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Marvel Comics Cancels Black Cat- But She Returns in The King In Black
Black Cat was one of the delayed-then-rescheduled Marvel Comics titles but solicitations for Black Cat after #12, out today, in the much anticipated Black Cat Iron Man armour issue But Marvel also confirms that it is the final issue of the series – if the lack of schedules for months to come hadn't given it[...]
Spider-Man FCBD Review: Donny Cates and Jed MacKay Double Feature
For this years… unique Free Comic Book Day, Marvel paired their Black Cat and Venom teams together for a double feature in Spider-Man FCBD Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, and JP Mayer build on the upcoming Venom story in their segment, while Jed MacKay and Patrick Gleason deliver a one-off Spidey / Black Cat versus the Vulture story that hints[...]
Black Cat Steals Our Hearts With New Marvel Kotobukiya Statue
Black Cat is back on the prowl with Kotobukiya and their newest Marvel Bishoujo statue This will mark 9 years since Back Cat has been in the Bishoujo series and she is back and ready to score big Packed with detail, Cat is displayed on top of diamonds and jewels bases Each gem has a[...]
Black Cat #11 Review: The Despinan Ambassador
There's only one piece left, and the only place in the world anyone could find that impossibly rare piece is if they made it … under the nose of Iron Man. The cover of Black Cat #11 published by Marvel Comics with the creative team of Jed McKay, C.F Villa, Brian Reber, and Ferran Delgado.   Set in[...]
Black Cat’s Brand New Costume... Iron Cat
In an upcoming issue of Black Cat, it transpired that she steals her new costume from a certain Tony Stark Which explains the Iron Cat teaser from a few days ago And you will get to see it on the cover of Black Cat #12 for May as drawn by Skan, revealed well ahead of[...]
REVIEW: Black Cat #10 -- "This Is One Madripoor Vacation You'll Love"
RATING: BUY. BLACK CAT #10 JED MACKAY (W) • KRIS ANKA (A) • Cover by J SCOTT CAMPBELL • Felicia and Logan on the run from all matter of Madripoorian murder squads! • Kade Kilgore, former head of the Hellfire Club, current boss of the criminal capital of the world, has marked them for death and you won't believe[...]
Black Cat
Uncanny X-Men, Black Widow Prelude and Secret Warps artist Carlos Villa will be stepping up to replace Kris Anka on the upcoming Black Cat #11… out on April 1st He was due to take over with #12 in May, but he's popped in one month early Here's the new solicit. BLACK CAT #11 (W) Jed MacKay (A)[...]
Why Doesn't Black Cat Get Top Billing... or Any Billing... in Marvel's FCBD Spider-Man/Venom?
We've already talked about what the X-Men one can tell us, but what about the other? Well, the biggest news seems to be that despite being called Spider-Man/Venom, this book really stars a trio: Spider-Man, Venom, and Black Cat And just as all three are featured prominently on the cover, the book's solicit reveals it[...]
Since When do People from Queens Call Soda "Pop?" Today's Black Cat #9
We remember Marvel's many past continuity SNAFUs like the time "The Great One" Brian Bendis seemed to confuse the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts with Cambridge University in England, but today's Black Cat #9 features what may be the most horrendous continuity error of all time. Because when Felicia Hardy is seated in a[...]
Black Cat #9 [Preview]
Black Cat #9 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Jed MacKay and Kris Anka, and we've got a preview below. Each issue of Black Cat so far has seen the titular hero(ish) team up with a different Marvel character, usually as a ploy to steal something from them. But this issue is a first,[...]
REVIEW: Black Cat #8 -- "This Book Is Fun, Smart, Well-Crafted And Enjoyable"
Interspersed in-between scenes covering the clever caper, the Black Cat trades music references and banter about relevant backstory with her mother If you remember Michael Westen's mother on Burn Notice, this criminal matriarch will seem familiar to you (in a good way) The script from Jed McKay adds refreshing layers to drive along a meta-narrative[...]
Black Cat #8 [Preview]
Black Cat #8 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Jed MacKay, Dike Ruan, and Annie Wu We've got a preview below, so let's read through it. Black Cat has been engaging in various team-ups as she works toward her goal of robbing the Thieves Guild vault. This week she's hanging with The Beetle, leader[...]