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World Of Warships Adds New Lethal Submarines In Latest Update
We got the details along with images and a rundown video for you here as the update is free to pick up today! Credit: Wargaming Submarines Arrive in World Of Warships Ranked Submarines completely changed the face of real-life naval warfare in the 20th century and are now set to do the same in World of Warships[...]
World Of Warships Update 0.10.6
Wargaming has added a new update this week to World Of Warships, as the Dutch now have a line of ships in the game This update is named Update 0.10.6, and the big focus of the addition is that of the Dutch Tier IV-IX cruisers These are mighty ships that are built sturdy and contain[...]
World Of Tanks Receives Massive Artillery Gameplay Update
Wargaming revealed the next update being added to World Of Tanks as players will be seeing a massive artillery gameplay update While it's not the biggest update the game has ever seen, Update 1.13 is essentially a major reworking of core mechanics that will change the way you play Some of those changes will be[...]
More American Ships Make Their Way Into World Of Warships: Legends
Wargaming has released details of a new update coming to World Of Warships: Legends as players will be getting The Liberty Zeitgeist This new campaign edition will add several new American ships to the mix along with a special bureau project Other additions include a whole alternate battleship tech tree branch (in Early Access), three[...]
World Of Warships Announces The Grand Battle With New Update
Wargaming has revealed a brand new World Of Warships update that brings in German Destroyers as well as The Grand Battle The 0.10.5 update has been announced to go live today, which you can read the finer details of the patch notes here The update brings with it new ships, a new massive battle, and[...]
World Of Tanks Blitz Receives A Massive Update To Be More Realistic
Wargaming has just released a brand new update into World Of Tanks Blitz as players will now get a little bit more of a realistic feel The 8.0 update is designed to give the game more life-like visuals and a new line of American heavy tanks As well as launching the game's 7th Anniversary celebrations[...]
Review: Wyrd Miniatures' Circus Entrance Terrain by Plastcraft
Hey there Wyrdos, hobbyists, role-players, and those interested in tabletop wargaming terrain! We recently got ahold of an interesting acquisition – a small boxed set of circus terrain by Wyrd Miniatures and Plastcraft – and here is what we think of it! The front cover of the Circus Entrance boxed set by Wyrd Miniatures and Plastcraft,[...]
More French Ships Come To World Of Warships: Legends
Wargaming's latest update to World Of Warships: Legends will add some new ships to the fray from the French navy The game has received the Godzilla Vs Kong content that's been on the PC version, as well as the French Battleship Champagne, two more legendary ships, and ranked battles have returned with a pair of[...]
World Of Warships Hosts Biggest Naval Museum Online Exhibition
Wargaming has revealed a special event in World Of Warships as they will be holding a massive naval exhibition online Being dubbed The Longest Night of Museums, the event will take place on YouTube and Twitch on May 18th, 2021 The event itself will be a singular 17-hour live showcase of multiple naval museums around[...]
World Of Tanks Announces Modern Armor For Console Editions
Wargaming announced today that the console version of World Of Tanks will be getting a new upgrade with Modern Armor Starting on April 27th, players on both versions of PlayStation and Xbox will be able to play with some of the more modern versions of tanks rather than just diving back into the past You'll[...]
World Of Warships: Legends Finally Adds Aircraft Carriers
Wargaming revealed this morning that they have finally added aircraft carriers to the mix in World Of Warships: Legends Two new aircraft carrier branches join the fleet in the next update along with a new campaign, Arena mode, and second-year activities Previously, aircraft carriers were just a temporary addition for an event, but this time[...]
World Of Tanks Heads To The Stars In Latest Event
Wargaming has revealed their next event coming to World Of Tanks as the game appears to be headed to space If that sounds familiar, it should, since that was the last event to happen in World Of Warships However, this one is a bit different, as it sounds like you'll still be battling on land[...]
Godzilla Vs. Kong Rumbles Into World Of Warships
Wargaming and Toho Co, Ltd have brought both beasts to life in their own special way with two new ships, each with one of the titans standing on the deck Each ship will come with playable commanders, movie-themed camouflages, patches, flags, and more All of which will be available in-game during the promotion, which for[...]
World of Warships: Legends Fires Into Space With April Fool's Event
Wargaming announced a new event happening in World Of Warships: Legends as you'll be commanding your ships… in space! The developers have a new mode called Stellar Clash that launched today, which will take your skills and throw them into space, sort of, as you battle with futuristic designs on a grid floating in space,[...]
More Italian Ships & Sea Monsters Come To World Of Warships
Wargaming has revealed the latest update coming to World Of Warships, which includes more Italian ships as well as… sea monsters? Update 0.10.2 will be giving the game a bit of a visual improvement as a ton of the game's effects have been given a makeover Along with that, more Italian ships have been thrown[...]