Ghostbusters & Reebok Team-Up For Coolest Shoes Of The Year

Ghostbusters fans can now wear their love for the franchise on their feet. Announced this week, Reebok is dropping two new shoes paying tribute to the iconic franchise. Available to purchase on Halloween, the first is called the Ghostsmasher, paying tribute to the original title of the film before being changed to the title we all know and love. It has an Ecto-1 vibe to it, features a hand-drawn Ghost symbol on the tongue, and even features a Proton Pack pump. The other is a classic leather Reebok shoe, made to look like the jumpsuits worn in the films. Instead of a Busters name on the tag, it says Reebok. Check them out below.

These Ghostbusters Shoes Are Easily The Coolest Of The Year

Reebok "Ghostsmasher"

"($150, FY2106)

·       Constructed specifically for the collaboration, nods "Ghostsmasher" – the original film's title before it was officially released as "Ghostbusters."

·       Designed with a worn aesthetic as if the shoe – uncovered today – was created for the original '80s film.

·       Removable faux OG Pump proton pack at the heel.

·       Hand-drawn "No-Ghost" logo on the tongue

·       Protective mid-top design and ankle strap secures foot beneath soft lux leather upper.

Reebok Classic Leather

Reebok Classic Leather

(Adult: $100/H68136, GS: $70/​H68139​, PS: $65/H68137​, Toddler: $50/H68138​)

·       Inspired by the Busters jumper with a textile upper similar to that of the film's historic jumpsuit.

·       Embroidered quarter window box logo matches jumpsuit details.

·       Iconic caution stripes on the heel with a graphic reading "Ready to Believe You."

·       Lace aglet reads phone number to call if you've captured a ghost.

·       Proton blaster sockliner graphic enhances ghost-catching experience.

·       Welded logo at tongue.

·       Quilted collar material matches ghost-busting jumpsuits.

Ghostbusters & Reebok Team-Up For Coolest Shoes Of The Year
Who You Gonna Call?

You can click here for more info, and on Halloween, try your luck getting a pair.

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