Thanos to Rule Your Kotobukiya Collection in November

Thanos is coming to the Kotobukiya ArtFx+ line of statues. The statue is in the 1:10 scale and will be finely detailed. Just like all of the their statues, it will be of superior quality and a welcome addition to the collection. The MCU version of Thanos is so menacing-looking, and they captured that perfectly here. The Infinity Gauntlet is well sculpted and the base on the ground on Titan.

He will run you $99.99 and is available to preorder right now. He will be shipping in November. They also teased that more statues will be coming from Infinity War. Check out pics and details below!

Thanos to Rule Your Kotobukiya Collection in November

The newest, and arguably most dangerous villain from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, THANOS from AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR joins Kotobukiya's ARTFX+ line!

On a mad crusade to balance the universe by any means possible, he brandishes his fully powered Infinity Gauntlet with grim determination. Thanos's bold and confident pose will be familiar to comic and movie fans alike.

Sculpted in 1:10 scale, The Mad Titan was created from the actual source files from Marvel studios and features all the details found in the cinematic counterpart, down to the distinct styling of his outfit and Infinity Gauntlet. As with all Marvel ARTFX+ releases he will be shelf ready with only taking minutes to assemble out of the packaging.

Thanos is situated on an environmental base evoking an image from the devastated planet of Titan. Expect more Infinity War characters to rally against Thanos and to be offered in the coming months!

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