Gentle Giant Makes The Best Skottie Young Statue Ever: Groot And Rocket

Gentle Giant Marvel Animated Statues

Just about everyone loves the Skottie Young Marvel Young variants. Just about every character from the Marvel Universe at this point has appeared on one of them, and merchandise from posters to t-shirts to pin sets have been created from the artwork. I bought some of the pins at the last two SDCC's, but they were stolen off my bag (a con right of passage). By far though, the coolest and most jaw-dropping representation of Young's work are the Marvel Animated Statues from Gentle Giant. And their newest one is the best yet.

Groot with Rocket Raccoon Marvel Animated Statue is amazing. From a sculpting standpoint, this thing is impressive. From the jagged edges of Groot's wood, to the expressions on their faces, the statue is beautiful to look at from any angle. Gotta love the opposite expressions of Groot and Rocket as well, with Groot being his happy excited self, and Rocket looking as grumpy as ever. Plus, at $64.99, it is a amazing price and kind of like getting two statues for the price of one. It also pairs perfectly with their Star Lord statue!

Marvel Animated Groot and Rocket With Star Lord

The Marvel Animated Groot and Rocket statue is up for preorder now and should be shipping some time this summer.

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