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Bad Bunny will play El Muerto in a solo film that they have set a release date of January 14th, 2024 El Muerto has tangled with Spidey before and is an anti-hero who is a Luchador wrestler and is super-powered Bad Bunny, real name Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, talked on stage for his love of[...]
Bad Bunny and Damian Priest will take on Miz and Morrison at WrestleMania
The WrestleMania match between Bad Bunny and The Miz has been upgraded to a tag team match following the events of WWE Raw this week Now, the Grammy-winning rap star will team with Damian Priest to take on The Miz and Bad Bunny The match was changed when Priest and Bad Bunny issued a challenge[...]
Bobby Lashley has mixed feelings about watching WWE Raw this week.
The mic literally broke into pieces on contact with Omos, but it was enough for Woods to roll up Styles and get the pin. Bad Bunny and Damian Priest arrived at Raw in a white Bugatti that Tom Phillips claimed is worth three million dollars In the nineties, this would have meant a guarantee the car[...]
Bad Bunny accepts a challenge from The Miz for a match at WrestleMania
It's official: Bad Bunny will step into the WWE ring at WrestleMania to face The Miz in a wrestling match The match is the natural conclusion of escalating tensions between Miz and his partner, John Morrison, and Bad Bunny and his WWE chaperone, Damian Priest Miz challenged Bad Bunny to the match during WWE Raw[...]
Bad Bunny appears on WWE Raw with Damian Priest and The Miz.
Last night, Bad Bunny won his first Grammy, and, having successfully completed his mission of being a WWE champion while performing at the massive pop culture event, relinquished the title on Raw tonight But while Bunny may no longer be a champion, he seems more likely than ever to be heading toward a tag team[...]
saturday night live
So another episode of NBC's Saturday Night Live has come and gone (with Nick Jonas set four double-duty next week before what we're assuming will be a break), with Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page hosting and Bad Bunny as the musical guest The episode itself? Eh On the plus side, Page did an excellent job showing[...]
saturday night live
Then, viewers got to check out another promo with host Regé-Jean Page (Bridgerton, Dungeon & Dragons), musical guest Bad Bunny, and SNL's Melissa Villaseñor (you can check those out in a minute) Now, Page is getting a profile video that answers the question, "C'mon, you think that dude could make eating a bowl of cereal sexy,[...]
saturday night live
Now, we're getting a new promo with Bridgerton and upcoming Dungeons & Dragons star Regé-Jean Page and rapper Bad Bunny (tonight's host and musical guest) as well as SNL's Melissa Villaseñor We thought it was kinda odd when only one promo was released on Thursday (you can check that one out further below), so a second[...]
saturday night live
With only hours to go until Bridgerton and upcoming Dungeons & Dragons star Regé-Jean Page and rapper Bad Bunny take the Studio 8H stage for NBC's Saturday Night Live, the question as to who will be hosting and performing next week was answered- and both questions have the same answer Taking to Twitter, SNL shared[...]
saturday night live
With Bridgerton and the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons star Regé-Jean Page and rapper Bad Bunny taking the Studio 8H stage this weekend, we've had the mandatory intro video, a look at Page during table reads, and a promo (though only one, surprisingly) We mentioned that Friday and Saturday would probably be for random, unexpected stuff[...]
saturday night live
With only two days to go until Bridgerton and the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons star Regé-Jean Page and rapper (and WWE 24/7 Champion- for now) Bad Bunny take the stage of Studio 8H, we've got an intro video and a look at Page during table reads Which means next up? A promo, which we got Thursday[...]
saturday night live
We were getting a little nervous because we hadn't gotten an intro video for this week's host Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page (who was recently cast to star alongside Chris Pine in the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie) musical artist rapper (and WWE 24/7 Champion- for now) Bad Bunny but that was taken care of earlier today[...]
saturday night live
Taking over the hosting helm is Bridgerton star (who was recently cast in the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie) Regé-Jean Page, with rapper Bad Bunny joining him as the musical guest this Saturday, February 20 (with no word yet on who is set to host and perform on February 27). Images: Screencaps Here's a look at the official[...]
Bad Bunny is the new WWE 24/7 Champion, winning the title from Akira Tozawa on WWE Monday Night Raw tonight.
Rapper Bad Bunny continues to add to his pro wrestling career accolades Bunny pinned Akira Tozawa to win the WWE 24/7 Championship on Monday Night Raw this week The belt, which must be defended at any time in any place, hence the 24/7 moniker, frequently changes hands to unlikely winners, including non-wrestlers, in comedy segments. Bad[...]
Thankfully, that question was answered tonight with the news that Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page would be hosting the February 20 episode- with rapper Bad Bunny set as the musical guest (with no word yet on who is set to host and perform on February 27). Image: SNL Saturday Night Live's 46th season includes Beck Bennett, Aidy Bryant, Michael[...]