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Grofield Cover
Books like the upcoming Dave Cockrum book and the Bill Mantlo / Michael Golden Micronauts book appeal to those fans, and even with seventy-five of the Artist's Editions published so far; there are many more possible such as Art Adams or George Perez or Ramona Fradon. Cover for New Parker Story by Brubaker & Phillips In closing,[...]
Friday #1
Ed Brubaker's script is precise and sure, deliberate, and intent as it adds layer upon layer Something happened between Lancelot and Friday before she left for college Like Cumberbatch's Sherlock, he can't focus on anything that's not a mystery, so they never get around to discussing it. On top of that is something seriously strange with[...]
Friday is a new digital comic book by Ed Brubaker, Marcos Martin, and Muntsa Vicente published today on Panel Syndicate Announced in the Hollywood Reporter, the comic is described as a mix of Encyclopedia Brown, Lovecraft and noir fiction, as a post-YA graphic novel It seems to take on the trope of the teenage detective,[...]
Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips and Jacob Phillips Launch "Pulp" in May 2020
Mistakes, misshapes, misfits, raised on a diet of broken biscuits… One of the biggest selling original graphic novels in comic book shops this year was by Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips and Jacob Phillips' My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies Well, for 2020, they have another just as likely to hit the charts It's called Pulp[...]
[rwp_box_recap id="0"] An old team, an old, old format. Ed Brubaker's written for penciller Sean Phillips for almost fifteen years (beginning with Sleeper) and between the two of them (and a murderer's row of colorists: Val Staples, Dave Stewart, Elizabeth Breitweiser, and the most recent, Jacob Phillips) they're responsible for some of the American/British comics' industry's best[...]
Brubaker and Phillips Renew Image-Exclusive Deal for Five More Years
The dynamic comic-making duo of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips will continue to make their comics EX-X-XCLUSIVELY for Image Comics for another five years, the publisher announced in a press release Thursday. Brubaker immediately began earning his keep by producing a novel-length quote for the press release: The last five years at Image, with the freedom to[...]
Ed Brubaker to Tour Country in Support of My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies
According to a press release, superstar writer Ed Brubaker will be touring the country in support of his and Sean Phillips' new book, My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies As part of this extensive tour, Brubakermania will be coming to such locations as California, California, California, and New Orleans. From the press release: Image Comics is pleased[...]
Kill or Be Killed #20 cover by Sean Phillips and Elizabeth Breitweiser
Ed Brubaker gets very Brubaker-y with this one. Dylan is a pitiable figure, and it is no more emphasized than in this issue He knows now what he was missing due to his perception of the world as well as his vigilante activities You are left to wish that he would have been able to change[...]
Comic Book Wins and Losses April 11th, 2018: Sorting Out the New Series'
Also, their steed dragons are also the dads of the protagonist, and I'm still looking for the proper Freudian/Oedipus joke for that. The Dead Hand #1 cover by Stephen Mooney and Jordie Bellaire Win: The Dead Hand #1 is a Brubakerian Masterpiece Fans of Captain America and Winter Soldier by Ed Brubaker rejoice, as we have another proper successor to the Cold War conspiracy[...]
Too Old To Die Young: Amazon Taps Billy Baldwin For New Crime Series
Written by series director Refn and Ed Brubaker (Captain America: Winter Soldier, Westworld), Baldwin will star alongside Miles Teller (Whiplash, Thank You for Your Service) in a series that explores the criminal underbelly of Los Angeles by following killers' existential journeys in becoming samurai. Here's a look at Refn's Instagram post: Aside from Teller's Martin, a police officer[...]
Paramount Network To Bring Image Comics Spy Series 'Velvet' To TV
With an opening on its inaugural programming schedule due to the cancellation of The Mist after one season, the Paramount Network (formerly Spike TV) is looking to Image Comics spy series Velvet as their very first original scripted drama. Kyle Killen (Awake, Lone Star) has been tapped to adapt the 15-issue comic book series, from the creative team[...]
