Transformers G1 Astrotrain Reissue Hitting Walmarts Now

Transformers collectors for the past year can be forgiven for thinking it was the late 80's all over again when walking into the figure aisle at Walmart. Hasbro has been reissuing G1 robots for the last year, right down to the box art. The appeal for these is of course nostalgia, I was born in 1984, so walking into a toy store and buying a G1 Optimus Prime wasn't likely. Last year though, I was able to do just that (minus the trailer though). Hitting Walmarts now is a Transformers figure I never got, even when I got older throughout the years. Astrotrain was always one of those Decepticons that I would forget about, and now that I picked up the reissue. Let's take a look at it shall we?

As you can see, and if you have seen any of these Transformers reissues you already know, these are built to look like they did back in the day. Awesome feeling walking into the store and seeing these on the shelf. Tugs on the heart strings. Window box front to show off the robot in vehicle mode, quick change instructions on the top flat. Back features awesome ket art every fn should recognize, along with character card and stats. MOC collectors: you can stop there.

Once open, the figure is a little rough to remove from the blister inside, and comes with stickers and instructions.

Astrotrain is of course a triple changer. He has two vehicle modes: a shuttle and train. Both are super easy to get him in and out of, and boy after dealing with some modern Transformers it is super nice to transform a G1 figure. Once again, as I have said before, I hate these stickers. Just put them on before I get it in my hands. While these are not as tiny as some of the other reissues have been, they are still a pain to get on in some spots. Also, the purples on this reissue are darker than the original G1 release, so I guess that makes this an imperfect match and not a straight reissue. That is a little bit of a bummer.

I keep all my bots in robot mode however, and in robot mode he is awesome. Astrotrain stands really well, and poses very menacingly. My only complaint is that he doesn't feature any bend in the elbows, so you for sure can;t get him anywhere near the pose on the front of the box. Still, there is just something charming about a G1 Transformers figure that just makes one smile. His little robot head, his giant gun. Just awesome.

Astrotrain isn;t a figure I would normally buy, but to place one in my collection on my G1 shelf for way less than an original costs was too good an opportunity to pass up. At $49.99, he is still expensive, but if you play the waiting game, all of these Transformers reissues have been found at lower prices later.

He is hitting Walmarts now.

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