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PS5 DualSense Controller

Sony Reveals The DualSense Controller For The PS5

Sony decided to drop some news out of the blue on everyone today with the introduction of the new DualSense Controller for the upcoming PS5 console. The company revealed the controller this afternoon on the PlayStation Blog, showing off the sleek new design that looks very different compared to other PlayStation controllers before it. While […]


"The Last Of Us Part II" Has Now Officially Been Delayed Indefinitely

Naughty Dog's hotly-anticipated The Last of Us Part II has officially been delayed indefinitely. The post-apocalyptic adventure is the latest casualty to have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, according to publisher Sony, who also made the "difficult decision" to delay Marvel's Iron Man VR in addition to The Last of Us Part II. The […]


PlayStation Employees Are Going To Be Working From Home Until May

Sony Interactive Entertainment is apparently going to keep its PlayStation staff working from home clear into the month of May. Patrick Klepek, who writes for VICE's gaming wing Waypoint, posted a tweet last week stating that the company sent out a memo, instructing their staff to work from home until at least April 30th. This […]

Sony Officially Announces The PlayStation 5 For 2020 Holidays

Sony Is Now Slowing Down PlayStation Network Speeds In North America

In case it wasn't frustrating enough to download content from the PlayStation Network sometimes, now Sony has made speed a new issue. Originally, Sony Interactive Entertainment decided it was in their best interest during the coronavirus outbreak in Europe to slow download speeds in the region. The idea behind it is that if hoards of […]


Sony is Slowing Down PlayStation Download Speeds in Europe

As the global coronavirus pandemic continues to shake up our way of life, Sony has made an important decision regarding how it will approach making a dent in the current crisis. In Europe, Sony is now slowing game download speeds, according to a statement posted to the official PlayStation Blog. President and CEO Jim Ryan […]

A New Leak Claims The PS5 Will Be Revealed In March 2020

The Majority Of The PS4 Titles Will Be Playable On PS5

Something that a lot of gamers have been curious about is just how much of the PS4 library will be playable on the PS5 for those upgrading in the holidays. We finally have an answer, and while it may not be 100% what everyone wanted to hear, it is somewhat reassuring. The company made an […]

A New Leak Claims The PS5 Will Be Revealed In March 2020

Sony Reveals Some Details About The PS5 Today, But Not Everything

In place of what would have been their GDC 2020 presentation, Sony Interactive Entertainment offered some details about what's coming in the PS5. The company showed off what they called "The Road To PS5" on a monitor, while a small audience that looked like the silhouettes from MST3K sat in the front row. The presentation […]

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A New PS5 Patent Shows A Change To Controller's Touchpad

For the most part, when it comes to the PS5 controller, we haven't seen a ton of changes to that of the PS4. But a new patent has a slightly interesting change. A brand new patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment popped up online with a change in design to the touchpad of the controller. […]

"Horizon Zero Dawn" is Officially Coming to PC

"Horizon Zero Dawn" is Officially Coming to PC

Horizon Zero Dawn is finally coming to PC. The open-world adventure will be joining Death Stranding as the latest ex-PlayStation 4 exclusive to be making its way to a new platform. Confirmation came by way of an interview from former Guerrilla Games managing director Sony Worldwide Studios. "Yes, I can confirm that Horizon Zero Dawn […]

"Death Stranding" Receives A New Briefing Video At Tokyo Game Show

"Death Stranding" Receives A Release Date For PC

This morning, Kojima Productions revealed the official release date for Death Stranding on PC, and it's a lot sooner than we thought. The game will be released by 505 Games on June 2nd, 2020 for Steam and the Epic Games Store, and with it comes some special content featuring Valve's Half-Life. You can see the […]

Kojima Productions’ Ken-Ichiro Imaizui Has Departed The Company

Kojima Productions Has Now Backed Out Of GDC 2020 Over Coronavirus

Continuing the trend of companies bailing from conventions due to the coronavirus, Kojima Productions has pulled out of GDC 2020. The company posted a notice on its website informing attendees of the tough decision they had to make this year. The statement was pretty brief, but it confirms Hideo Kojima will not be in attendance. […]

PAX East 2020 Officially Gets Bumped Up A Month

Boston's Mayor Asks Sony To Reconsider Pulling From PAX East

The mayor of Boston is pulling one most last-ditch effort to get Sony to be at PAX East as he asks the company to reconsider pulling from the event. According to WCVB, Mayor Marty Walsh has sent a letter to Kenichiro Yoshida, Sony's President and CEO, asking them to return to the convention next week. […]

Sony Officially Announces The PlayStation 5 For 2020 Holidays

Sony Pulls Out of GDC & PAX East Due To Coronavirus Issues

Sony has decided to pull out of two more conventions in 2020, but this time due to concerns over the Coronavirus, as they skip GDC and PAX East. The company announced earlier that they would be pulling out of PAX East in a statement on their blog, now it appears they've added San Francisco's event […]

Hideo Kojima Shared a New "Death Stranding"

Hideo Kojima Shared a New "Death Stranding" Teaser

Hideo Kojima posted a cryptic new teaser related to Death Stranding on his personal Twitter early Thursday morning (February 20). Coming 2020. — HIDEO_KOJIMA (@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN) February 20, 2020 The teaser, clearly modeled after the promotional trailer for the film 1917, appeared to highlight a release for the game, which he noted was simply "Coming […]

"Marvel's Iron Man VR" Releases In Early 2020 With An Iconic Villain

"Marvel's Iron Man VR" Gets A Teen Rating For A Swear Word

Of all the things you would think might get Marvel's Iron Man VR a Teen rating, a simple swear word might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But according to the ESRB, that's exactly what pushed the game from having a regular 'ol E-rating to a T. The rating board released a […]

"The Last of Us Part II" Will Be Playable For PAX East 2020 Attendees

"The Last of Us Part II" Will Be Playable For PAX East 2020 Attendees

If you're a fan of The Last of Us and are headed to PAX East later this month, you may want to free up your schedule a bit for a visit to the Naughty Dog booth. The official Naughty Dog Twitter account confirmed that those in attendance at PAX East 2020 in Boston, MA this […]

Capy Games' "Below" is Headed to PlayStation 4

Capybara Games' "Below" is Headed to PlayStation 4

If you've been hankering for your own shot at playing through Capybara Games' Below, but didn't have access to a PC (or didn't prefer to play there), we've got some good news for you. Capybara announced on Thursday that it's porting its rogue-like Below to PlayStation 4. It's set to arrive this spring, and will […]

"The Last Of Us Part II" Director Makes A Promise To Fans

"The Last Of Us Part II" Will Contain Nudity And Sexual Content

Naughty Dog will be getting extra naughty with The Last Of Us Part II, as this will be their first title to contain sexual content and nudity. Most game companies don't usually throw in a ton of sexual content or visuals they know will get them an M-rating from the ESRB. Mainly because they want […]

A New Leak Claims The PS5 Will Be Revealed In March 2020

A New Leak Claims The PS5 Will Be Revealed In March 2020

The latest rumor that seems to be gaining traction this weekend is the idea that the PS5 will finally be revealed sometime in March 2020. A Twitter account called PSErebus, who has been well-known for leaking info from Sony in regards to PlayStation news, made a post a couple of days ago saying pre-orders will […]