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Bad Idea Screw Up, Do A Great Reset On David Lapham's The Ends
Yesterday, Bad Idea launched a Kickstarter for David Lapham's The Ends, promising a premium digital comic book experience to shame Amazon, as well as a print collection and a number of comic books drawn by David Lapham and written by big names such as Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Ed Brubaker, Mark Waid, Jim Cheung,[...]
Bendis, Aaron, Brubaker, Waid, Duggan, Dastmalchian Write David Lapham
Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Ed Brubaker, Mark Waid, Jim Cheung, Gerry Duggan, Zeb Wells, Tony S Daniel, Gary Dauberman, Matt Kindt, Robert Venditti, Joshua Dysart and David Dastmalchian are the first writers announced for new stories written to be drawn by David Lapham for the new digital comic book from Bad Idea Comics, and[...]
The official announcement with all the details will follow in the coming weeks — thanks so much again! Arc 2 is going to be fun… — Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835) September 1, 2021 And here's a look at Daniel's tweet seconding Snyder's series adaptation news: #Nocterra is coming to your TV! — Tony S Daniel (@TonyDanielx2) September 1, 2021 Created by[...]
Speculator Corner: Nocterra #1
I hear that there is something in the air regarding Nocterra, the comic book series launched by Scott Snyder and Tony S Daniel Published by Image Comics earlier this year, it came with plenty of comic book variant covers to choose from and help it hit that over 150,000 sales figure And I would advise[...]
Snyder & Daniel's Nocterra & Invincible Toys - Diamond Previews Cover
And the covers feature Scott Snyder and Tony S Daniel's new series Nocterra, as well as Invincible action figures on the back cover. FRONT COVER: Ten years after the world was plunged into eternal darkness, humanity huddles in artificial light against the terrors in the dark in Scott Snyder and Tony S Daniel's Nocterra from Image[...]
Snyder and Daniel Invite Readers To Die Horrific Deaths In Nocterra
Scott Snyder and Tony S Daniel's Kickstarter campaign for the Nocterra Collector's Deluxe Edition is offering a new backer's incentive to be drawn into an issue in the first series arc, with a speaking role and a tragic and horrific on-page death I can recommend the experience myself personally after being through the same thing[...]
Scott Snyder and Tony S Daniel's Nocternal Changes Name to Nocterra
Nocternal, the new comic book by Scott Snyder and Tony S Daniel, launched last week on Kickstarter And has already notched $137,577 pledges against a $40,000 goal But already it is having a namechange. NOCTERNAL will now be known as FOUR JOKERS. — Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835) August 27, 2020 No, Scott, not that one Instead, Nocternal will now[...]
Scott Snyder, Tony S Daniel Kickstarter Launch New Comic 'Nocternal'
The series will be launching later this year, they are crowdfunding for a special Collector's Edition of a new creator-owned comic book series about humanity trying to survive in everlasting darkness Scott Snyder, Tony S Daniel Kickstarter Launch New Comic 'Nocternal' Imagine that tomorrow the sun simply doesn't rise You wait And you wait, but night just continues… You[...]
Tony S Daniel Returns to Image Comics For Something Beginning With E
Longstanding comic book creator Tony S Daniel was the big name and much-rumoured artist returning to Batman who accompanied James Tynion IV when he took over the ongoing series at the end of last year.  He posted on Instagram the following art from Dark Nights: Death Metal – Legends Of The Dark Knights, FOCing from[...]
Their presence has been exorcised from the comic with the coming of James Tynion IV, Tony S Daniel and Danny Miki, to Bob Harras' approval. Oh wait though, there was that one thing… No More Alfred Pennyworth I was rather reminded of this… For similar reasons… Still… there is architecture Lots and lots of architecture… Batman #86 is out today[...]
Joker and Riddler Join the Police Force in Batman #75
But with no official confirmation, consider taking the image with a grain of salt for now… though we won't have long to wait to find out. UPDATE: Actually, that's definitely Daniel's art: I've rarely drawn #Joker not smiling it was hard to do! #Batman #DCComics — Tony S Daniel (@TonyDanielx2) May 24, 2019 And definitely from[...]
Batman #46 cover by Tony S. Daniel, Danny Miki, and Tomeu Morey
Booster Gold returns to the alternate Gotham City with the intent of introducing Catwoman to Bruce Wayne in the hopes of getting the would-be Batman to accept the other timeline. Is it a good read?
Damage #1 cover by Tony S. Daniel, Danny Miki, and Tomeu Morey
In Damage #1, Damage is a super weapon made of soldier Ethan Avery. He was created by the military, and he went off the chain immediately. Now, they want him back. Is it a good read?
damage dc dark matter
Damage, the DC Dark Matter book from Robert Vendetti and Tony S Daniel, won't hit stores until December, but we already know that we'll be getting a replacement artist for the book's second story arc Cary Nord will join the book for that story, though it's not clear yet how many issues that will be,[...]
Your First Look At The New Cassandra Cain
Posted by on Reddit /r/comicbooks by user ME24601 the cover to Batman & Robin Eternal #3 – the first issue of which is out later today… …and the return of Cassandra Cain, drawn here by Tony S Daniel.     Posted by on Reddit /r/comicbooks by user ME24601 the cover to Batman & Robin Eternal #3 – the[...]