Rick and Morty Season 3 Gets a Massive Wave of Funko Products

Rick and Morty Season 3 was an emotional affair. Now that it is over, Funko is giving us a plethora of new products based on mostly the Mad Max-style episode. Along with Pops, we will also be getting new Galactic Plush and Pop Rides!

Let's dig in with the plushies first.

Still reeling for more Rick and Morty after the latest season of Adult Swim's
critically acclaimed animated series?  Lucky for you, new Rick and Morty
Galactic Plushie XL, Pop! Rides and Pop! are coming soon!

One thing is for certain, do not call him snuffles – it's Snowball
because his fur is pretty and white.
You can now have your very own Snowball!
 Snowball is now featured as a Funko Galactic Plushie XL.
Standing 12" tall, squeeze Snowball to hear all he has to say!

Don't forget to look for these exclusive Rick and Morty Galactic Plushies XL!
At FYE you can find 16" versions of some of your
favorite Rick and Morty characters.

At Toys"R"Us you can find 16" Rick and Morty
with different facial expressions!

The giant Snowball is amazing; I need that. And I have seen the Toys 'R' Us Rick and Morty giant plush —  while they are not my thing, I get why people want them.

I am more interested in Pops. Pop Rides have gotten so much better since they were first starting to come out. These two are no different.


Mad Max Rick is now featured as a Pop! ride.
Add Rick to your collection as he outruns the Death-Stalkers
in the wastelands of a post-apocalyptic earth!

Look for Rick's ship only at Hot Topic!

That Mad Max Rick Pop Ride is going to be a hot commodity. That thing looks like one hell of a sculpt. I love how Rick's hair is flowing backwards in the breeze. Just superb. Of course, the ship will be in high demand — I wish it wasn't an exclusive. But Hot Topic ones are usually a bit easier to obtain.

Finally we come to the Pops.

This series of Pop! features new characters and variants from season 3!
Including Prison Break Rick, Sentinent Arm Morty, Warrior Summer, and
leader of the Death-Stalkers, Hemorrhage.

Look for the bloody chase of Sentinent Arm Morty, a rarity of 1-in-6!

Look for Rick (Facehugger) only at GameStop!

Hemmorage looks awesome! I just wish you could lift his helmet. I also love that they made the facehugger Pop from that short that came out over the summer. Alien and Rick and Morty crossovers should be a regular thing. That is a perfect exclusive. All of these are great, although I can live with only getting the regular sentient arm Morty.

All of these products except the giant Snowball will be in stores in February. That will be later in the spring. You can preorder them now.

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