50 Shots From Hasbro's Marvel Panel, From Jim Lee's Cyclops To Sue Storm

By Jeremy Konrad

Hasbro held their Marvel Legends panel Saturday afternoon, including plenty of reveals for their 3 3/4 and 6 inch scale lines, 12 inch line, and new role play items.

They started by showing their two SDCC Marvel Legends exclusives, the Collector's Vault, which has in scale figure including Howard The Duck and Lockjaw, and The Raft 6 inch figure set, which is a sight to behold. If you were not here, don't worry, there will be a limited number on sale on Hasbro Toy Shop some time after the con, usually a week or ten days after the con closes.

Form there we went into the 12 inch figures, which is a new line. The first three figures will be Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man. These things are massively impressive. They come with an insane amount of accessories and have tons of articulation. Why can't we get Star Wars in this scale and design?!? Later on they revealed a Deadpool that even comes with a chimichanga,

Role play wise, they showed off there plastic and special 75th anniversary Captain America shields. They are full sized, up for preorder now. The metal one has real leather straps with 75th anniversary branded into them. The other thing shown was a wearable Iron Man helmet, which the faceplate comes off of and can attach to the front with magnets. Also has electronics.

There were quite a few 3 3/4 inch figures shown off as well, including new figure for Jessica Jones in her superhero costume, Guardians figures from the comic series, including the biggest Groot they have ever done. Lady Deadpool, Moon Knight, British Spider-Man, All-New All-Different Iron Man, Maestro, and the first Laura All-New All-Different Wolverine.ROunding it out were Hydra Cap, Age of Apocalypse Magneto, Spider-Man (the only one you will ever need they say), and The Shocker.

The main event is the 6 inch Marvel Legends though. They are the most popular figures on the market, hands down. And they showed quite a bit. They started by showing off the wave of figures from the upcoming Doctor Strange film, which will consist of both MCU and comic characters. Future Spider-man waves were shown, including figures for the new Spidey 2099, Green Goblin, The Jackel, and FINALLY a Kamala Kahn Ms. Marvel figure!!! This makes me so , happy, I actually asked them at this panel last year when we might be getting this and they only said it was on their radar. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was next, but they did not show any movie figures. They did how're show Sam Alexander Nova, Angela, Vance Astro, and Darkhawk.

Thankfully, we are also getting a second wave of X-Men legends. The first wave response has been stellar, and this wave should be just as great. Figures were shown of Dazzler, Sunspot, a modern Colussus, and A JIM LEE CYCLOPS.

Also shown after that was a Punisher based on his  appearance from the Netflix Daredevil series, along will a quote from Kristen Ritter about Jessica Jones not having an action figure. Well, they showed one off. The likenesses are stellar. Lastly, they teased a classic version of Mary Jane.

Wait…not lastly. They should a quick animation of H.E.R.B.I.E. On the screen leading to the reveal of a brand new Sue Storm figure! With H.E.R.B.I.E.! Wow, that really came out of left field.

Basically, we are about to be broke.

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