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Symbiote Spider-Man #4: Black Cat Exposed [Preview]

Symbiote Spider-Man #4: Black Cat Exposed [Preview]

Spider-Man: Far From Home, without getting into spoilers, manages to pull off one of the most competent versions of Mysterio we've ever seen. The comic book version, unfortunately, is a little more inept, as we see in this preview of Symbiote Spider-Man #4, with Mysterio attempting to blackmail the Black Cat into handing over a […]

Black Cat #2: Does Spider-Man Have a Spider-@#$%? [Preview]

Black Cat #2: Does Spider-Man Have a Spider-@#$%? [Preview]

Next week's Black Cat #2 opens with a familiar scene… a bunch of criminals standing around and bitching about Spider-Man. But one of the Black Fox's crew happens to know Spider-Man a little more intimately than the rest, and of course, it's the book's star, The Black Cat! And she's not above a little bragging. […]

June's Black Cat #1 Will Feature a New Marvel Meow Short Story by Nao Fuji

All of the Marvel Meow cat variant covers by cartoonist Nao Fuji haven't even finished shipping for the month of March, but we can all probably agree that we miss them already and wish there were more. Well, Marvel has heard the request we've decided you're all making and has answered with a new Marvel […]

Let's Take a Look at the Marvel Legends Kingpin BAF Spider-Man Wave

Hasbro's third Marvel Legends release of the year already after a new Black Panther wave and the Captain Marvel wave is a Spider-Man related wave. Like most, when I saw the line-up of this one I kinda scratched my head wondering why some of the characters chosen are here, until I saw Night Thrasher and […]

Black Cat Objects to Shoddy Female Representation in Amazing Spider-Man #17

Kraven the Hunter has reinvented his image for the Hunted storyline happening in Amazing Spider-Man. Gone is the animal fur vest with no shirt look as Kraven dons a business suit to sell the opportunity to hunt animal-themed supervillains to bored billionaires. But some things, it seems, never change, as Black Cat learns when Kraven […]

DST Solicitations Collage

Diamond Select Toys November Solicitations: John Wick, Metal, Muppets, and More

Diamond Select Toys has released their November solicitations, with them continuing to expand their line of Gallery statues. Dc Comics, Marvel, and Pacific Rim Gallery statues will be available, including a gorgeous Black Cat. Animal from The Muppets gets a $150 bust, and John Wick Vinimates are also up for order. Check out full details […]

Kraven, Morbius, Black Cat and More Moving Forward at Sony

The Sony side of the Marvel Universe is starting to come together. For President of Columbia Pictures Sanford Panitch, it's all about being faithful to the 900 or so characters they own. In a huge story published by Variety, it sounds like Sony has at least the bare bones of a direction when it comes to their […]

Silver & Black

Black Cat and Silver Sable Film Silver and Black Yanked from Release Schedule

Black Cat and Silver Sable team-up film Silver and Black has lost its release date. It was dated for February 8th, 2019. The film was set to be directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood. Captain Marvel screenwriter Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Chaos Walking's Lindsey Beer were the ones who drafted the latest script. This would be a team-up […]

Daredevil #603 cover by Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, and Marte Gracia

Daredevil #603 Review: Slower but Still Full of Personality

Daredevil finds Elektra attempting to leave New York, and the two are ambushed by the Hand. After the ninjas mysteriously withdraw, Matt convinces Elektra to stay in the city and join his fight against the Hand. After returning to city hall, Matt throws an even crazier idea at Foggy, and it involves the crime lords […]

Daredevil #600 cover by Dan Mora and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Daredevil #600 Review: A Climactic Twist to 'Mayor Fisk'

Daredevil and his allies assemble to spy on Mayor Fisk's criminal allies in the hopes of gaining enough information to depose the Kingpin. Things don't go quite as planned, and Daredevil leaves to confront Wilson Fisk once again. Elsewhere, Blindspot's battle with Muse is complicated by Sam's connection with the Hand returning to haunt him. […]

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #300 cover by Marcos Martin

Bleeding Cool Comics Chatter Episode 1.1: Spectacular Spider-Man #300

Welcome to the first official episode of Bleeding Cool's Comics Chatter! This is the show where I, Comic Reviews Editor Josh Davison, chat the week's releases with my co-hosts. This week I am joined by Eliot, our comments moderator and sometimes comic reviewer at BC. We will be talking about Marvel's Peter Parker: The Spectacular […]

Defenders #10 cover by David Marquez and Justin Ponsor

Defenders #10 Review: A Heartfelt Farewell from Bendis

The Hood meets up with the former Kingpin and current Mayor of New York City, Wilson Fisk, on how to best be a Kingpin of Crime. The Defenders deal with the idea of being local heroes. Black Cat appears to be turning over a new leaf as she tries to help Misty Knight and the […]


Sideshow Unveils Their Spider-Man Premium Format Collection

Remember when we were kids and an ad to announce a new set of figures involved showing some kids playing in the dirt with some toys that looked about as realistic as the monsters on the Tom Baker run of Doctor Who. Now you got a company like Sideshow making a minute-long video with intense […]