Pokémon, American Horror Stories The Daily LITG, 21st September 2020

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Pokemon, American Horror Stories The Daily LITG, 21st September 2020
A teaser for American Horror Stories (Image: FX Networks)

Pokemon and American Horror Stories – the ten most-read stories yesterday…

What you were reading yesterday, the numbers don't lie.

  1. Is The Decoding Porygon Ticket Worth It In Pokémon GO?
  2. American Horror Stories Teaser Fuels Our Dumpster Fire of Speculation
  3. Full Decoding Porygon Research Tasks For Pokémon GO Community Day
  4. Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Preview: Morgan's Right Here, Virginia
  5. Brian Michael Bendis Comments On Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  6. Porygon Community Day Guide For Pokémon GO Trainers
  7. Funko New York Comic Con 2020 Shared Retailer Exclusive List
  8. Transformers Get Poppin' as Funko Announces New Wave of Retro Pops
  9. Are Abilities, Natures, & New Characters Coming To Pokémon GO?
  10. McFarlane Toys Announces Batman: Last Knight on Earth Figure Set

ICYMI: five more you may prefer from yesterday

In case you actually wanted to read about comic books. I know, mad, right?

  1. Marvel Runs "Rest In Power" Chadwick Boseman Tributes On Comic Covers
  2. 25 Hot Comics in September For a Comic Store In Your Future
  3. Batman Tops Bleeding Cool Bestseller List 20th September 2020 – Twice
  4. IDW Publish Spider-Man and Thanos Origins in December 2020 Solicits
  5. Maiden, Taarna, Black Beacon, Rise, Heavy Metal December 2020 Solicits

One year ago in LITG, we were right about James Tynion IV

And didn't that work out well?

  1. James Tynion IV is DC Comics' New Batman Writer in 2020 – Is Something Killing The Robins?
  2. DC Comics to Announces New Batman Writer Tomorrow on Batman Day
  3. When Storm Welcomed Back Jean Grey in House Of X #5 – and in Uncanny X-Men #242
  4. Marvel Promises a Very Different Marvel Universe in 2020, With Iron Man and Incoming
  5. MMPRxTMNT – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – New Comics Crossover For December
  6. COSPLAY 9-1-1: 5 Things This Cosplayer Needs You to Know [OPINION]
  7. Another Deep-Dive Reference into Grant Morrison's New X-Men in House Of X #2
  8. Review: "Dungeons & Dragons" Descent Into Avernus Dice
  9. Has DC Comics Just Created Its Very Own Rick And Morty?
  10. Dan Didio Finally Gives DC Fans the Crossover They Deserve
  11. House Of X/Powers Of X Hardcover Jumps a Hundred Pages and Another Ten Bucks
  12. When a Pregnant Superhero Has to Fight the Baby's Father… "Supermom Expecting Trouble" Launches in Action Lab December 2019 Solicitations
  13. James Tynion IV – Confirming Nothing About Batman, But Taking The Congratulations
  14. The Cancellation of Marilyn Manor – and the End Of Black Crown at IDW (UPDATE)

Two years ago in LITG, there was only one thing on our mind

How many articles could we get out of this one?

  1. Bleeding Cool Brings You Batman's Penis In All Its Batglory From Batman: Damned #1
  2. Nightwing May Be Losing His Dick But Batman Is Getting One 
  3. Batpenis No More? Future Printings of Batman Damned Will Be Censored
  4. Robert Kirkman Orders All Copies of Next Week's Die!Die!Die! #3 Destroyed 
  5. Comic Retailer Writes to Dan DiDio About Batman Damned Content 

What's happening today

Plenty of comic book events happening online as a handful return to going offline.

Comic book industry birthdays

There may not be much of a party atmosphere right now. All depends on which state you are living in. But comics folk are still getting older and still celebrating that special date.

  • Matthew Summo, Former Writer/Editor at Anarkist Productions
  • Kurt KC Christenson, Comic Book Creative Consultant
  • Wayne Winsett, Owner/ President at Time Warp Comics

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