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Ash VS Army Of Darkness #4 Review: Ash Is Fun, But The Comic Is Lackluster

Homecoming is on the way, as the school and S.M.A.R.T try to deal with their deviant employees, Ash Williams and Commander Digges. The students are worried about what may happen next, but they're trying to look forward to the homecoming dance regardless. Glen Friedrich, the director of S.M.A.R.T approaches Mr. Williams about the possibility of […]

Ash Vs Evil Dead

Ash Vs Evil Dead To Explore More Of The Ash Williams Myth

We're coming up on the third season of Ash Vs Evil Dead and if you're wondering just what the season will have in store, actor Bruce Campbell gave some hints when he visited Entertainment Weirdly radio on Sirius XM. Campbell talked about the comedy horror show that airs on Starz: We're hoping it will be […]

45 Photos From The 43rd Annual Saturn Awards

In 1973, there were very few Hollywood film industry award systems in place that would acknowledge the awesomeness of genre film and television. That's where founder Donald A. Reed and his Saturn Awards come into play. Currently the oldest Award ceremony dedicated to reward science fiction, fantasy and horror films, the event celebrated it's 43rd […]

Ash vs. Evil Dead Continues… A Bloody Good Time

By Octavio Karbank Imagine if you will, entering a theater, only then to be greeted by strobe lights, 80s rock and roll, and a setup dedicated solely to the show Ash vs. Evil Dead. Fans dressed as their favorite Deadite slayer litter the interior of this miniature shrine; you can FEEL the energy resonating throughout the […]

Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 2: Double The Blood, Double The Gore

Army of Darkness first rolled into theaters in 1992, and in all the years since, fans have been clamoring for more Ashly Williams and more Deadites. In late 2015 they finally got what they wanted, with the first season of Ash vs Evil Dead. And at San Diego Comic Con 2016, I was able to […]

Bruce Campbell And The Proper Way To Autograph A Breast

Ash vs Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell visited Conan O'Brien last night where the topic of autographing a woman's breast came up. Usually reserved for rock stars, Campbell gets a high number of such requests and has the whole thing down to a science which he demonstrates on Andy Richter. It seems to be all […]

Ash Williams Agrees With Donald Trump… Sort of

In a new teaser posted on the Ash4President twitter account, Bruce Campbell's iconic demon hunter agrees with the Republican Presidential Nominees call for tougher border control. But unlike Donald Trump, Ash Williams is looking to the north. If Borders were so great, then why'd they go out of business? #TrumpEnMexico #Ash4President — Ash4President 2016 […]

Ash Vs Evil Dead Gets Patriotic In Season 2 Poster

Starz has gone patriotic with the first poster for Ash vs Evil Dead season 2. The new image features Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Dana DeLorenzo and Ray Santiago. The new season kicks off on October 2nd. The image was originally share via the series Twitter account. The official #AshvsEvilDead Season 2 poster is here. You're […]

How To Kill A Deadite And The Tools Of The Trade

Yesterday I reviewed the upcoming Blu-ray / DVD release of Ash vs Evil Dead. In it I talked about some of the extras like How To Kill A Deadite… today, the folks at Anchor Bay have sent me clips from that very featurette to share. Here is the review. The movie goes on sale tomorrow.

Ash Vs Evil Dead Vs High Expectation

23 years ago I went to the theater and saw Army of Darkness with my girlfriend. She was a horror film fan… I'm not… and it was her turn to pick. I wasn't sure what to expect and ended up loving the film. Bruce Campbell's portrayal of Ash Williams was brilliant and with the iconic […]

50 Years Of Star Trek Documentary To Air On History Channel

On August 14th, the History Channel will be airing a two-hour documentary, 50 Years of Star Trek. It includes interviews with cast and creators including one of the final full length interviews of Lenoard Nimoy. The late actor shares memories and stories from the five decades he was associated with Mr. Spock and the U.S.S. […]

Starz Releases First Look Image At Ash Vs. Evil Dead's Baal

Starz has released a first look image at Sons of Anarchy actor Joel Toebeck as Baal in the upcoming second season of Ash vs. Evil Dead. Released from the underworld, Baal becomes a more powerful enemy than the team has faced before. One with a secret link to Ruby and designs grander than just destroying […]

Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season Two Gets A Jump On Halloween

Ash vs. Evil Dead will return sooner than expected. As announced at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, Starz will debut the second season of the Evil Dead continuation a few weeks earlier than its season one Halloween premiere. The second season will begin on October 2nd with what Entertainment Weekly calls an "extended […]

New Ash Vs. Evil Dead Red Band Trailer Deemed Too Gory For Comic-Con

Gore is a special facet of The Evil Dead series and even its television spinoff, Ash vs. Evil Dead, manages to offer impressive amounts of blood, deadite juices and other odd-color fluids. But a new trailer for the upcoming second season, revealed by Kid Cudi, is apparently too gory for Comic-Con: IN ALL ITS GLORY […]

Ash Vs. The Evil Dead Season 2 Teaser Offers Guts And Maybe Some Glory

Starz has unveiled a new teaser for the upcoming second season of Ash vs. the Evil Dead. It features plenty of guts, blood-splatter, some Deadite vomit and everything else you've come to expect from Ash's latest tussle with the Evil Dead. When the show returns, Ash leaves his beloved Jacksonville and returns to his hometown […]

American Gods, Ash Vs. The Evil Dead Join Comic-Con Programming

Starz has announced that it will be bringing Ash vs. The Evil Dead and the new series American Gods to Comic-Con International: San Diego next month. Ash vs. The Evil Dead returns to the convention a conquering hero following a successful full season and a second slated to begin in October. The cast of the […]

Bruce Campbell Sets Record Straight On Beaten Trump Supporter

A violent and disturbing image hit the web on Monday showing a woman covered in blood with a claim that it was a Donald Trump supporter and she was beaten by liberal activists. Now the image was not posted by the Trump campaign, but rather a twitter account called Conservative Nation. It has received over […]

Lee Majors And Ted Raimi Join Ash Vs The Evil Dead

Starz announced today that former Six Million Dollar Man star Lee Majors and legendary character actor Ted Raimi will join Bruce Campbell in the second season of Ash vs The Evil Dead. Majors will play Brock Williams, Ash's father, while Raimi takes on the role of Ash's childhood best friend, Chet Kaminski. Lucy Lawless, Ray […]