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Even if a few scabs need pulling off first. LITG: The ten most-read stories, yesterday LITG: WWE Raw PR WWE Raw: A Single Word Took Liv Morgan vs Becky Lynch Nuclear Doctor Who: BBC Confirming Whittaker/Chibnall Plans Raises Questions It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Gang Drops First 3 Podcast Eps Marvel Spills Identity Of Spider-Man's Queen Goblin On Variant Cover Funko[...]
USA Network Is Reportedly All-In On WWE's Return To Edgier Content
WWF Attitude Era logo courtesy of WWE. According to a report from Fightful Select, the USA Network that is home to both WWE RAW on Monday nights and NXT 2.0 on Tuesday nights is "elated" at the idea of the company returning to a more adult product on their network  They have been fully supportive of WWE's tweaking of[...]
Did Charlotte Flair And Nia Jax Shoot On Each Other Last Night?
So on last night's latest shitty episode of WWE Raw, we were presented with another bad match in the long and storied history of bad matches featuring Raw Women's Champion Charlotte Flair taking on WWE's Bret Hart of bad matches, Nia Jax  And as is par for the course, Jax was sloppy and botches a number of spots,[...]
WWE Raw Has Found Its New Play By Play Man In MMA's Jimmy Smith
This week we learned that Adnan Virk's short and ill-fitting run as WWE Raw's lead play-by-play commentator had come to an end, as the announcer and the company had "mutually agreed to part ways"  The question immediately became "who's next?", as fans pondered who could possibly rise from the shadow of Virk's monumental legacy at[...]
WWE Raw Women's Champion Asuka Could Be Missing Some Time
WWE Raw Women's Champion Asuka hasn't been seen on-air since suffering a legit kick to the face from Shayna Baszler on the February 22 episode  In the accidental shot to the face, Asuka lost some teeth, and it was thought that she would be missing some time due to the required dental surgery to fix the damage[...]
WWE Raw Women's Champion Asuka Could Be Missing Some Time
If you caught WWE Raw last Monday night, then you saw WWE Raw Women's Champion Asuka take a mouthful of a wild kick from Shayna Baszler, breaking or knocking out some of the champ's teeth in the process  It was an ugly (and I'm sure painful) accident that required Asuka to have some immediate emergency dental work[...]
Your Voice Chicago - SNL
Now? Watch for some major appreciation for her acting chops coming over the never few years before awards start flowing in. WWE Raw – R.I.P., Retribution… It Was Fun While It Lasted: So the dude who looks like an extra from a Disney cruise "Pirates of the Caribbean" production was actually the big, bad hacker and[...]