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Maybe The Real Villain Of Doomsday Clock IS Superboy-Prime
And the mystery seems to also involve Superman, the Flashes, and the Legion of Super-Heroes, all characters that Superboy-Prime has had close ties with. So could this be the real secret of the Rebirth mystery? Could it be that the Watchmen characters inclusion in the DCU is just one element, and the real threat is something[...]
Funko Has All The Wonder Woman Exclusives You Could Want
There are a good mix of all their product here, so let's start by looking at the Pops. FYE-Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor 2-Pack (these are just the regular Pops in a box together) Entertainment Earth- Diana Prince (order one here now!) Walmart- Action-pose Wonder Woman (in stores now) Gamestop- Wonder Woman in party dress (in stores now) Hot Topic-[...]
Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Comes To iPad And IPhone
But it's on its way, Marvel's all-you-can-eat digital service, the Marvel DCU, to be available on Apple devices such as the iPad, iPhone and iTouch, now that Flash is no longer needed… It's still just in beta But it's on its way, Marvel's all-you-can-eat digital service, the Marvel DCU, to be available on Apple devices[...]
Has Flashpoint Become Fiction In The New DCU?
They appear to show the Flashpoint comics Secret Seven and Deadman And The Flying Graysons that starred Shade and Deadman, existing in the new DCU Do they reveal the fact that, when caught in Flashpoint flux, The Flash translated the Flashpoint reality into comic book stories that appear in the newly created reality? Is this[...]
DC Comics Second Print Gallery
On comic book shelves this week, the first of the DC Relaunch second prints... and everything looking reddish. Then there's the second prints for Justice
A Comic Show – Aaron And Anna Argue Catwoman
Enter John Constantine and his Trench Coat Brigade, the DCU just got a lot darker, but maybe they can save the Super Friends. BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #1 DAVID FINCH! Bruce Wayne faces the unexpected legal ramifications of Batman Incorporated! Yup, Arkham inmates sue him for Bat Brutality. SUPERMAN #1 GEORGE[...]