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Viz Media Releases September 2021 Manga Titles
Viz Media has released their full list of manga titles coming out in September Once again, it's a full range of Shonen, Shoujo and mature, or Seinan titles, so  there's something for everyone. Shonen Jump Courtesy of Viz Media Mashle: Magic and Muscles, Vol 2 Story and Art By Hajime Komoto       In the midst of a battle with[...]
Dim Mak x Inuyasha: Steve Aoki and Viz Launch Apparel Line
Steve Aoki's fashion brand, Dim Mak Collection, has joined forces with VIZ Media to release the officially licensed "Dim Mak x Inuyasha" collaboration – a collection of anime-inspired apparel celebrating the artistry and epic storytelling of one of Japan's best-known and award-winning manga artists, Rumiko Takahashi. Dim Mak x Inuyasha collection Credit: VIZ Media, Dim Mak Dim Mak x[...]
Anime Expo Lite 2021: Registration Open, Benefits Hate is A Virus
This year's programming will feature streamed content from additional industry partners such as Bushiroad, Bandai Namco Arts, Crunchyroll, Right Stuf Anime, VIZ Media and more soon to be announced! Additional content, programming details and participating brands will be announced in the coming weeks. "2021 is an important year of transition, of possibilities, of community, and of[...]
Viz Media Releases July 2021 Solicitations
Viz Media has released their complete list of titles coming out in July 2021, this time they're including their Blu-Ray and DVD titles. Viz Originals "Devil's Candy" cover, Viz Media Devil's Candy, Vol 1 By REM and Bikkuri At Hemlock Heart Academy, science wiz Kazu Decker shows off his skills by creating a humanoid girl named Pandora[...]
Kirby Manga Mania: Viz Media to Publish First English Edition of Manga
At last, Viz Media will be publishing the English translation of his manga series for the first time with Kirby Manga Mania on June 8th. Credit: Viz Media Today Kirby is one of the most iconic and recognized videogame characters ever made With a legacy spanning three decades, the video game franchise has sold tens of millions[...]
Demon Slayer Vol. 1 Digital Manga is Free to Celebrate Movie Release
To celebrate the success of the movie, Viz Media is offering the digital edition of Demon Slayer Vol 1 for free to everyone until May 23rd. KIMETSU NO YAIBA © 2016 by Koyoharu Gotouge/SHUEISHA Inc. That's right! An entire tankubon collection of a manga – all 180 pages of it – is free for download with no[...]
Lovesickness: Is Junji Ito’s Classic Horror Manga Really a Comedy?
This is one of the series that Ito is remembered for, but on a certain level, could it really be a comedy? "Lovesickness" cover art, Viz Media This series of stories is about an urban legend that high school girls and some adults believe in slavishly If they seek a ghostly handsome man in the fog, he[...]
Yakuza Lover: Viz Previews Steamy Shoujo Beat Romance Manga
Viz Media has released a preview of the steamy Shoujo Beat romance manga Yakuza Lover by Nozomi Mino "Shojo" means "young girls" in Japanese, and Shojo Beat is the premier Japanese manga anthology for young female readers The creators and artists are female, creating manga for a female audience. "Yakuza Lover" KOI TO DANGAN © 2019[...]
Marvel Meow: Marvel and Viz Media Begin Official Manga Collaboration
Marvel Comics and VIZ Media will collaborate for the first time to bring the wildly popular characters from the world of Marvel to manga! This collaboration includes a new range of manga and books launching in Fall 2021, starting with Marvel Meow! Of course, the first title would be a cat manga! Everyone loves cats! "Marvel[...]
Four New Viz Manga Releases Boost Adult Fiction Numbers By 55%
"The reason for the discrepancy was twofold: Easter week sales boosted sales of children's books at this time last year, while adult sales comparisons in 2021 benefitted from the decline in sales during the same period in 2020 because of the pandemic." But the increase in the adult fiction category, a massive 55.3% increase was credited[...]
Fist of the North Star: Viz Media to Release Ultimate Edition Manga
Fist of the North Star, the classic 1980s ultraviolent post-apocalyptic manga series, is finally being published in a complete Ultimate Edition in English by Viz Media. "Fist of the North Star" HOKUTO NO KEN Ultimate EditionⒸ1983 by BURONSON AND TETSUO HARA/COAMIX Fist of the North Star is a post-apocalyptic kung-fu Western, influenced by Spaghetti Westerns, Mad Max,[...]
Asadora! Vol. 1: Naoki Urusawa’s Heroine in the Age of Kaiju
1 cover art, Viz Media The first volume takes place in the Nagoya ports in 1959 10-year-old Asa is the middle child in a large poor family, often neglected and forgotten by her parents in the wake of her numerous older siblings Her life teeters between farce and tragedy when she's kidnapped by a man who[...]
Naruto Shippuden: Steve Aoki and Viz Launch 2nd Apparel Line
Musician Steve Aoki's Dim Mak Collection and VIZ Media have teamed up again to release a second apparel line featuring the iconic Naruto Shippuden anime Following the lauded first Dim Mak x Naruto collaboration, which was released in September, the second drop takes a deeper dive into Masashi Kishimoto's epic tale of the Five Great[...]
Viz Media Releases Advance List of June 2021 Titles
Viz Media has released its massive list of June 2021 manga titles and books Once again, there are the biggest manga titles out there and something for everyone. Shonen Jump Cover courtesy of Viz Media Seraph of the End, Vol 21 Story by Takaya Kagami Art by Yamato Yamamoto, Storyboards by Daisuke Furuya Guren catches up to Yuichiro's captors but[...]