New Mondo Tiki Mugs Include The Lion King, Rocketeer, NBX

Mondo has a new wave of Disney Tiki mugs available to order today. Collectors can add three different versions of Lion King's baddie Scar and hero Simba to their collections, as well as two different Nightmare Before Christmas Lock, Shock, and Barrel mugs. The main event in my eyes, though, is the three different Rocketeer mugs that they made available. That is one of my personal all-time favorite films, so it will be tough to choose just one to grab. Mondo continues to absolutely crush the tiki game, which you can see below.

Mondo Knocks Their Disney Tiki Mugs Out Of The Park

"Our monumental tiki collection has featured countless monsters, mutants, and marvels. But we're ultra-excited that we've allied with Disney to bring you THE ROCKETEER (in a trio of glazeways), both Simba and Scar from THE LION KING (also in three glazeways), and a towering totem of Lock, Shock, and Barrel from THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (in two new glazeways). From the skies of golden age Hollywood to the African plain to Halloween Town, we're exceedingly pleased to give Disney the supreme tiki treatment. These tikis are on sale now in our Disney Collection."

Every time I think Mondo could not get any better with their Disney collaboration, they prove me wrong. They keep making things I didn't know I wanted, especially in the tiki line. There are so many lay-ups they could do, and they choose to ignore that and stick to making things they want to see. It really is awesome. Again, all of these are up for order as of right now by clicking here. The Mondo tiki stuff goes fast sometimes, so do not hesitate if interested in any of them.

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