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DC Comics Confirms Shadow War Batman Event With Ghul Family In 2022
And in today's Gotham City Villains Anniversary Special and the Robin Annual, DC Comics confirms it Spoilers ahead. It was teased in an earlier issue of DC Comics' Batman: Urban Legends #6 with Black Canary and Talia Al Ghul written by Josh Williamson Something called the Shadow War And given extra fontage so that everyone noticed. Batman:[...]
DC Comics Promise More Poison Ivy In 2022
A few weeks ago, Bleeding Cool scooped the Gotham Gossip about where Poison Ivy was going And now it has been confirmed Spoilers ahead… We have been following the various split personality decisions at the character's publisher DC Comics in recent years With one side of the company dedicated to portraying a queer heroic character looking[...]
Penguin & Catwoman Forcibly Vaccinate World Over Pandemic (Spoilers)
And today that has come to pass with the release of the Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giant from DC Comics. Danny DeVito played The Penguin in Tim Burton's Batman Returns And as a result, for the 80th anniversary of the creation of the character, he was asked to write a Penguin story drawn by Batman and[...]
Gotham Gossip: 16 Batman Character Secrets Revealed (Spoilers)
We've had some Gotham Gossip about Danny DeVito's Penguin, Nicole Kidman's Dr Chase Meridian and all the Poison Ivies we can find But there's so many more teases to tell Especially some of the secrets behind some of the new names who have been flooding Gotham's streets of late. The end of The Magistrate's Fear State[...]
Tweedledum & TweedleDee Down Gotham's Medical Rabbit Hole, Today
As the March Hare crashes with then, we learn they have given up being Gotham supervillains, have taken their money out and have retired But Deever Tweed is suffering from his super-criminal lifestyle. Leaving Dumfree Tweed to care for Deever Tweed – though not at the Gotham pharmacy, it seems. Nor at the 24 hour Gotham clinic… Nor[...]
The Great Batman Gotham Conspiracy Exposed In Joker #9
James Tynion IV may be leaving the Bat-books for his creator-owned Image, Boom, and Substack comics, but he is leaving his mark on Gotham's comic books Not just the bevy of new characters he added to the mix, from Punchline to Ghost-Maker to Clown Hunter, but in The Joker, which he is extending his run[...]
Barbara Gordon's Gotham GFuture Rewritten In Batman #116 (Spoilers)
And while the main strip by Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez sees Simon Saint and The Magistrate attacking Poison Ivy's Eden… Batman #116 …the backup Batgirls strip sees him tackling the Clock Tower. Batman #116 Created by Dennis O'Neill and Joe Quesada in Sword Of Azrzel #1, Gotham Clock Tower is a large clock tower in Gotham City.[...]
Anti-Oracle The Seer
On August the 28th, Bleeding Cool ran some Gotham Gossip in which named the Anti-Oracle as The Seer, saying "Batman is dead The Scarecrow has poisoned your water The Magistrate is coming to steal your children He isn't, he hasn't and no, that's Batman's job But it's a good line to increase fear and it's[...]
The Batman Main Title Red (Credit: Warner Bros.)
Lauren LeFranc (Impulse, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) is reportedly attached to write the script for the project, which would focus on the supervillain's rise to power on Gotham Reeves and film producer Dylan Clark would executive produce under their 6th & Idaho and Dylan Clark Productions banners, respectively; Warner Bros[...]
James Tynion IV Planned For Batman To Leave Gotham Before 5G
What that meant, effectively, was that I needed to end the year with Batman leaving Gotham City." Ironically of course, even though 5G didn't happen and Tynion stayed on as Batman showrunner, that is how he is ending his run, with Bruce Wayne leaving Gotham, and leaving it to a new Batman Back then "I[...]
Gotham Gossip
Well, in that case, just like Bar Sinister's Red Diamond, you need the Gotham Gossip… and Bleeding Cool is happy to oblige Some will be from comics published today, meant to be published this weekend, or published later this month So turn on your spoiler warnings… now! Jonathan Crane, The Scarecrow, is the hero of his[...]
With HBO Max's Titans ready to hit the streets of Gotham and streaming screens for a third season beginning August 12, the streaming service has started releasing a series of mini-teasers to reintroduce (and in some instances, introduce) our main players in play when the series returns First up, we have mini-teasers getting viewers up[...]
That Mayor Nakano would make vigilanteism in Gotham illegal, that The Magistrate created by Saint Industries with Lucius Fox/Wayne Foundation technology and Maria Fox's legal backing, would put a fascist private police force on the street to enforce this edict And what the current Batman comic book has been leading up to This week's Batman[...]
By now, it's no secret that the action shifts to Gotham for the third season of HBO Max's Titans– and from what we've seen so far, Batman's infamous stomping grounds is living up to its reputation From the death of Jason Todd's (Curran Walters) robin and his rebirth as Red Hood to Jonathan Crane (Vincent Kartheiser)[...]