Fantastic Four Marvel Legends Continue With Johnny Storm!

Fantastic Four figures have needed updates for years now. For reasons outside Hasbro's control, for a long time they were not able to give us what we all wanted. Then out of nowhere two summers ago, the unthinkable happened. They showed off a Sue Storm figure. And not only that, she came with H.E.R.B.I.E. Hope sprang eternal that she would not be a one-off. That hope was strengthened when she was announced as a Walgreens exclusive. Then, finally, a second figure was shown. Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. Also to be a Walgreens exclusive.

We now know that all four will be coming. All of them will be at Walgreens. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Torch figure tonight, so let us take a look at the second member of Marvel's First Family to be released.

Fantastic Four Human Torch Packaging

Just like all the other Hasbro Legends the last few years, the packaging remains the same. Big window box to show off the figure. Character art on the sides of the box. Giant pic of the figure on the back, with a description. Inside, the background is the famous 4 symbol. While the same, it is cool packaging. It may be time to switch it up just a little.

Fantastic Four Human Torch Figure

Right off the bat: this is a way better translucent plastic than the abomination that was the Iceman figure a little while ago. No flimsiness involved here. The joints on mine are tight and make Johnny easy to pose. He comes with two extra hand and three fire pieces. The fireball pieces for his hands are a repack from last years Sunfire figure. They do not stay on his hands all that well. Especially the right one. The fire piece on his back is also removable if you are so inclined. No real paint problems here, most importantly is that the 4 on his chest looks good. That was an issue with Sue. I saw two examples on the shelf for Johnny and both looked fine.

I love the look of the plastic when it is in the light. You almost wish that to have a light you can keep behind him on my display. He actually looks pretty sinister in that pic up there! But it is posing him near Sue that got me. The Fantastic Four is near and dear to my heart. Getting new, updated figures for them has been a top priority for awhile. While not as great as the Sue figure, Johnny is a good figure. I wish he had two open palm hands instead of one. And I wish that his flame pieces on his hands stayed on a little better. But these are nitpicks. You need this one.

We are halfway through now. The other two are coming, it has been confirmed by Hasbro. They will also be Walgreens exclusives. We have seen Mr. Fantastic, but not Thing yet. Hopefully soon. If you want a Human Torch of your own, he is hitting stores now, or you can order one online directly from them here.

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