Marvel Legends Reveals: Shang-Chi, Disney+ Shows, & Comic Figures

The Hasbro Marvel team held a new Fan First Monday for all of us Marvel Legends collectors just now, and the team is finally able to show off new figures and talk about the Disney+ series figures, and the Shang-Chi wave that is now hitting stores. That of course features a Mr. Hyde BAF that has been a huge hit with collectors from the moment they showed it off. Disney+ figures have been revealed as the shows aired, and actually went up for preorder last night on Amazon. They also teased and showed a few new comic based figures as well, so let's take a look at everything Marvel Legends we can expect in the next few months.

Marvel Legends Fan First Monday Reveals

All of the Shang-Chi figures look awesome, the costumes are very nice and lend themselves to figure form for sure. Lots of textures and detail on each figure. A lot of people think this Marvel Legends wave might be a slow seller, but the awesome looking sculpts and Mr. Hyde figure are going to sell it for sure. Don't sleep on this wave everyone. You can find it in stores already.

The Disney+ shows were up next, and we finally have seen the entire wave, and it will contain Wanda from the end of the show, White Vision, Bucky, Baron Zemo, USAgent, and Sam in his final Captain America suit. The BAF will be the wings for the back of his suit, and it is impressive. The Loki features a new Hiddleston head sculpt. All of these figures look incredible for us Marvel Legends MCU collectors. Love how articulated Sam's wings are.

Comic teases included a new classic Hercules, a sick looking depowered Johnny Storm in the blue and white uniform, and they teased the rest of the team also coming, a SHIELD army builder coming soon, and a tease of a ray gun…or a hairdryer. You tell us what you think its for.

Preorders go up besides Amazon at 1 PM EST for the Disney+ wave everywhere, including Hasbro Pulse.

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