DCeased Unkillables #3 Review: Bloody, Messy Stuff But In A Good Way

A truly motley assemblage of maniacs and survivors are watching their lines be breached as they try to protect an orphanage full of children from an endless deluge of undead zombies created by Darkseid's Anti-Life Equation. When the building becomes impossible to hold, there's one last-ditch road trip on the table, looking for the last possible sanctuary against the end of the world.

The cover of DCeased: Unkillables #3 published by DC Comics with the creative team of Tom Taylor, Karl Mostert, Trevor Scott, Neil Edwards, and Rex Lokus.
The cover of DCeased: Unkillables #3 published by DC Comics with the creative team of Tom Taylor, Karl Mostert, Trevor Scott, Neil Edwards, and Rex Lokus.


Sounds thrilling than a mofo, huh? Well, the skilled script of Tom Taylor does not disappoint in terms of characterization. When people die here — and rest assured, people do, in fact, die (for as real as things can be in an alternate reality tale) — there are real pangs of loss as they fall, unable to be properly interred or have their remains honored.

This is bloody, messy stuff (in a good way), relentless in its way and unflinching. Somehow, underneath all the gore and the murder (itself not presented in a new fashion after Marvel Zombies mined the same sales rich ground), Taylor's script imbues this with legitimate emotional resonance, which is a tough trick to pull off.

The visual storytelling from Karl Mostert, Trevor Scott, Neil Edwards, and Rex Lokus deliver every stab, every punch, every horror with great clarity. There's a moment for the villainess Cheetah, a moment of very few words that's literally what she's made for, and it is given such weight and such flawless intensity that it's well worth seeing.

Likewise, there's a big surprise near the end of this, an almost literal Hail Mary play that actually makes rereading a treat to see the clues of it sprinkled in panels before you get there. The artwork really makes that surprise pop.

Again, if you can get past the somewhat retrograde concept at the core, there's a decent share of entertainment here. RATING: HONORABLE MENTION.

DCeased: Unkillables #3
It's the epic finale of the next chapter in the DCeased saga as heroes and villains collide with one epic purpose: to escape the coming of the infected population of Gotham City and a monstrous Wonder Woman! It's time to ride the fury road one final time … to survival!

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