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Star Wars Winning Bust Chosen by Gentle Giant Fans Revealed

New Star Wars Bust Picked by Gentle Giant Fans Revealed

The voting is over and a winner has been elected for the Gentle Giant Premier Guild 2020 There were 4 Star Wars characters to choose from with one from A New Hope and three from Return of the Jedi First up is the man who has the death sentence on twelve systems, Dr Evanzan Then[...]

Marvel Zombies Deadpool SDCC 2020 Exclusives Statue

Marvel Zombies Deadpool and Venom Get SDCC 2020 Exclusives

First up is the Marvel Comics Marvel Zombies Deadpool but from Gentle Giant Ltd This statue is highly limited with being limited only 1,000 pieces The 1/6th scale bust shows off a decaying Deadpool with two (sort of) thumbs-ups The bust is beautifully detailed from the costume to the exposed flesh underneath Any Marvel Zombies[...]

Star Wars The Clone Wars Gets New Statues from Gentle Giant

Star Wars The Clone Wars Gets New Statues from Diamond Select

This time Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant has two new limited edition statues features two of your favorite heroes from the show First up is the highly popular Ahsoka Tano as she is wearing her new blue styled outfit and greeting her friend Morai The statue is 1/7th and pulls more from a realistic[...]

Solo: A Star Wars Story Darth Maul Holographic Mini Bust

Darth Maul Returns with New Star Wars 500LE Gentle Giant Bust

Gentle Giant has announced today, on May the 4th, that Darth Maul will be getting a very special statue The statue will feature Maul in a beautiful blue mold as if it were him in a hologram The Solo: A Star Wars Story Darth Maul Holographic Mini Bust is very limited with only 500 units[...]

Star Wars 322nd Battalion Ahsoka Tano Clone Trooper Bust Statue, photo courtesy of Gentle Giant Ltd.

Star Wars Ahsoka 332nd Clone Trooper Bust Statue from Gentle Giant

New seasons mean new collectibles and Gentle Giant has announced a new statue from the most recent season They have announced a 322nd Clone Trooper Bust that features Ex-Padawan Ahsoka Tano We have yet to see these troopers on the in full episodes just yet but we have seen them in the trailers These are[...]


New Star Wars Statues Includes a $600 Darth Vader Piece

More statues continue to be announced by Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant Ltd and time we are looking at a galaxy far, far away with new Star Wars collectibles Only two statues have been announced in their wave man and man they are something else The first Star Wars statue is from The Mandalorian as our[...]

Rey Warms Our Hearts in New Exclusive Star Wars Gentle Giant Statue 

Rey Warms Our Hearts in New Exclusive "Star Wars" Gentle Giant Statue 

Star Wars is filled with space and wonder and that is just what Gentle Giant Ltd has captured in their newest statue Rey is immortalized here from one of the beautiful scenes in the Force Awakens with her looking off into the night sky The statue will come with 2 versions of Rey First, we[...]

Diamond Select is Bringing a TON of Exclusives to SDCC This Year

Diamond Select is Bringing a TON of Exclusives to SDCC This Year

Ghostbusters figures, Marvel Gallery statues and busts, a Harley Quinn statue, Vinimates galore, Pacific Rim and Muppets figures, Star Trek ships, Star Wars Gentle Giant busts, and so much more This may be the most exclusives DST has ever brought Check it all out below!Real Ghostbusters Action Figures Spectral GB Box Set The classic tan costumes[...]

Diamond Select Toys Will Sell Star Wars Product Under the Gentle Giant Banner

Diamond Select Toys will be selling Star Wars toys, statues, and more under the Gentle Giant banner DST bought Gentle Giant a couple months ago, and will solicit all future products in the Star Wars through the Previews Catalog All in-progress pieces will also see the market, and the Premier Guild will also continue Check[...]

