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Rumor Killers, All Out Spoilers, and More Wrestling News and Hot Goss

Is Jim Ross leaving AEW? Will Daniel Bryan debut at All Out? Will the Rock be at WrestleMania 39 or not? And what is the one thing Adam Cole won't do for money? All that and more wrestling news and hot goss will be revealed!

Rumor Killers, All Out Spoilers, and More Wrestling News and Hot Goss
Excalibur, Jim Ross, and Tony Schiavone on commentary for AEW Dynamite.

Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, and for years I spent my time rounding up my political enemies and having them executed, but now instead I round up wrestling rumors from around the web and bring them to you here in The People's Dirt Sheet Rumor Roundup. And my friends, I can honestly say that the latter is more fulfilling… though I do sometimes miss the tortured wails of dissidents emanating from my dungeon.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter came out today, which means that the wrestling blogosphere immediately engaged in its favorite Friday pastime: dissecting the WON into dozens of individual clickbait articles. This differs from the usual weekday routine of dissecting whatever Dave Meltzer says on Wrestling Observer Radio into dozens of clickbait articles.

So what did Meltzer give the aggregators this week? For one thing, Meltzer shot down rumors that Jim Ross will be leaving AEW at the end of the year and related rumors that Ross will move to a different role than full-time commentary. Meltzer asked Tony Khan who categorically denied the rumors, said Ross is welcome to stay in his position indefinitely, and then called Ross to get his thoughts, and said that Ross said he has no plans of leaving either. So I am pretty confident in saying, comrades: Jim Ross to WWE confirmed?!

In other AEW news stolen from the Observer, Meltzer said that AEW may move the Full Gear PPV from November 6th to November 13th in order to avoid competing with a major UFC PPV. However, Meltzer noted this would be hard considering AEW has booked Rampage for the night before the PPV. So basically, AEW either will or will not move the Full Fear PPV. Classic Meltzer, covering all the bases! Haw haw haw haw!

Meltzer also shat on a rumor claiming The Rock is locked in for WrestleMania 2023 in Los Angeles by saying that, while that is the most likely date, Rock is anything but locked in because any appearance for WWE will need to be built around his movie schedule, his plans to reboot the XFL, and the possibility he will run for president. However, Meltzer did say that since Rock is definitely not challenging Roman Reigns in 2022, that Brock Lesnar seems to be the obvious opponent for next year's WrestleMania, which, yes, is technically a "rumor" that anyone who watched Brock Lesnar return at SummerSlam could have thought of, but not everyone is the purveyor of the wrestling business's most well-respected dirt sheet, are they? No, they aren't.

Rumor Killers, All Out Spoilers, and More Wrestling News and Hot Goss
Daniel Bryan is set to make his AEW debut.

But it wasn't all shooting down rumors for Meltzer this week. He did confirm a rumor from that Daniel Bryan will make his AEW debut at All Out this weekend. Bryan was previously rumored to debut at the AEW show at Arthur Ashe stadium, but who knows if the pandemic will get that shut down again, so it's better for AEW to act sooner rather than later. It's the same in wrestling as it is in running a brutal dictatorship. You never know when that next coup attempt is going to happen, so you have to live for the moment, comrades.

In non-Meltzer-originated wrestling news today, Mike Johnson at PWInsider reports that The Miz will join the cast of the next season of Dancing with the Stars. That's reportedly the reason behind Miz's sudden absence from this week's episode of Raw, where John Morrison took his place in a match. Johnson also reports that Corey Graves will replace Pat McAfee on Smackdown commentary tonight, since McAfee has undergone the traditional WWE hazing ritual of catching COVID.

Fightful Select doesn't know yet where Adam Cole will sign (it will be AEW, comrades), but they do know one thing: a major sticking point for the former NXT Champion in his recent fruitless contract negotiations with WWE is that Cole absolutely refused, under any circumstances, to give up his Twitch account. So apparently Cole would have been okay with showing up on Raw only to lose to Lince Dorado and end up relegated to 205 live, and that's the best-case scenario, but you'll have to pry his Twitch from his cold, dead hands! It's a lot like that song by comrade Meatloaf from the 90s says: Adam Cole would do anything for money, but he won't give up his Twitch. No, he won't give up his Twitch. Haw haw haw haw!

And that's all for today, comrades. It should be a big weekend for wrestling with Smackdown and Rampage tonight, followed by All Out on Sunday. Your El Presidente will be back on Monday for another edition of The People's Dirt Sheet Rumor Roundup, bringing you the latest wrestling news and hot goss, so until then, remember: socialism or death!

I'll leave you with this epic troll by Matt Cardona:

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