Finn Balor and His Bruised Behind Cause a Tidal Wave of Thirst Across the Web

Hello, friends. Are you possibly reading this at work? You may not want to be, as this contains a thing of great beauty, awe, and bruising — also known as Finn Balor's ass. I'll give you a minute to either exit this tab, grab a glass of water, a fan, an asthma inhaler, or whatever else you may need (we don't judge here).

Get ready.

Here it comes.


The bruising was from Baron Corbin (Constable Corbin) during RAW this week. Obviously it was an accident, but I know how painful that is. We've all fallen on our butts before. I feel for you, Balor. But I'm also here for this sort of gracious shot of your behind. Balor Club symbol bruise and all. Bless you.

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