all of his star-spangled action, we have already seen Captain America that featured multiple portraits and two different shield designs[...]
Captain America is Back in 2012 with New S.H. Figuarts Figure
Tamashii Nations is taking us back to 2012 as we revisit the iconic Marvel Cinematic Universe film, The Avengers We got to revisit this film once again in Avengers: Endgame with the return of classic looks for some of our favorite Marvel superheroes However, Tamashii Nations wants to give fans the real thing, so they[...]
Thanos Prepares For War with New S.H. Figuarts Figure
Figuarts Figure from Tamashii Nations will be priced at roughly at a whopping $146 He is expected to enter the fight in December 2020 but he is set as a Bandai Premium Web Exclusive Pre-orders are expected to go live in Japan on August 31, 2020, and US pre-orders are set up just yet on[...]
Thor is Ready for Thanos With the New S.H. Figuarts Figure
We are entering the fight of our lives once again as Tamashii Nations announced another Avengers: Endgame figure This time Thor is ready for the final battle with a new S.H Figuarts figure Final Battle Thor is packed with movie detail snd comes with a great set of accessories and interchangeable pieces He will stand[...]
Godzilla Brings the Heat With New S.H. MonsterArts Figure
Tamashii Nations captured the detail of his power just right with this S.H MonsterArts figure With the Godzilla franchise leaving NECA soon, fans will want to start jumping in with Tamashii Nations to fill their needs They are all packed with great detail, color, and articulation that will make most fans quite happy.  He is[...]