An American Werewolf In London Nightmare Demon Figure Rules

An American Werewolf in London is one of those iconic horror films that has always desperately needed figures. There has been merch over the years for sure, but not nearly as much as such an iconic and influential film deserves. NECA, being the awesome toy company they are, is fixing this situation. Not only do they have an Ultimate Kessler wolf figure coming, but they also went and put out the Ultimate Nightmare Demon figure, which it turns out is the coolest army builder of the year. Since it was announced, I have been dying to get this one, and NECA sent one over to for us to take a look at. So, let's take a look at some An American Werewolf in London goodness.

An American Werewolf In London Is One Of The Best Army Builders Of The Year

The standard Ultimate packaging is used here by NECA, and they went a step further with a lenticular front. Back features great fig photos, and when you open the flap, I feel like MOC collectors get the short end of the stick. Not because it doesn't look awesome in the package, it does, but you will never see the extra heads on the body. The werewolf head is the best one, and it is not the standard head on the figure in the package. That is lame, but what are you going to do.

Of course, the main selling point here is the multiple heads for the Nightmare Demon, and they crushed all four. The dog head is the main one in the box; the mutant heads are awesome, but that werewolf head, oh my gosh; the bulging red eyes, the detail on the fur, the teeth. As a werewolf fan, this may be my favorite werewolf figure head sculpt of all time. I love how you can mix and match the weapons and accessories with each head, and the soldier body is great. I was afraid that the legs would bow in, as I have had that issue with some NECA figures lately, but not the case here. It really makes me wish they had just done a four figure An American Werewolf in London pack so I can have all four soldiers, but that would have been expensive, and not everyone would buy more than one. This is an incredible all-around figure, though, and I cannot wait to get more to have all four on display.

So, suffice to say, I think you should buy this. I will be getting multiple, and I am sure that this will be in my top 10 figures of the year list next month. This is a fantastic start to their An American Werewolf in London offerings. This is hitting stores now and can be ordered here as well.

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