Star Wars Celebration Exclusives Coming From LEGO, Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant and LEGO will be at Star Wars Celebration next month, bringing exclusives that will be hard to get and much desired LEGO will have their first LEGO bust, while Gentle Giant will have two amazing looking busts available of a Star Wars Rebels general and a stunning version of a fan-favorite villain Check[...]

Diamond Select Toys June Solicitations: Gentle Giant, NBX, Marvel, DC, and More!

Two new Gentle Giant Star Wars statues, Sonic the Hedgehog items, and so much more Check it all out below!STAR WARS MILESTONES THE FORCE AWAKENS REY 1/6 SCALE STATUE Rey has crisscrossed the galaxy in search of her destiny, and now she’s arrived in the Milestones collection! Based on her appearance in Star Wars: The Force[...]

Star Wars Ahsoka Bust Collage

Ahsoka Tano Gets a Star Wars Gentle Giant Bust

Ahsoka Tano, one of the most popular Star Wars characters there is, is the latest to get a bust from Gentle Giant The bust will stand is in the 1/6th scale, and features a breathtaking sculpt based on her appearance in Star Wars Rebels She has both of her lightsabers drawn, and ready to strike[...]

BC Figure History Thursday: Spider-Gwen!

Everyone from Sideshow Collectibles to Gentle Giant have had multiples statues release or upcoming The Mark Brooks statue from Sideshow is particularly awesome I also enjoy the Gentle Giant Animated statues based on Scottie Young art Kotobukiya has done two statues, and even Diamond Select Toys has done a Gallery statue, and have a head[...]

Gentle Giant Darth Vader ESB Cave Statue

New Darth Vader Empire Strikes Back Statue Up For Order From Gentle Giant

Darth Vader has a new statue coming out from Gentle Giant in 2019 This one will be based on his appearance on Dagobah in the cave Yoda has Luke Skywalker enter to face his fears from the Empire Strikes Back The statue is in the 1:8 scale and features great sculpting work and detail, and[...]

Gentle Giant Marvel Carnage Bust 1

Gentle Giant Has an Awesome Carnage Bust Up For Order

Gentle Giant has a pretty awesome Carnage bust available for preorder now The 1/6 scale bust is limited to only 450 pieces and costs $120 The red symbiote serial killer has a detailed and textured body posed on a stone base with tendrils crawling down it This is one of the better busts of Cletus[...]

Gentle Giant Jumbo Kenner Bespin Leia 6

Bespin Leia Jumbo Kenner Figure Up For Order Now From Gentle Giant

Star Wars collectors love the Kenner Jumbo Figure line from Gentle Giant, and the latest figure is now up for preorder Leia in her Bespin Gown is the spitting image of her 3 3/4 inch self, standing at 12 inches tall, the figure comes with her faithfully recreated gown and blaster The clamshell case is[...]

Gentle Giant Cable Bust 2

Cable Gets a New, Classic Bust From Gentle Giant

Cable is getting a new, classic look bust from Gentle Giant Complete with an absurdly large gun, combat knife on his back, and bared teeth face sculpt, this one should satisfy everyone who need to get their 90's mutant groove on He is made of polystone, and we run collectors $129.99 when he ships in[...]

Gentle Giant Marvel Animated Storm Statue 2

Storm is the Latest Marvel Animated Statue From Gentle Giant

Storm is coming to Gentle Giant's Marvel Animated statue line She will become the 2oth release, which is crazy These statues are based on the artwork of Skottie Young, and have been insanely popular with collectors Storm will retail for $64.99 and can be preordered right now here She will be released in spring of[...]

Cyclops Marvel Animated Statue 6

Cyclops Becomes the 19th Marvel Animated Statue From Gentle Giant

Cyclops will be the next Marvel Animated statue from Gentle Giant This is the 19th statue based on the art of Skottie Young, and for my money one of the cutest look at his little round belly! Like all of the others, this one stands at about under 4 inches and features a detailed sculpt[...]