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Ghostbusters: We Unbox A Bunch Of New Hasbro Figures
After launching the Plasma Series last year, Hasbro had to hold a ton of stuff back thanks to the delays hitting Afterlife and the slowdowns in shipping due to the pandemic That did not help the launch and having nothing much to speak of on the shelf for almost a year kind of killed all[...]
Star Wars Artillery Stormtrooper Arrives with Hasbro’s The Black Series
The 6" Star Wars The Black Series figure will feature a new armor design, backpack with munitions, pistol, and a mortar launcher. Hasbro has revealed that Amazon will be getting this figure exclusively, which can be found here with pre-orders going in and out, so be patient Priced at $26.49 and set for a Spring 2022[...]
Pre-orders Arrive for Hasbro’s Fortnite Victory Royale Loot Shark
Fortnite is finally in the hands of Hasbro, and it is finally time for pre-order to arrive for their new Victory Royale Series This line up of the new 6" figures will give Fortnite fans some incredible collectibles as well as some fun accessory packs This upcoming accessory pack has a little more bite than[...]
George Lucas Stormtrooper Debuts for Star Wars: The Black Series
That is right, George Lucas is donning some impressive Stormtrooper armor as Hasbro reveals their newest exclusive Star Wars: The Black Series figure Set to release in 2022, Lucas will wield a blaster as well as feature incredible likeness to the creator and will feature a removable helmet The figure will be a part of[...]
Hasbro Reveals Star Wars Republic Commando Gaming Greats Figure
Hasbro has surprised Star Wars fans with yet another reveals for their highly popular Star Wars: The Black Series 6" figure line It looks like GameStop is getting another exclusive figure as part of their Gaming Greats line, which brings the Star Wars video games to life This time we return to the war between[...]
Star Wars Droids Get Exclusive The Vintage Collection Hasbro Release
It was a mystery what would be landing tomorrow, and Hasbro has let the cat out of the back with the return of Star Wars: Droids (The Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO) Three new The Vintage Collection figures are on the way, with Boba Fett, C-3PO, and R2-D2 all getting new deco and card back[...]
Star Wars Droids Boba Fett Exclusive Figure Announced by Hasbro
The celebration continues as Hasbro shows more love for Star Wars history with another 50th Anniversary of Lucasfilm figure This time we are traveling back in time as we revisit the anime series of Star Wars: Droids with Boba Fett figure The new figure is simply a repaint of previous Fett's with some new box[...]
Fortnite Jules and Ohm Arrive at Hasbro with New Victory Royale Figure
Hasbro has acquired the right for more Fortnite collectibles with their upcoming 6" tall Victory Royale collection Not much is known besides the first lineup of figures revealed last year, but it looks like new figures are coming soon, starting with a brand new Amazon Exclusive figure Coming off the Battle Bus next is the[...]
Marvel Legends Team Reveals New Spider-Man Wave, More
The Spider-Man wave is the big news here, as the six new figures feature a ton of updated sculpts and some long-requested figures that fans will be falling all over themselves to preorder on Hasbro Pulse tomorrow That's right, everything shown goes up for preorder tomorrow Marvel Legends fans Check out the reveals below. #gallery-1 { margin:[...]
My Friend Peppa Pig Announced For PC & Consoles
Outright Games and Hasbro released a new trailer this week for My Friend Peppa Pig showing off more characters and gameplay If you're not familiar with the game, this will have you playing as your own customizable character in a single-player adventure alongside Peppa Pig as you become her new best friend As you can[...]
Hasbro Teases Upcoming Star Wars Black Series and Vintage Figures
Hasbro recently had their latest Star Wars live stream event giving fans a look at some of their upcoming products One of their newest traditions on these segments is Pipeline Reveals that is the announcement of what figures are in the making Two lines were given Pipeline Reveals with Star Wars: The Black Series Archive[...]
Hasbro Reveals The Mandalorian Mudhorn Battle Deco 2-Pack Set
The Mandalorian and Grogu are back as Hasbro reveals a new special 2-pack figure is on the way Coming out of the first season of the hit Disney+ series, The Mandalorian, Din is taking o the quest to acquire a Mudhorn Egg This task is a bigger challenge than he has expected and, in the[...]
Star Wars Battlefront II Jet Trooper Blast His Way In from Hasbro
More Star Wars Gaming Greats figures are on the way as Hasbro reveals their newest figure from the world of Battlefront II The battle comes alive as the Jet Trooper is blasting his way into your Clone Trooper ranks with high attention to detail and some fun accessories the Battlefront II Jet Trooper features an[...]
Dracula Arises With Transformers x Universal Monsters Crossover Figure
Universal Monsters fans arose from their crypts this morning with a pretty spooktacular reveal from Hasbro It looks like the world of Transformers is getting undead as they announce their brand new monster mash-up collaboration Count Dracula has been summoned to the world of Autobots with a special Transformers figure named Draculus This undead Decepticon[...]