Quintessential Captain America Stories To Read This July 4th
Cap and Tony co-lead this team until the implementation of the Superhuman Registration Act. Ed Brubaker's Captain America is oft-considered a modern classic and for good reason His run on the super soldier's comic book is incredible, aided by the work of talented artists like Mike Perkins and Steve Epting This run saw the return of[...]
Who's The Old Dude? Secret Empire Mindless Speculation
Possibly connected to either plot threads left from Rick Remender's run that saw Steve depowered and turned into an old man in the first place, or connected to Ed Brubaker's Captain America: Reborn, where it was revealed Steve was affected by a time-gun (because comics). Well, what if it's not? Who else could it be? Well, how[...]
Today's Essential C2E2 Panel, DC Essential, Was Basically, Y'Know, Essential
To which the moderator said that anyone who has read Superman should really have to thank Dan since he is considered the modern godfather of Superman. Next up there was a quick preview for Gotham after which prompted the panellists to be questioned on their favorite Batman Comics The Benson sisters (Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey) said that[...]
Death Comes Ripping: Kill Or Be Killed TPB Review
"WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ED BRUBAKER?!" I'm dropping the just released trade paperback of Kill or be Killed (With Art by Sean Phillips and Elizabeth Breitweiser) and backing slowly away "I know I've been gone from comics for a little while, but surely he hasn't gone FULL MILLAR in my absence, has he?!" I'm shaking on the floor rocking[...]
The Winter Soldier Saga In Only 3 And A Half Minutes
But before Sebastian Stan put on the metal arm, it was a ground breaking storyline by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting It involved Sharon Carter, Nick Fury, the Red Skull and the Cosmic Cube Plus a diabolical plan to take over the world through… corporate takeovers… If you haven't read the comics, here is the latest[...]
Five Gotham Related Trades To Get You Through The Summer Hiatus
The Earth One series are fun because they step outside of the normal continuity and can give us a different take on the characters we've all grown to know. #3 – Gotham Central: In the Line of Duty by Ed Brubaker, Greg Rucka and Michael Lark This was the first series to focus on the GCPD and not the[...]
Ed Brubaker Talks Captain America. Or Not.
Ed Brubaker has started a mailing list. You can subscribe here. It includes the preview of Kill Or Be Killed from the new Image + magazine. But he'd really rather prefer it if news sites don't just cut and paste the extra pages. If you are a comics news site or work for one, please do not reproduce the[...]
Criminal By Brubaker And Phillips To Return For Its 10th Anniversary Year (UPDATE)
Criminal, by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, was their first creator owned comic book together after working together on DC's Sleeper Published in October 2006, it changed both their careers as they fund they were able to make a good living from creator owned comics, followed by Fatale, Incognito and now The Fade Out, continuing[...]
Evil Dead Remake Director To Helm Incognito Adaptation
Fede Alvarez, director of the Evil Dead remake, has signed on to helm Sony's adaptation of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips comic Incognito The comic is the story of Zack Overkill, a super-villian who testified against his boss The Black Death and was put into the witness protection program Overkill was working as a mailman[...]
Evil Dead's Fede Alvarez To Direct Ed Brubaker And Sean Phillip's Incognito From Sony?
Photo by Gage Skidmore Last night, Bleeding Cool got the nod that Fede Alvarez, the director of the recent Evil Dead remake, be will be directing the adaptation of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' mature readers superfiction comic book Incognito for Sony Pictures. The comic, about a "science villain" turned supergrass, and being kept safe by a[...]
'Be A Fearless Writer' –  Spotlight On Ed Brubaker At WonderCon '15
By Michele Brittany, West Coast Bleeding Cool Correspondent A couple of years ago, I came across Ed Brubaker when I asked one of my comic book retailer friends what should I be reading He mentioned Saga, Mind MGMT and Ed Brubaker's Fatale, which was around issue 10 by the time I started reading the series I[...]
DC Comics To Rush Out Gotham Central #1 In Time For The TV Show For A Dollar
With the new television series Gotham set to premiere on Fox on September 22nd, DC Entertainment have suddenly decided to publish a reprint of Gotham Central #1 as Gotham Central Special Edition for $1, by Ed Brubaker, Greg Rucka and Michael Lark, due to hit comic stores for September 17th. Smart retailers might consider using it as[...]