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HyperX Collabs With Valkyrae For Third HX3D Personalized Keycap
HyperX revealed this morning they will be creating a brand new HX3D personalized keycap, as they have collaborated with Valkyrae for this design The Valkyrae Limited Edition Keycap – Mika the Shib has been revealed today, which if you don't already know, is her pet dog that is absolutely adorable and has pretty much become[...]
HyperX & Allied Esports Announces Renewal On Las Vegas Esports Arena
HyperX and Allied Esports revealed this morning that they have decided to renew their deal with the Luxor Hotel & Casino for the esports arena Essentially, the deal will give the exclusive naming rights agreement as it will continue to be named the HyperX Arena Las Vegas, as they will keep working with them for[...]
Nexon & HyperX Collaborate For Loot Drop III Event
Nexon and HyperX have announced a brand new collaborative event between the two, as they will participate in Loot Drop III this month For a limited time, you'll be able to snag the Limited Edition Keycap – MapleStory Orange Mushroom, a nod to the MapleStory franchise, as this will be the second HX3D personalized keycap[...]
HyperX Reveals First Custom Keycap: Coco The Cozy Cat
HyperX revealed a brand new keycap during CES 2023, as they showed off Coco The Cozy Cat, the first in a line of new designs This cute little bean will run you $20 as you can attach them to your keyboard in any key, but let's be real, you want them at the top on[...]
HyperX Reveals New Gaming Gear During CES 2023
HyperX brought a few new items with them to CES 2023 as they showed off some new additions coming to their lineup The two main items that they wanted to show off are a brand new enhanced Xbox controller called the Clutch Gladiate, and a brand new gaming mouse called the Pulsefire Haste 2 (which[...]
HyperX Reveals Two New Armada Gaming Monitors
HyperX revealed a new pair of gaming monitors this week as they have released two new sizes of the Armada series that you can get right now The monitors come in 25" and 27", offering up a higher resolution for better immersive gaming, while also being compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync Both will come with the[...]
HyperX Partners With Tim The TatMan For New Branded Collection
HyperX has revealed a brand new partnership this morning as they've teamed with Tim The TatMan for a new line of branded merch The two have come together to create a new line of specially branded gaming peripherals, each one a different product from the company's different lines, all branded with Tim's branding and designs[...]
HyperX Reveals New Clutch Wireless Gaming Controller
HyperX has a brand new controller on the market for those playing mobile titles as they released the Clutch Wireless Gaming Controller This version of the controller is basically a top-to-bottom improvement over previous models as it has your standard controller layout paired with a slightly changed ergonomic design to provide better comfort Which is[...]
HyperX Reveals 300-Hour Wireless Gaming Headset At CES 2022
HyperX revealed multiple items for CES 2022 today, including the world's first 300-hour wireless gaming headset for PC and consoles Six new items are on the docket this week from the company, including a new keyboard, an update to their gaming mouse, a new version of their gaming controller, and a few different headsets The[...]
HyperX Adds Xbox Series X|S Support To Some Of Their Gear
HyperX has been designing accessories for all three consoles for years now with the potential to update as they go Keeping in line with that, the company recently revealed that they have added supports for the Xbox Series X to their ChargePlay Duo, giving owners of the charger from the Xbox One the ability to[...]
HyperX Partners Up With The Red Bull Racing Esports Team
HyperX revealed this week that they have formed a new esports partnership with the Red Bull Racing Esports team While the specifics of the deal were not elaborated on, we do know that Red Bull Racing Esports will have access to HyperX's gaming mice and keyboards, as well as their award-winning Cloud headsets for training[...]
HyperX Signs On To Sponsor The FACEIT Collegiate Esports Leagues
HyperX announced this week that they have partnered with FACEIT to sponsor their collegiate esports leagues for 2021 According to the announcement, the partnership will span the recently revealed FACEIT collegiate programs for CS:GO, League of Legends, and Valorant, with all of them having a combined prize pool of $55K The two companies will venture[...]
Hewlett-Packard Announces Plans To Acquire HyperX
Hewlett-Packard dropped an interesting announcement today as the company revealed plans to acquire HyperX The brand is currently the gaming division of Kingston Technology Company, in which they've produced a successful line of gaming peripherals HP doesn't really make a ton of those products as their focus for years has been office gear, so essentially[...]
HyperX & Allied Esports Renew Naming Rights On Las Vegas Arena
HyperX and Allied Esports revealed this past week that they have renewed their naming rights to the esports arena in Las Vegas The HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas, located at Luxor Hotel & Casino along the famous strip, hasn't seen a lot of action during 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic Leaving some to wonder[...]
HyperX Reveals Multiple Gaming Products For CES 2021
HyperX just revealed a number of new gaming products on the way which they will be showing off this week during CES 2021 The company joins others who are highlighting new products on the way this year as they reveal a number of new gaming peripherals n the way The list from them, as you[...]
HyperX Releases Their New SoloCast USB Microphone
HyperX revealed their latest USB microphone to hit the market as they have official released the SoloCast mic The microphone was specifically designed for streamers and content creators to give them an option that worked well with their current software and didn't require any special XLR devices to run It looks pretty sweet, though not[...]
HyperX Reveals Wireless Cloud II Gaming Headset
HyperX revealed their latest gaming headset to hit the market this week as they presented the Wireless Cloud II The previous model was pretty well made and had us buzzing about it when it was first released Now the natural progression of the original, this one comes with large 53mm drivers specifically tuned to gaming[...]
HyperX has formed a new sponsorship with both the London Royal Ravens and Rogue.
HyperX announced a brand new sponsorship deal this morning with two esports teams as they have inked new deals with the London Royal Ravens and Rogue As part of the deal, The Royal Ravens will soon be showing off their new decked-out training facility equipped with branded gear Which will be featured during their Call[...]
HyperX Reveals A New Line Of Products For CES 2020
With CES 2020 happening tomorrow, we're getting all the preview for new gear, which includes a new set of products from HyperX There's pretty much something new for every area, including a new gaming headset, keyboard, and mouse A couple new DDR4's, a charger for the Nintendo Switch as well as one for mobile devices,[...]
Review: HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset for PS4
One of the fun items we saw on the electronics front back at PAX West a few months back was the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset for the PS4 We've had a few different headsets that were able to plug into the PS4, most of them do well but few were specifically designed to be just for the[...]