Funko Announces Marvel Black Light Series Exclusive to Target

Funko has finally announced the upcoming Target exclusive Marvel Black Light Series Pops. These Pops have been rumored for quite some time with the occasion leak here and there. So finally Funko has officially unveiled this new series as well as all of the other goodies coming to that include: shirts, hats, backpacks, and more. All of these figures are stated to release tomorrow June 21, 2020. To start things off we are checking out the Funko clothing items that will be coinciding with the Pops release. There will be two hats, one is a black light Iron Man and the other is a black light coloring of the Amazing Spider-Man logo. There are also socks coming out that feature Marvel heroes Thor, Spidey, and Iron Man all in colorful designs. There will also be four special Black Light Series cups featuring these characters as well as black light Captain America. Something new that will also be dropping in this Funko Marvel Black Light Series is three backpacks. Each one features a special black light design and they are an upside-down Spider-Man, Cosmic Iron Man, and another featuring four characters in comic panel themed designs. The montage comic book backpack design is also the same the one of the upcoming Pop Tees. We will also be seeing a Pop and Tee bundle featuring your favorite web-slinging hero. This will be the only way to get the Funko Marvel Black Light Amazing Spider-Man Pop as he is not getting a solo release. The other four Marvel characters that are getting released are Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Doctor Strange. Each one is brightly colored and features a new black Funko Pop box design.

This is a very interesting wave of Marvel Funko Pops. Their groovy look will pull in plenty of collectors in to have them fill out their collections. I wonder if this will be a one hit wonders or if we will we continue to see more Marvel heroes get the Funko Black Light series treatment. I like how it's more than just Funko Pops as there are posters, backpacks, hats, and shirts releasing side by side with these Pops. All of these Funko Marvel Black Light Series Pops is set to hit Target stores tomorrow June 20, 2020. If they are not arriving expect a drop this week at your local Target stores. There will most likely be an online release too which will be located here and they will probably drop random tomorrow or it'll be around 9 am EST. What Marvel characters deserve the black light treatment next?

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