Thor: Ragnarok Comes To Marvel Collectors Corps Funko Box

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters in two weeks. Man is that crazy, where did this year go? Thor stuff is all over the place in stores right now. Funko has a bunch of different product out for example. Pops, Mystery Minis, all sorts of things. When it was announced that Ragnarok would be the theme for this Collectors Corps box, you figure that we would get some cool different Funko stuff inside. Well, after receiving ours, I can honestly say that everything inside was pretty unexpected.

Marvel Collectors Corps Funko Thor Ragnarok Box

Right off the bat, the box is smaller and more compact than usual. Featuring Hela on the outside, and Thor vs. Hulk artwork on the inside, there is no spot for the usual patch and pin. You come to find out that there is no patch this month, which is disappointing. Instead, we get Pop magnets! I kind of like them! I love the backgrounds and the portraits are great. Still, I would rather have a patch. The Hela pin is nice; I'm glad they kept that.

Then we go off the rails a bit. yes the rumors are true: there is a Pop fidget spinner in here. And a deck of playing cards that have nothing to do with Funko. Look, i get that they are just adding value to the box by including as much stuff as possible. But why not a Galatic Plushie? Or a Mystery Mini? Or even a Funko Pop Pen or keychain? Why two items that they do not produce? It doesn't make a ton of sense. I do like the beanie hat instead of a shirt, though. The hat is nice material and I love the Hulk patch. So, at best, I would say the ancillary items are a mixed bag this box.

The Pops are great, as usual. These are what people buy these boxes for anyway. While Loki and Thor may not be the most exciting choices, both figures are excellent sculpts. Loki does have a issue standing with his horns on his helmet. But Thor is perfect. The helmet looks awesome, his shield has an amazing amount of detail, and his little Thor beard is magnificent. Both Pops are great.

Overall, this box is stuffed with…stuff. More than what it cost you to buy, that's for sure. The Pops are solid, and the hat is cool. No more fidget spinners, please. And also: keep the boxes to Funko only. It feels a tad wrong that those cards were in here.

Thor: Ragnarok Comes To Marvel Collectors Corps Funko Box

I have GIANT hopes for the Hulk box in December. This has the potential to be their best box. Here is hoping it is epic. You can order one for yourself, and past boxes, right here.

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