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Red Hulk Stars In Thunderbolts #1 From Marvel NOW, Daniel Way And Steve Dillon
Last week Newsarama teased "Lightning" as a new Marvel NOW! title from Daniel Way and Steve Dillon and everyone guessed it was a new Thunderbolts comic They were right. What not everyone guessed was that it would have the General Thunderbolt Ross, the Red Hulk in the lead. But this is also the previously-rumoured team featuring the Punisher and[...]
Marvel NOW Teases SURVIVE! From Dennis Hopeless And Kev Walker
But this looks a little… bloodier. This followed yesterday's similar tease. The Punisher team of Daniel Way and Steve Dillon from yesterday does suggest that possibly Punisher may be leading a new Thunderbolts team And maybe just maybe Deadpool might be in it… If past Marvel form is to be expected look forward to more teases this week,[...]
Jeff Parker And Declan Shalvey's Thunderbolts Becomes Dark Avengers In June
Marvel were set to announce this at Wondercon.  But it's just gone public on the Diamond site, so… In June, Thunderbolts will be renamed Dark Avengers, with issues #175 and #176. Smart viewers may have noted in this week's Avengers who might be making up the team… Jeff Parker and Declan Shalvey will still be creating the book[...]
Those Marvel Double Ships For June In Full
here are the double shipping comics in June. Amazing Spider-Man #687 and #688 – just like every month. Amazing Spider-Man Movie #1 and #2 – and a trade paperback collecting them both all in the same month. Avengers Academy #31 and #32 Avengers Vs X-Men #5 and #6, just as the last two months Captain America And… Hawkeye #632 and[...]
Thunderbolts To End In May… And Change To Something Else
The solicitation for May's Thunderbolts #174 was pretty telling. • The Clash of the Bolts Concludes! • In their most dire hour, the Fixer makes a devastating decision! • Zemo's legacy of evil destroy our present or can the Thunderbolts pulls the world back from oblivion?! End of the world stuff Or, rather, end of the title stuff. I can[...]
Thunderbolts #163 Cover Takes On The DC Relaunch
Applause to the cover department of Marvel who decided to make the cover to this week's issue of Thunderbolts… a little similar in tone to certain comics being published by DC this week Nice use of font size, folks. Okay, it's probably a reference to the very first issue of Thunderbolts But they would have to[...]
Marvel's New Nomad, Old Moon Knight And More…
Asrar were on Thunderbolts from #136 But I didn't know that Power Man and Iron Fist were members Looks like the deal Luke Cage  made with Norman Osborn is coming home to roost as Osborn's personal assassins… I should write these solicitations, they're really fun And at least the French can't have all the fun doing[...]
September Spider-Man, X-Men, Thunderbolts Credits Revealed
And Thunderbolts #136 is written by Rick Remender, drawn by Mahmud Asrar and Francesco Mattina, and coloured by Frank Martin. It's not much I know, But how did I come by this information when Marvel have been so careful in the solicitations they have sent out to the likes of Newsarama and CBR? Easy They kept[...]