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Bloober Team Releases A New Character Trailer For The Medium
A bit of a surprise this week from E3 2021 as Bloober Team announced that they will be bringing The Medium to the PS5 Originally released as an Xbox Series X exclusive, we assumed the game would stay on that console for at least a year before heading off anywhere else But now we know[...]
Bloober Team Releases A New Character Trailer For The Medium
Bloober Team decided to release a brand new live-action trailer for The Medium, showing off the game in a new light It's an interesting way to promote the game as they actually went out of their way to make a real-world version of the hospital setting to recreate a part of the story in the[...]
Bloober Team Releases A New Character Trailer For The Medium
Bloober Team released a brand new video for The Medium today, showing off a whole 14 minutes of gameplay footage The game may be delayed but that's not stopping the team from showing it off as you're getting the most extended look at the upcoming title to date The footage focuses on Marianne as she[...]
Bloober Team Releases A New Character Trailer For The Medium
Bloober Team has decided to head into the holiday weekend with a special character trailer for their upcoming game The Medium Ever since the developers pushed the game back to January 2021, people have become even more curious as to what the game has to offer This week, we got a glimpse of what's on[...]
The Medium Gets An Extended Trailer During The Xbox Games Showcase
Bloober Team announced this week that they've had to delay the release of The Medium on both PC and Xbox Series X/S.The game, which looked like one of the most ambitious projects to come out of all the games revealed over the summer by both Sony and Microsoft, has a release date that looked just[...]
The Medium Gets An Extended Trailer During The Xbox Games Showcase
Bloober Team revealed today that they will be releasing their upcoming game The Medium on PC and Xbox Series X/S in December The game was revealed over the summer as part of Microsoft's big presentation about the next Xbox console, and while we've seen a lot, we had yet to get a date until today[...]
The Medium Gets An Extended Trailer During The Xbox Games Showcase
Bloober Team showed off an extended trailer for The Medium during the Xbox Games Showcase, highlighting both sections of the game One of the cool aspects to this title is that as the character, you are swapping back and forth between two different realities In order to make that happen flawlessly, the game is actually[...]
The Medium is Bloober Team's upcoming new horror project.
Bloober Team, the minds behind games like Observer and Blair Witch, are back with a new title for Xbox Series X Debuting during the Xbox Series X First Look livestream, The Medium is an intriguing new horror-centric project that features music from acclaimed Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka. Credit: Bloober Team Our first look at the game[...]
Bloober Team's "Blair Witch" Captures the Spirit of the Film Franchise
[rwp_box_recap id="0"] Bloober Team and Lionsgate Films joined up to create a psychological horror game based on the Blair Witch film franchise, that manages to recapture the subtle horror of the original movie with an original story Plus, it has a dog And yes, you can pet the dog I can also confirm that the dog is[...]
Bloober Team and Lionsgate Have Released "Blair Witch"
Bloober Team, the creative minds behind the critically acclaimed Layers of Fear games, and their partners at Lionsgate have released Blair Witch, the first-person psychological horror game that slots neatly into the franchise as a stand-alone story Much like the films, the game will leave players questioning what they are most afraid of – the[...]
Bloober Team Drops a Debut Trailer for Layers of Fear 2
For months, the developers at Bloober Team were lying to us about a particular project they were working on, saying that they had a new game in the works simply known as "Project Miles" Now we know that was all a lie and the project was really Layers Of Fear 2 WHich we have to give[...]
Project Melies bloober team
Layers of Fear Developer Bloober Team have soft announced its next game and all signs point to it having something to do with cinema. Bloober Team have been making quite a name for themselves in the world of psychological horror in the last few years Layers of Fear most certainly made a splash in the horror scene[...]
Layers Of Fear: Legacy Coming To The Switch In 2018
Bloober Team officially announced today that Layers Of Fear: Legacy will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch sometime early next year, and even put out a trailer to mark the occasion There's no official date set for the game's release, but if the trailer is any indication to the game's graphics, it looks[...]
'Layers Of Fear: Legacy' Is Coming To Nintendo Switch
Below is the trailer hyping the game's inclusion on the system, along with a description of the game from developer Bloober Team and publisher Aspyr Media No official release date was added to the news, only that the game would be "coming soon", so best guess would be around Halloween if they're truly looking to cash[...]
The Future Is Hacked & It Always Rains: We Review '>observer_'
Today I got a chance to explore Observer (which is how we'll refer to it in this review since the actual title is ">observer_") from Bloober team and Aspry Media. credit//Aspry Media Observer takes place in 2084, as you take the role of a detective named Daniel Lazarski who works in some of the rainiest and depressing[...]