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Tiny Citybuilder Game The Block Will Release On December 16th
Future Friends Games revealed this morning that they will be releasing the upcoming tiny city-builder title The Block on December 16th Developed by indie game designer Paul Schnepf, the game is designed to look complex but is actually quite genius in its simplicity The game will have you place randomly generated buildings on the smallest[...]
Festival Tycoon Releases “Water For All” Charity DLC
Future Friends Games have launched a brand new DLC for Festival Tycoon for a good cause, as you can now download the Water For All DLC This particular DLC was inspired by developer Johannes Gäbler's real-life visits to the Viva con Agua booths at festivals around Europe, who take part in a ton of events[...]
Exo One Gets A New Gameplay Trailer During Guerrilla Collective
Future Friends Games and developer Exbleative revealed they will be bringing Exo One over to PlayStation consoles this Summer The game, which gave us some serious Flight Of The Navigator vibes, was released back in November for both PC and Xbox consoles and managed to score some awesome reviews and a decent fanbase Now PS4[...]
Build The Best or Worst Event Ever With Festival Tycoon In 2021
Future Friends Games revealed today that they're be releasing the full version of Festival Tycoon on Steam and the Epic Games Store in May The game has been in Early Access since September as the Johannes Gäbler developed game allows you to create the biggest music festival you can imagine You'll manage everything from booking[...]
Build The Best or Worst Event Ever With Festival Tycoon In 2021
Future Friends Games and indie developer Johannes Gäbler revealed Festival Tycoon will be coming out in Q3 2021 Now you can create the next great event out in the middle of nowhere by planning, organizing, setting up, booking, and actually running a festival Will you throw the next Coachella or Bonnaroo, or will you put[...]
Omno, An Upcoming Game By StudioInkyfox, Gets New Trailer
Future Friends Games and StudioInkyfox revealed that they will be releasing Omno for PC and consoles on July 29th, 2021 The game, which has been five years in the making by indie developer Jonas Manke, is an atmospheric exploration and puzzle-adventure title that will challenge you to figure out how the world around you works[...]