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Jake Gyllenhaal Bumps Oblivion Song #1 Nearly 400% to $325.00 
That sent the price of Oblivion Song #1 skyrocketing up every collector and speculator must-have list – including influencer CBSI, who noted that this issue was recently available for the "affordable" price of $90 for a CGC 9.8 copy.  And just one week later, we have a new high sale price of $325 for a signed,[...]
How Much Are Yesterday's Free Comic Book Day Titles Selling For?
Getting the full set may set you back $175… How Much For Yesterday's Free Comic Book Day Titles On eBay? $120 Suicide Squad King Shark 2021 1:500 Monofoil Variant $104 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Free Comic Book Day – Playmates $90 STRAY DOGS – Atomic Bug Variant IMAGE COMICS $16 STRAY DOGS Image Comics $14 ENTER THE HOUSE OF SLAUGHTER BOOM! Studios $13 BATMAN: 1:4 Virgin Variant DC Comics $10 King Shark 1:4 Virgin[...]
Black Knight #5 Booms On eBay
Why? Because the four buck comic is now selling multiple copies on eBay for $16 with the 1:25 variant cover selling for $50 And it's all down to a certain woman called Jacks Chopra. Speculator Corner: Black Knight #5 Booms On eBay Revealed as the daughter of Dane Whitman and the new Black Knight – not a[...]
Today a copy sold on eBay for over $880, but back in May, when that trailer came out, they topped $1600 Could this be in a dip between trailer and movie release that some might take advantage of? Let's check back in twenty-four hours, shall we? Amazing Spider-Man #361 First Carnage Set To Break Records At[...]
Speculator Corner: Chariot by Bryan Edward Hill & Priscilla Petraites
And yesterday eBay noticed, with copies of Chariot #1, published in March this year, jumping from selling for cents to selling for high numbers A CGC 9.8 slabbed version of the retailer exclusive Sad Lemon Comics John Gallagher virgin variant sold for $95 on eBay The non-virgin version has sold for $75 An unslabbed copy[...]
Cover image for X-FACTOR #10 GALA
Yesterday, we watched as every cover prince advance copy of X-Factor #10 has been snapped up on eBay One lucky seller sold copies, lots of sellers selling out of all their stock, with one fellow sold all 46 copies on eBay yesterday Last night, standard copies started selling for more than $10, with tiered variants[...]
Will Marvel's New Venom Help Or Hinder Price Of Secret Wars #8
But how will this affect the value? A CGC 9.8 standard direct market US unsigned copy of Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 sold for under $1000 on eBay back in April How will the conclusion of Venom #200 affect the value of the comic now? Recent eBay sales have been as low as $750 But[...]
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A CGC 8.0 of Vampirella #1 sold for $2500 last week on eBay But a copy is up for auction from Heritage Auctions right now as part of their Heritage Auctions Search, Sunday & Monday Comic Books Select Auction 122126 [52 793 794 791 1893 792 2088 4294940843] and will go under the hammer (rather than[...]
When One Person Tries To Sell 432 Copies Of BRZRKR #1 At One
But, nevertheless, Searchlight Comics just tried to sell 432 copies of Keanu Reeves' new comic book BRZRKR #1 all at once on eBay Which looks a little like this. When Someone Puts 432 Copies Of Keanu Reeves' BRZRKR #1 On eBay Listed for $532.49 on a Buy It Now, no one bought it now, but it has[...]
Comic Stores Get One-Per-Store Static #1 Variant As Thank You
And for comic book stores who ordered the title, Lunar Distribution delivered from DC Comics this virgin variant cover to the new first issue. Comic Shops Get One-Per-Store Static Season One #1 Thank You Variant Our friends Rodman comics of Ankeny, Iowa, got their copy and slapped it up on eBay, currently with one bid of $35[...]
Venom #9 Just Doubled In Price To $85 on eBay
Sales of Venom #9 began to slip. Venom #9 Just Doubled In Price To $85 on eBay But, with Venom #35/#200 to be published by Marvel Comics, it looks like Dylan Brock is back in the game, and collectors have responded in kind And now Venom #9, a book that was selling from between $25 to $40[...]
First Harley Keener Appearance Sets eBay On Fire
Of Spider-Man #1 – which originally was meant to have been published over a year ago – blew out of comic book stores this week, with hundreds of copies selling for between $15 and $30 on eBay over the last couple of days., Which is enough for Marvel comics to think that maybe, just maybe,[...]
When A Comic Falls From $227 To $13 Overnight - Dawn Of X Vol 8 TPB
At one point, there was a reduction in the supply of the collection, which saw a price feedback loop raise prices so that copies sold on eBay for over $227 a couple of weeks ago, after 36 bids, and some sold for more That was two days after copies were quickly selling for $120 or[...]
Elena Casagrande First Costume Appearace, Black Widow #8
So I'll leave it with you shall I? See what happens on eBay overnight? A copy has just sold for $60 and that may well be the floor to this little collectible going forward, New Black Widow Character Appearance On #6 2nd Printing 1:25 Cover Is there any possibility that this character, in some way relates to[...]