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Star Wars  Dark Side Rey Comes To Life New With Gentle Giant Statue
Gentle Giant Ltd is starting early with their New York Comic Con 2021 reveals with a brand new statue Coming to us Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Dark Side Rey is back as her dark vision comes to life with a glorious 1/6th scale bust Standing 6" tall, Rey is featured with her intense[...]
Doctor Doom Hungers Brains Not Power With New Gentle Giant Statue
Gentle Giant Ltd is diving into the darker Marvel Comics multiverse as they reveal their newest collectible bust Coming in at 7" tall, we return to Earth-2149, where Marvel Zombies reign supreme with their newest limited statue featuring Doctor Doom Doctor Doom is craving some brains with this design from his eerie and terrifying decomposing[...]
The Mandalorian Receives New Jumbo Kenner Gentle Giant Figure
Gentle Giant Ltd Is back with another one of their Jumbo Star Wars action figures based on the Kenner design However, this time we are getting a first as Din Djarin is back from The Mandalorian with a brand new figure release Coming in at 12" tall, The Mandalorian is back and in his Beskar[...]
The Mandalorian Gets Exclusive Jumbo Kenner Figure from Gentle Giant
Gentle Giant Ltd is continuing its line of 12" Jumbo Star Wars figures based on the popular Kenner figure designs We have seen quite a few of these recently that headed exclusively to Gentle Giant Store with Concept designs of Boba Fett and Darth Vader Recently, Hasbro has released a special wave of Retro Collection[...]
Gentle Giant Debuts New Star Wars Statues with Dooku, Luke, and More
Three new statues are heading our way from a galaxy far, far away with remarkable sculpts done by Gentle Giant Ltd Starting us off first is from the prequel series as Darth Tyranus, aka Count Dooku, is back to teach the Jedi a new lesson Standing 7" tall, this mini-bust shows off Count Dooku with[...]
Star Wars The Bad Batch Wrecker Gets Two Gentle Giant Mini-Busts
Gentle Giant Ltd is quite excited as well as they reveal not one but two new 1/7 scale mini busts Clone Force 99 member Wrecker is ready for his close-up with this new statue that captures his animated design quite nicely The first statue features an unmasked Wrecker that is limited to only 3,000 pieces[...]
New Gentle Giant Star Wars Reveals -Jumbo Kenner Vader and Biggs
Gentle Giant was also getting in on the Star Wars celebration as they unveiled two new collectibles Up first is a new Jumbo Kenner figure with the retro styled Darth Vader, who also recently received a Jumbo Kenner Concept design figure This will be a perfect companion piece to show off that unique Ralph McQuarrie[...]
New Star Wars Gentle Giant Statues Coming with Boba, Obi-Wan, and More
New Star Wars statues have been revealed by Gentle Giant, each with remarkable detail and limited edition size Kicking things off first is Boba Fett with w brand new Star Wars Legends in 3D Bust coming in at 10" tall The iconic bounty hunter is shown in his appearance in The Empire Strikes Back with[...]
Darth Vader Gets Jumbo Kenner Concept Figure From Gentle Giant
Gentle Giant Ltd is back as they announce a brand new Jumbo Kenner Star Wars figure for their collection This is not the first time we have seen Jumbo Kenner figures, but this is the first time we are receiving retro concept art, Darth Vader That is right, the legacy of the Ralph McQuarrie designs[...]
Star Wars Death Watch Is Here to Help With New Gentle Giant Statue
Gentle Giant has announced that the deadly group Death Watch is getting their own 7 inch bust, perfect for any fan's collection Death Watch made their biggest debut in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, sparking the feud for rightful control on Mandalore the ground made their return into the Star Wars story in The Mandalorian[...]
Bo-Katan Wants to Restore Mandalore With New Gentle Giant Statue
Gentle Giant Ltd is here to help fans bring this iconic Mandalorian home with a brand new limited edition The Clone Wars statue The 11" statue shows off Bo-Katan in a dynamic pose as she flies off with her jetpack and even will have some customizable options Star Wars fans will be able to swap[...]
New Star Wars Clone Wars and Rebels Statues Arrive From Gentle Giant
Gentle Giant Ltd sees that fans are still obsessed with these animated series as they announce two new limited edition Star Wars busts Both are coming out of Star Wars: Rebels as Captain Rex and Grand Admiral Thrawn are back and better than ever Captain Rex is 1/6 scale and will have interchangeable heads allowing[...]
Star Wars Princess Leia Gets New A New Hope Gentle Giant Statue
Gentle Giant Ltd is taking us back to Star Wars: A New Hope with their newest Milestones statue Princess Leia returns to her prison cell in this glorious collectible that showcases her in her classic white gown The Star Wars statue stands roughly 10 inches tall and will be extremely limited, with only 1000 being made[...]
The Child with Pram Gets New 3,000 Limited Edition Gentle Giant Statue
Gentle Giant has announced a new statue is coming from the hit Disney+ live-action Star Wars television show, The Mandalorian This time all eyes are set on The Child as he is getting a new 3,000 limited edition statue featuring him in his pram This highly detailed statue will stand roughly 5.5 inches tall and[...]
The Mandalorian Blasts off With New Gentle Giant Star Wars Statue
Gentle Giant has put up pre-orders for a new statue from the hit Disney+ television series, The Mandalorian This new live-action Star Wars series has taken fans by storm, and the collectibles game for it has been very strong This time we are getting a new 16 inch that features The Mandalorian and The Child[...]